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is it support RTL ? i want it in Arabic

Sorry, the theme does not have a RTL stylesheet.

Hey Guys!

We had installed the latest update, but it’s throws are homepage layout completely out of whack, and so we reverted the theme back to v1.0.6. Is there any idea, what would be causing this. You can see what I’m referring to by checking out the image URL’s below.

Also, in response to a previous post regarding the quick shop, that’s actually what I told the guy who was actually questioning it. He chooses to have his icons on display at the bottom his Mac, which eats away screen space for the browser to expand fully. But he just isn’t picking up what I’m putting down. So I made the recommendation about seeing if we can move the quick shop display box up closer towards the URL bar.

Anyways! Thank you for all of your help. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Hey, these errors are really strange. It looks like the CSS isn’t fully loaded or something like that. We’re not experiencing anything like this on our and, and so far have not heard of any similar cases. Perhaps, the problem might have been caused by browser cache not being cleared or something like that?

Yeah I tried clearing the browser cache. Would it be helpful if I email you the login credentials to take a look please?

Yes, please do that. We’re struggling to replicate this, but with no success.

How to get sidebar in woocommerce page’s ?

Sorry, this theme does not provide sidebar for woocommerce specific pages like catalog, cart etc.

Hi, How can I select what products are displayed as featured products. I have tried checking the featured product box on the product page, but that did nothing. Now The featured are just the newest products.

Also, how do I update the theme. Do I have to remove and reinstall or is there an easier way?



1) Take a look at this: It shows contents of homepage. The product list is generated by “product_catalog”. It has options for type value. Just set it to featured like. More info here:

2) Yes, remove and re-install.

You did not fix the bug I mentioned at responsive login

Seams to be ok on my end, if we’re talking about the same issue. Can you send me a link/screenshot?

Hey Guys,

We just uploaded to v1.0.8 and the homepage is out of whack too. I can send screenshot in email.



Hey, check your e-mail ;)

This turned out to be a permissions problem on the pandora theme folder. It’s permission were set to 700 and needed to be 755 on this web server.

Great theme, really love it. However, how do I set the “register” option. It’s enabled in woocommerce but when I click “My Account” I only get the login options and no option to register. How do I allow this?

Don’t you have a link with this text “Don’t have an account? Register.” on my-account page? Works on our end.

I want to add Product Category to the menu, but in the “Edit menu” page, I can’t find the Product Category which I have set up before. There only have “shop”, but i want more su-category on menu.

Hey, you can always just add it as a link. Just paste the link url and text, and click add.

Hi happy Monday! Just a quick question. I appears as though we are having compatibility issues with the following plugin Do you know if there is a workaround? Thanks! Love your theme by the way.

Can you send me a link your site to We can’t really check this on our end since we don’t have the plugin. Most likely it’s a CSS related issue, that should not be too hard to fix though.

why when i installed the layout the thumbnails didnt resize to fit? I have to reupload all the product images??

You can regenerate them using a plugin. For example this:

thanks you saved my life, another question, how can i set a different color for the top menu (my account, cart, etc) than the whole page?

nevermind i got it thanks anyways. great theme!

I want to disable responsive. Is that possible?

Here I did it for a test site:

In header I replaced this: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=100%, initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1” /> with this: <!- <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=100%, initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1” /> ->

If it does not work for you, you must be doing something wrong.

Solved it. Is it possible to disable the quick shop while in mobile? Without responsive design

ah. tricky, since there is not width to go by, since removing the viewport. You can try using this to detect the mobile devices and hide the quickshop with JS.

Also found another bug. While in quick view. If you click the image it doesn’t zoom i just go to the image page wich i think is not good.

We’ll sort that out for the next update of theme ;)


Hey! I wonder where i can find the following language texts so that I can translate.

Please provide me with this information, i’ve been using WPML and codestyle localization and I simply cannot find this. I need help asap.

Fact is that I couldn’t find any of these above :/ Must be bug with langugage? Or what?

Also my question were how i only changed the “fran” font and not price. When I used this theme in english, there were different sizes on thoose.

Really not sure what could be the reason for you not finding the text strings. In most cases they originate from woocommerce. Have you tried updating the plugin to the latest version?

About the “fran”. This one is on us. in theme/woocommerce.php there is a function plsh_get_price_html(). Try replacing the from in there with the appropriate word from your target language.

Here is another one, I cannot get the image per variation to work?? Raw installation with only child theme changes

Please email me

I need it before friday atleast

check your email ;)

Why is the quick description not accepting breaks?

Look really stupid actually :/

It’s striping all the HTML, otherwise you would end up with a broken markup. There probably is a way around it, by converting the break rows to newline before stirling. I’ll look into that for future updates.

How do i change the Checkout process to the default woocommerce process. I want everything on the same page.

There is not easy way to do that. To change back you will have to edit woo php files, lots of CSS and some JS. You can start by editing theme/assets/css/checkout.css and removing this: .checkout-step { display: none; }. Then remove the parts that hide/show checkout sections in JS code. The file assets/js/theme.js (function initCheckout). After that either remove the buttons from php files in woocommerce/checkout/ files or hide them with JS.

Looks like there is big issue with the cart. I am trying to use the Paypal Advance plugin by woocommerce and its not working. It doesnt display the fields on the checkout page. Can you look into this?

check your e-mail.

how can I use this feature”Custom styled customer area (shipping address management etc.)”



The widget.js?ver=3.8.1 is used for Twitter feed. If you are not using twitter widget, you can remove/comment out this line from theme/theme-functions.php.

wp_enqueue_script( ‘twitterfeed’, $protocol . ‘’, array(), false, true);

To remove the sharing go to woocommerce/content-single-product.php and remove this: “woocommerce_template_single_sharing();”

Thanks so much for your reply! Problem solved! And is it posiible to add validation check while doing checkout step1. What I mean is: after custmer enter their address, and click “Continue to next step”, at this moment I need to add a validation check, to see whether all the require fileds have been inputted. As now if customer forget input some required fdield , they can still click “Continue to next step”, it is not very user-friendly, as the customer need to all over again for checkout step 1, 2 ,3.


In theory possible, but you would have to implement a custom validation. by default woocommerce checkout is one very, very long form, that gets validated after save. We have just splited it into 3 parts, by not showing everything at the same time. Sorry, we have no way to help you more on this.

How can i set a different color for the top menu (my account, cart, etc) than the whole page?

You can try to paste something like this in the CSS box on theme admin. ”.main-header .row:first-child { background: red; }” You might also want to reduce the padding for ”.main-header”, to have it by the top of the page.

According to this test it seems like Sharethis is slowing down my site, alot. Is this possible to fix somehow? Also, please answer my latest email :)

Best regard!! :)

We’ll look into this. The only obvious fix for this would be to stop using sharethis and move to something else.

I need help, when i use atributs to use variant products when i choose a color for example the image no change, why is the reason of this? is about my version of woocommerce?

Hey, can you please give me a link to your site where to problem occurs? If you want to do this in private, you can e-mail it to me at