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Please add some screenshots from recent GTMetrix , Pingdom , some Website speed TESTS , because I had terrible time with another Wordpress Ecommerce Theme here on ThemeForest and I don’t want to make that mistake again ! I am looking for a good optimized CODE with some good CACHING ! After all , this ain’t going to be a simple BLOG ! I need some 2sec Homepage Speed timing ! Regards

Hi. Our theme is made with all considerations for speed, but that being said 90% of code that’s executed is wordpress core and woocommerce which is out of our hands. As you can see our demo site is pretty speedy. Also the speed of your hosting has HUGE impact on page load times. Test tools like pingdom only evaluate how fast the hosting does it’s thing.

hi there… i need help to hide browse all categories in shop page.. example :

please help me

this page im choose featured product but now showing well. where can i modified this view?tq

Is this a self made template? You wrapped the catalog in “pre” tags, try changing that to div with class=”catalog”. That should help.

I have a question and please reply to my email

I am tryin to make a social media site with store! I want to use

and then use

as my theme or over all look!

I know both are themes but I want to set the I rule theme over the pandora…is there a way we can cut the quick shop form pandora and put it in Irule or another attractive theme? or other way around? please help… if you are still confused I am saying that I want to use the I rule for social media aka bloging and use pandora for my store. problem is they are both themes…

check your e-mail ;)

Hi, I’m trying to put together a pandora child theme so I don’t lose any of my little adjustments to the theme but I’m having trouble finding the file in which the ‘Visual Editor’ settings are kept?

Thanks for your reply. This is the strange thing, I did originally think the Visual Editor settings were in that theme/settings.php file but when I make changes in the Visual Editor and save them, then use ftp to grab the settings.php file, the changes I’ve made are not reflected in that file.

That’s why I thought I’d better ask you, in case they were being saved in another file.

I set up the child theme just to save some changes I’d made to the checkout process and I was hoping to save the colour changes in there too, nothing big just those things really.

P.S. I grabbed the settings.php files from both the pandora theme folder AND my pandora-child folder and neither file shows the changes I make in Visual Editor.

The settings.php fille only works as a blueprint for the theme settings. It stores what kind of settings exist, and defines their default value. Once the theme is running everything is stored and retrieved from database.

Hey guys!

For some reason our bottom footer is not putting our widgets in a four column structure such as the demo displays. How can we go about correcting this issue?

Also, we would like to go ahead and change the “Latest post” and “Popular Items” titles on the homepage. How would we go about editing this as well?

Thank you very much for the support!

Have a great & blessed day,


Hey. All the wordpress widgets are not equal in their width, so it’s possible that some combinations are too wide. If you send me link to your site I can find a way for that to be fixed.

To change the titles for the columns, go to homepage on your wordpress page editor. Add title=”YOUR TITLE HERE” to both [post_column /] and [product_column /] like this: [post_column title=”YOUR TITLE HERE” /]

Hi, can you recommend an Inventory Management plug-in (such as TradeGecko) that will synchronize well with your theme? Thanks

Sorry, I don’t really have any personal experience with these, so I can’t really recommend anything.

I want to delete the price line “from” possible? Also I cannot translate the whole team… There is some strings that doesnt get updated…


1. A bit tricky but doable. on theme/woocommerce.php there is a function plsh_get_price_html, that overrides default woo price output. You can edit that even futher by changing this row: $price = str_replace(‘From: ’, ‘from’, $price); to this: $price = str_replace(‘From: ’, ’’, $price);

2. If you’re referring the “SALE”, then that’s an image. You’ll have to edit that and replace the original one.

There is no row that has that string $price = str_replace(‘From: ’, ‘from’, $price); The closest has $price = str_replace(‘From: ’, ‘from’, $price);

yeah, that’s it. TF comments just did something weird with quotation marks.

Is it possible to have sidebars?? on category page?

Sorry, but that’s not possible.

The theme is not fully responsive at login please look that up

Got it. We’ll submit the fix, together with other updates later this week. If you want it now, you can just add “clear: both” to ”.main-login p ” on theme/assets/css/main-stylesheet.css

under the shop page. my images arent showing up as products.. only when i click on the individual products.

problem fixed. thanks :)

hi ..i just want to ask..can i remove ” method=”GET”> from the newsletter in my footer…when we select method its show in the web tq…

1) You have incorrectly pasted the mailchimp code in admin. All you need is the the part thats inside action=”[ONLY THIS!]” more info:

2) Not sure what you mean by that. Are you referring to pagination?

Btw, you should set up pretty links:

thank you. :).yes i am refering to pagination.

Hmm. it looks like there is an issue, with pagination when working with disabled pretty links. Will add that to are to-do list, but in the mean time you can enable pretty links and it will work ok.


I have a big problem. When I try to purchase through PayPal, the site always gives me the same problem: error username and password. But they are correct. Why?

