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One question about your lovely theme.

When I select a different payment method it doesn’t show me the more information about that payment method. Is it possible to add a code for that? When you select for example “PayPal” that you get the PayPal info with logo? When you click Creditcard that, that info pops up?

Is that possible?

Hey. What version of theme are you using? This should not be happening anymore in the latest version.

Hello , i’ve got couple of question :

1. I want to get rid of this shopping menu in the top right(header) corner of my website, it is on every page. “0 items (€0 in total) Checkout My account ” my website : http://www.csmeerssen.nl/site/

2. I want to know if i can adjust the slider to make images with another size then standard(1980×500), responsive(adjusting to tablet and smartphone screens). And where to do that.

3. I want to make the logo in the top left corner responsive(adjusting to tablet and smartphone screens) , are there any requirements to the size of the logo or what could be the problem ?

Thanks !


1. Looks like you already managed that. anyway, it’s in theme/templates/header.php

2. You can achieve greater level of responsiveness by adding background-size to your images for tables/smartphones. For example you could add “background-size: 768px auto” to ”.main-slider .item” for tablet css. Tablet css starts on line 792

Just like above, you can add tablet and smartphone specific css setting the image width. Something like ”.logo img” { max-width: 300px } can be added to mobile css starting on line 979 on theme/assets/css/main-stylesheet.css

Currently got some issue with the responsive part (product images etc) please take a look at start page mediaoutlet.se

I have played abit with hardcore etc so i might have “fkd” something up, please help :)

Looks strange. Product get displayed differently on chrome and safari. Anyway product images on mobile version get resized by this CSS. ”.featured-items .item-block-1 .image-wrapper img”. It looks like you have changed the structure in a way that this CSS no longer works.

Possible that you could help me out with this issue?

I can’t really dedicate too much time to issues specific to customer modifications, but you can try to add something like this to your stylesheets mobile part: ”.catalog .items .item-block-1 img { width: 129px; }” This is not tested, since it’s on your site, but something along these lines should work.

Hey , I bought the Revolutiom Slider and wanted to use it in my Pandora theme website . I pasted the shortcode for the slider in the top of my Homepage , yet the slider appeared all the way down at the bottem . I can’t find the file where i can change this . If needed , i have next to the shortcode , the php code for the slider. So i hope you can help me out !


Hey. To replace the current slider with revolution, you will have to remove the old one first. That can be done on theme/templates/slider.php. There you can also try to paste the code for revolution slider.

Thanks for your quick repsonse

is there a way to change the product grid on the home page from 4 wide to 3 or 5?

You want to remove the gradient? it can be done on theme/assets/css/main-stylesheet.css. Look for this: ”.main-slider .item img” and remove the background.

We fix the reported issues pretty much right away, so currently there are no “known issues”. What are you experiencing?

do I delete the entire line for just the image? Neither seem to work

You should remove the background: url(../images/main-slider-bg-1.png) 0 0 repeat-x; property. Now that you have deleted the image it has also disappeared, but you should still remove the reference in CSS.

Hey , I’ve got another question. I want to add shortcode within a column , but it just does not work. example : { about_column title=”INFO”}......{/about_column}

Instead of the dots i want to place a shortcode for instance : {tile-template id=”110”} .

but this does not work :

{about_column title=”INFO”} {tile-template id=”110”}{/about_column}

So is this even possible ? If yes , how ? PS all the “{” and ” } ” should be ” [ ” ” ]” .


So you want to use a shortcode from withing shortcode? That can be enabled with a little edit of code. Go to theme/shortcodes.php. Find “sc_about_column” and change this:

<?php echo $content; ?>

with this:

<?php echo do_shortcode($content); ?>

I have no tested this, but it should work.

Hey! I do still have problems with your language. Can you recommend any plugin that I can use to translate? As i said before, there are several texts that is in english…

Hey. If it’s a matter of some texts not being select for translate, then no plugin will be able to help that. Generally speaking WPML is cool, powerful, but at first hard to master. Can you show me which texts exactly on your page are not getting translated? I’ll add them to language files and all will be good.


http://awesomescreenshot.com/00e22vd81a – I could not find this in theme files. Where exactly you get this text?
http://awesomescreenshot.com/0f922vdfb1 – woocommerce text. Check if you have translated those properly.
http://awesomescreenshot.com/03a22vdx4d – fixed.
http://awesomescreenshot.com/0dc22vijf8 – fixed.
http://awesomescreenshot.com/04622viu4a – woocommerce text.

http://awesomescreenshot.com/01e22vgq12 – I don’t have this on my end. Some of your modifications must have caused it.

The rest of the problems are caused by the fact, that swedish has longer words than english. I can’t really resolve this on a theme level, since the theme is optimised for english.

E-mail me to support@planetshine.net and I’ll send you the updated version of theme if you need it quickly. We’re currently not yet ready to release the next update, but you can get a half way version.

Is it possible in any way to get product images for each variable? I cannot work this out as i do on other themes..

It actually have never worked for me…

I’ll look into this. Maybe you can send me a products export file to support@planetshine.net?

Mailed u

Hey guys!

We are have a little trouble with the responsiveness of the theme with mobile devices. The header logo gets cut off the screen and the product images also get cut off as well. If there is any way to resolve this since a lot of our traffic is driven from mobile devices, it will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much for your time.

Ok great! I’m going to give this a go right now . . . One more question: The items for cross-selling with products are very large and appear pixelated on the single product page, how can we go about correcting this as well?

