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Hello I sent a private message, stating my issue with the products. I placed the products on a page other then the shop and all the products are overlapping.


Hello, where did you send that message. I don’t remember seeing anything like that in e-mail. Can you please specify your problem a bit more? Perhaps give a link to where it occurs?

I will have to send it again because the website is not live. I will send my admin login info. I sent it the contact from via your profile. Will send it again now.

Hi, having a small issue, in the Popular items on the default homepage, the bottom left of the 4 items is dropped to next row down. Suggestions?

Hi, which versions of theme do you have? We resolved a similar bug long ago.

Nice work on the theme! Thanks for the quick responses and assistance.

Thanks! Once you have successfully finished working on your site, please consider rating Pandora here in themeforest. Have a great day! ;)


How do I remove the breadcrumbs (and especially the wide banner it’s in)



and on more question. On the ‘shop’ page I want a sidebar displaying a layered nav filter (to select the attributes). Ths widget however is shown on top of the page and not in a side-bar. How do I do this Thanks for responding.

For the browse bar it’s hard to tell. You might adding “clearfix” class to <section class=”catalog”> might help. The the does not really support sidebars for shop page. That would have to be coded from scratch.

Okay thanks. I appreciate your feedback.

How do I set up Paypal with this theme?

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

Hi, I want to buy this theme but I only want to use it like a Catalog, without prices, and some option like “Call for prices” or “Contact us”.

Thank you Diego B.

This theme has no catalog mode, but it would not be too hard to remove all the prices and change the “add to cart” button in to a phone number.

On the product pages when you click one of the variable drop-down menus (such as size) it seems like one of the options is “Select pa_size”. Is there a way to remove this option?

I asked for support via mail but support team is not replying.

Hey, I believe, that we have not received your e-mail (not in spam folder also). We have a fix for this, and it will be included in the next update of theme. This update might take couple of days more, since there are some big changes, but in the meantime if you try to e-mail me once more, I could send you the theme. Perhaps, use the Themeforest contact form on our profile. That has never gotten into spam.

hello excellent template in the options of the template dont appears enable WooCommerce, you can help me with that? thanks

Sorry, the docs are a bit out of date. We’ll resolve that asap. All you need to do to enable woocommerce is to upload and activate the woocommerce plugin. Let me know if you run into any other problems ;)

Hi, thanks for the update. Where can I find what has changed?



But where do I find the changelog?

Check, thanks!

hello , the search bar always shows the same result

example: I introduce pants or shirts and shows the same

this: no posts found! and other things

Hello. Sorry about that. I just fixed this issue and submitted an update. It should be available today, but if you’re short on time, then e-mail me to and I can send you the fixed version.

Hi you correct the Username field on account creation however you need to change the input text box to say Username not Password. Then you need to change the Password input text box to say Password and not Confirm Password. Maybe change the input text box type for the Username to not hide the username, that’s only applicable for passwords.

I responded to you 28th oct 12:48 GMT+2. I was sending you a big attachment (zipped update), perhaps that caused the message to go into spam. Can you check your spam folder and get back to me if there is nothing there?

Hi no it didn’t come through can you place it somewhere and send me the link to download?

check e-mail ;)

Hi Support, I just sent an email over… I was having trouble with removing a default image from the homepage. Thanks!

Hi, please check your e-mail ;)

Purchased theme this morning. Unsuccessfully attempted to download sample content – twice. Need help installing xml file!!

Worked for me. Does it throw any errors? If so, can you send me a screenshot

Is there something I need to do to get the shortcodes to work? The standard shortcodes on the homepage seem to work OK but none of the examples you give on the shortcodes page seem to do anything?

Hi. Pandora supports these shortcodes: Are any of these not working for you? If so, can you be more specific about what exactly are you trying to accomplish and what are the problems? Extra shortcodes require plugins, yes.

Hi, I’ve been really very specific with my question, I’ve even supplied an example.

Those shortcodes on work fine.

Your theme’s sample content has a whole page full of shortcodes and none of them work. The example I gave here was just one of these shortcodes that don’t work.

I’m trying to get a website completed for a client so I’d really appreciate it if you could give me an answer on this or tell me what plugins I need to get these shortcodes to work. Thanks

This theme only has the shortcodes, that are listed on documentation and none of them are present in sample content (apart from those in homepage). If you wish to get additional shortocodes that are not included in this theme, you will have to find, implement and and adapt them yourself. Plugins for wordpress can be found here:

Great theme, troully fantastic work. ‘might be a stupid question. ‘but were do a change the picture of the computers on the startpage?


Hi. Check out the documentation. The shortcode “welcome” has attribute image, that you can use to link to your desired image.

Great theme, troully fantastic work. ‘might be a stupid question. ‘but were do a change the picture of the computers on the startpage?


hello no content sample? I get an error, I copy here Post “Hello world!” already exists. Failed to import Media “photo-18” Failed to import Media “photodune-216284-sexy-woman-posing-with-hand-in-hair-s_large_1024×1024” Failed to import Media “photodune_218272_handsome_young_man_posing_with_hands_in_pocket_s_1024×1024” Failed to import Media “Beautiful brunette shopaholic outdoor city” Failed to import Media “beautful young woman” Failed to import Media “beautiful young fashion model” Failed to import Media “Elegance” Failed to import Media “photodune_217454_friendly_brunette_with_purse_on_her_shoulder_s_1024×1024” Failed to import Media “young brunette posing at camera” Banner “SALE” already exists. Banner “NEW” already exists. Banner “LAST” already exists. Failed to import Media “photo-1” Failed to import Media “photo-19” Failed to import Media “photo-20” Failed to import Media “photo-15” Post “Your Optimal Creativity Time” already exists. Failed to import Media “photo-16” Post “Communicate with customers using blog posts” already exists. Slide “Pandora gives you more” already exists. Product “Basic linen foulard” already exists. Product “Basic white foulard” already exists. Product “Black and white polka dress” already exists. Product “Black leather jacket” already exists. Product “Colorful summer dress ” already exists. Product “Elegant sweater with tie” already exists. Product “Polka dot light blue blouse” already exists. Product “Striped colorfull dress” already exists. Slide “Little details make big difference” already exists. Slide “Looking cool” already exists. Slide “Leave a lasting impression on your customers” already exists. no import any page? thanxs and regards

Hi. The sample content works for me. Make sure you have woocommerce installed and enabled before attempting to import data. Also check if your folder permissions allow images to be written on your hosting.

Hello, before I will buy your theme … Is it possible to add more text / description to the products under the titles of the product? Can I add “more” button to the products listing? Now only title is a link to the specification of the product.

You can add text under the title on single product pages but not on catalog pages. You can add link “more” for the products in catalog, but that will require some editing of code. But that will not be too hard, if you’re familiar with wed development basics.

Hello you sold me on that product video! Some pre buy questions… Is this theme compatible with UberMenu? Also is it compatible with revolution slider?


Visit my page I have some trouble with my ubermenu, could u help me?

It looks more or less ok now. Are you still having problems?

I guess not, thanks!

I cannot click on cart or checkout hmm

Are you still having this problem? What browser are you using?

I dont know but while im logged in as admin is doesnt but if i aint, it does work so i guess thats okey :) Another question is the footer… Is it possible to make it as big as content? and not full width? I know its possible but I want to know what code you recommend.

Also wondering if it’s possible to have 1 page checkout as it’s proven sales increase alot with that function. Have a great day!


It’s actually the same width as content. The background image just give the impression of full width. Remove that, do some other CSS adjustments, and you should have it looking like you wanted.

I not aware on any plugins etc. that would allow to have one page checkout