Hey.The Paypal payment system is implemented and operated by woocommerce plugin, not the theme, so I’m afraid I’m not able to help you there. We just make sure, that the button “Place Order” looks good. All the rest is beyond our involvement.

Hi, the banners are set up to be only a row a 3’s – why would you show in the documentation that you can do 6’s ? I have 9 banners but they are not well align. Please check this

Hey. Looks like one of the previous updates to banner shortcodes, caused and error. that is now fixed and will be available with the next update of theme, that’s currently planned for monday. If you need it faster (this bug fix inlvolves just minor css adjustments), you can e-mail me to and I’ll send it to you.

During our checkout process to create a new account, the Field says “Username,” but in the placeholder it says, “Password.” Then in the Second Field it ask for the “Password,” and to “Confirm Password” in the Placeholder, which is confusing since the first field should ask for the Password not Username. Can you please help us get this corrected as soon as possible? It will be greatly appreciated. Have a great & blessed day.

“Hi! you correct the Username field on account creation however you need to change the input text box to say Username not Password. Then you need to change the Password input text box to say Password and not Confirm Password. Maybe change the input text box type for the Username to not hide the username, that’s only applicable for passwords.”

Please ignore the above request, but we do have more question. We are using PayPal Advance, and have it set so the customer stays on the site instead of being redirected to PayPal to make the payment. After going through the three steps and arriving to Make a Payment, it says “Step 1 of 3” again, thus possibly causing the customer to think they have to go through another 3 steps. Is there any way to remove this text completely or make it simply say, “Step 4 of 4?” Thank you very much for all of your help. You can visit: to see what we mean. Thanks!

The easiest would be to remove the step counter. You can do that on theme/templates/breadcrumbs.php

Delete or comment lines 46-48, where it add the “checkout-step-no” span.

Hello There,

Having issues with Importing the Sample content. It goes through the motions, however, it finishes up with FAILED on everything … When I go to see if any of the pages were created, nothing is there. When I attempt to re-import the .xml file, it tells me that everything has been uploaded when in fact, it has not.

Is there any other way to install the sample content? Like via MY PHP ADMIN?


Just took a look at the .xml file. None of the home page variations are present as well as the other pages that make up the demo site.

Please copy & paste me the short code for Home III as well as the Shop page, Colourful Dress page, All of the sub pages under pages and I will be satisfied with my purchase.

Best Regards, DC

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

hello! It’s very important! I must delete the text FRAN (From) And i must have the currency in SEK. Detailed explanation, must be done before tonight!!!

It does not work. Please fix $price = str_replace(’From: ’, ’’, $price); when i update i cannot visit my site until i change bka…

maybe this example will help you:

Did work thanks!


First of great template!

I got a question where can i change the top bar names, it now says for example: items (€404 in total) | Checkout | Logout? | My account i want that to change in the Dutch version. I have searched almost every file now, but perhaps you could point it out where i can change that. :)

Same thing is for some buttons like proceed to checkout / step 1 of 3 / Items(s) will be shipped to your billing address / or return to store / Continue to next step etc. didn’t change to dutch where can i find that to change it myself?

This is the site if you where wondering:

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Nick Vendel

Hey. The best way to translate this theme is to use language file, that’s included with Pandora. There is a folder “languages”, that cointains file “default.pot”. You can open that with poEdit and translate all the texts, and just upload the resulting language file back to theme. More info about the process can be found for example here:

It also seems like your child doesnt work properly. I cannot edit everything in child but i must use hardcore files…

Hey, can you please be more specific about what exactly are you trying to edit, and what errors are you seeing?

I cannot edit all css lines in your child theme. I am not very experienced using that but isnt it supposed to just add my lines in child and that will override everything?

You have to take into account that, despite being loaded via child theme, the child CSS still works as regular CSS. For it to override something, it has to follow the rules according to which browsers determine what get’s overridden. The following worked for me to change the color of slogan. ”.main-header .slogan { color: blue !important; }”

Hi, is there any way to have the currency of the visitor automatically displayed? I love this theme but I have customers worldwide and it would be great if their local currency was displayed for them when they visit the site.

Or do you know of any plugin etc that does this?


Hey, woocommerce does not really support multiple currencies, but there are some other ways of achieving this. They have some more info on this here (at the bottom):

Im wondering how I can get a fully translated theme. Currently some string is swedish and some english. I cannot find where to edit, I use codestyle localization to edit but I cannot edit all strings…

Also wondering how i can disable the whole regular menu including responsive stuff so that i can add my own. Currently i can only delete some….

Please take a look at my page ( and go trough checkout etc. I cannot change, what lang files should i look over? As i said, iam using localization so it’s kind of easy as long i know what files to edit.

I’ve gone through woocommerce plugin and regular pandora theme. But there is still not 100%

Please answer to both questions…. I was also wondering how i disable your whole menu

Oh, the menu can be removed by deleting nav with class ”.main-menu” from theme/templates/header.php