OK Awesome! It worked! I actually resized the header logo by half, but when we visit siqueresclothing.com/shop on the mobile device the shirts are still getting cutting off for some reason.

These issues will be resolved with the next update, that should be available next week. Sorry, to keep you waiting.

Hi, I have got a site live at the moment at goodkit.co.uk and was wondering why the stars and input fields were visible before the ‘Add Review’ button is clicked.

The rest of the theme seems to be using the Ajax correctly.

Thanks George

Hmm. Works ok on our end. Anyway, you can fix it by adding this to assets/css/main-stylesheet.css ”#review_form_wrapper { display: none; }”

Thanks a lot, it seemed to be working locally before uploading, maybe I changed in the CSS whilst adjusting some colours etc.

Thanks for the quick fix and speedy response.

I want to show just 1 product but the look is aweful with the Visual Designer. It’s not a great theme if you really want to add HTML for example. I just want the short code from WooCommerce to show 1 single product but the titel is gone because the image is covering it. It’s a complete mess!!

Also the Responsive part of this theme don’t work. When I have 8 products, it only show me 4 product on the responsive website. When I reload and reload the site a couple times then it shows me all products in that category. Please fix this because it’s make me very angry at this moment.

Hey. No worries will get everything fixed in no time. The issues you’re describing are not something, that we have experienced before, so it would be helpful if you could provide a link to your site where these problems occur, of if that’s not possible, then at least screenshots and anything else that could be helpful. If you don’t want to disclose these things in public you can e-mail me to support@planetshine.net

Send you a email

hey , Wordpress 3.8 became available to download . Is the Pandora theme 100% working in wordpress version 3.8? if no, when will the update be available?

thanks again

Hey. To our knowledge there are no new bugs caused by 3.8. The last two WP updated did no cause anything either. However no software developer can ever guarantee, that there aren’t bugs. If anything crops up we’ll fix it as fast as it’s possible.


I seem to be encountering an error where the quick shop popout isn’t functioning in Firefox or Safari (from what I tested)

Site is at https://soulstem.com if you would like to take a look.


Hey. There is a known issue with add to cart from quickshop sometimes failing, when using https. This will be fixed in the next update of theme, that we’re hoping to release this week. Sorry about that!

Hi again, the new release fixed the problem, but I am encountering another, the addthis plugin is requesting insecure data. How can I disable the addthis plugin used in the theme?

Hey. You mean share this? The theme is loading it securely and I see no error on your page. Anyway, in theme/theme-functions.php there is a function that add it. It’s called. plsh_add_sharethis(). Disable the action hook (add_action( ‘wp_footer’, ‘plsh_add_sharethis’ ); ) to remove it.

hey , is the possibility there to choose a background colour for a text block , row or column ? If yes , how ? Or should I create custom classes in the css file?


You will have create custom CSS to do this.

Hey Guys! You may or may not be able to help me with this one. Not too sure if it may have to do with a Woocommerce coding, but when the customer clicks on the Quick Shop, the add to cart button seems to fall pretty close to the bottom of the screen. Would it be possible for us to be able to pull the entire Quick Shop window up closer towards the URL bar by changing the padding?

Thank you for all of your support!

Hey. This a theme feature, so we can help you. The quickshop window should be in the center. Has it moved towards bottom or are you just testing on a smaller screen with lots of content in the quickshop window?


I need to do two things:

1- Make the products in the home page 6 instead of 8, and 3 images in a row, not 4.

2- How to resize the same product image in the homepage? since the image width is larger that the box, it is been trimmed, and not properly resized?.



1) The count can be changed by editing Hompage in wp-admin page editor. There you will find shortcode “product_catalog”. Change the count value to 6. Changing the items per column will be tricky. I can’t give you detailed instructions without actually doing this myself. The main idea is that you will have to edit theme/assets/css/main-stylsheet.css to change the margins etc. for homepage items.

2) The images are resized and crop by wordpress built in picture resizer on pc/tablet mode. For smartphones, it has been resized with css to fit the window. If something get’s cut off, then there is not much that can be done. Choosing images with size ratio that’s closer to needed, will help mitigate the problem.

Thanks. Your help is great.


I imported the sample data that you provided with your theme, but there aren’t any pages, only products etc.

Could you provide sample data including pages?


Hey. The only important pages – blog and homepage generated automatically. Stuff like contact page is trivial to make. If you really need them, write me to support@planetshine.net and I’ll send them to you.

I need your help.

If you look at my site on the iphone: www.chargeonthego.com you will see the slider is not lined up with the gradient overlay. I need that fixed or removed. how can I do either?

You should download and install the latest version theme. This bug was fixed quite a while ago. Sorry about the inconvenience.


I am having problem setting the image size for the smallest resize. So basically on mobile it displays images at 129px width but displays the 210px actual image. There does not appear to be a 129px image defined in the images array so therefore the images are cropped. Can anything be done to create an image 129px and display that?

Hey check your e-mail ;)

Cheers will update.


How to change the standard wordpress page layout for Blog? where it shows (recent posts, recent comments, Meta tag…etc).

If someone clicks on the posts on your homepage, it will take him to that ugly page layout.

any ideas how to change it? Thanks

I found that creating (Sidebar) in your theme admin page will remove these, but what goes inside the (Sidebar) is something I could not figure it out. Please advise

Thanks. I found it.