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Hi, With the latest woo commerce update, the css seams to be all wacky. Sidebar is present under the products, bred crumbs are just bundled together… Any Ideas?


Hey, we’re working very hard to make Pandora compatible with the latest version of woocommerce, but they have changed a LOT, so for now, please go back to using previous version of woocommerce.

Hi… We had same problem as with (Thingsforkids)... the latest update by WooCommerce broke the theme!!

We appreciate an ETA to release your new theme.


Hi. WooCommerce just updated their plugin again after their 2.1.1 version, the new version is 2.1.2. Is it compatible with your theme? can we safely update the plugin? Thanks.

Yes, you can update. They changed some minor details in checkout, but the theme works ok. During this week we will release an update, that will incorporate those changes too.

Any news on the updated theme? My checkout is completely unusable now and going back to the old woocommerce version just made things worse!

Hi. Just submitted the updated theme to TF. It should be available tomorrow. If you need it faster please, e-mail me to support@planetshine.net.

I’ve discovered that my products show up in alphabetical order and I can’t seem to change it? Anyone else having this problem?

You can change sorting settings in Woocommerce > Settings > Products > Default Product Sorting. Seems to work ok on my end.

Hi, sorry I actually meant on my homepage where I’ve got 8 featured products, it seems no matter what I set the “type” to or even when I change the “type” to “latest” and set up my products in date order, they still only show up on my homepage in alphabetical order.

Hey, which version of theme do you have? It’s an 6 months old question so I’m not sure if we have not already fixed it.

My zip didn’t come with .psd files. What size is the home page slider?

Hey. Check your e-email ;)

Hi, This is such a nice theme. One thing I need to know, I couldn’t show the full image in the single product page. The header portion of the image is not showing up while opening the single product image. Seeking your help. Thanks!

If I understand you correctly, the full size image is so high that it exceeds the size of screen so part of it gets cut off?

Great theme. Very clean. Thank you.

We have noticed that the mobile menu Home button does not work on our site. Same issue on the Themeforest demo. You can click from Home to Men or Women, but not back to Home. Also noticed that the mobile menu shows current page as Home, even when on Men or Women page.

Can you take a look?

Is this a bug?

This is not as much a bug, as a left out feature. We don’t display active menu items for full size menu, but yeah in mobile that is necessary. We’ll add this in the next update of theme. Thanks!


I would like to purchase this theme but how does it work? Is this a wordpress theme?

Yes. It’s a wordpress theme. To have the e-commerce features up and running you will need to install and additional plugin called woocommerce (it’s free and awesome). Let me know if you have additional questions ;)

Issue with visual composer, responsive gallery and open prettyphoto – http://canopisleeves.com/gallery/ – I have set up the gallery and image thumbnails are displaying correctly but when you click on an image it does not open in lightbox. Hope you can help. Thanks.

Hey. I believe that I have a fix for this, but can you contact me at support@planetshine.net, so that I can send you an update and we can see if it really works for you?

I just purchased your theme. I am trying to upload it via WP by the zip file but it keeps saying

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

I have no experience in ftp, could you please help me?

i also tried just zipping the theme folder and uploading that, but that didnt work

disregard…got it! :)

How do I get rid of the

“[welcome title=”Welcome to Pandora, responsive Wordpress theme” image=”[YOUR IMAGE LINK HERE]”] Congratulations on starting your own e-commerce store! Pandora is an elegant & responsive Wordpress theme which dynamically adjusts for all screen sizes and devices. Your shop will look great and will be easy to use on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile smartphones.[/welcome” on the home page ?

One more question because I sorted out the previous one

How do you get different widgets to show on different pages ?

Say if you want a widget to show on one page but not another.

It’s just that I notice pandora only has a one size fits all for it’s widgets.

Brilliant. Thanks very much for that. Was wrecking my head. Nice one.

Another question. How do you get the social icons to appear in the footer ? Tried to click on the button “show social icons” but nothing hapens

These icons are a part of widget “Pandora shop info”. Add that to footer, an the icons will appear.

Hello Planetshine;

It seems after the last update, the checkout page is not working. It shows the Spinning wheel of death. It keeps loading and never goes to paypal.

I have read all what wooCommerce and wordpress has to do. Increased WP memory, deactivated all plugins and nothing works.

Only once I used wordpress default theme, the problem goes away and the checkout page works. After narrowing all other reasons, it seems something in pandora theme produces this problem.

I appreciate if you look this matter ASAP as it is very critical. Thank you again.

Hey. Download, the latest version from TF. We fixed that last night. Woocommerce 2.1.3 once again changed something, that messed up checkout.

Thanks you so much. It works now.

Hi. Thanks for the theme ita great! Im having a problem with the product thumbnails. I want them to look like the demo site (boxed and even width/height). It appeara the way I want on laptops and computers but not mobile. I installed regenerate thumbnail plugin and it didnt work. Check out www.lsdapparel.com from a mobile phone to see what im talking about. Thank you!

it was with the boxes they were in. But that code you provided worked PERFECT. Thanks a million for the support and everything!

My mobile theme looks perfect with the code you supplied, but now viewing the product thumbnails from a desktop/computer is all thrown out of wack. They are overlapping. Sorry to bother you. What should i do?

Oh, sorry. Forgot to wrap it in mobile only media query. This should work:
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { .catalog .item-block-1 { width: 129px; min-height: 0; }  }

I have installed the disqus comment system but my footer menu overlaps this, so you can’t see the comments


Do you know anyway around this ?

Worked ok for me. But a possible solution would be to set some minimum height for the discus block. Try pasting something like this in the custom css box in theme settings page:
#disqus_thread { min-height: 400px; }

Nope. Still no joy

The post where the problem occurred is no longer present. Also it seems to me that disqus is now disabled. Can you give me a new example of the problem? The only post I was able to find seemed to work ok.


How do I add shortcode or code to a page to show all categories with their images. Need that Category click to Subcategory click to products style of layout

Cheers :-)


Hi. Actually this is not a thing that’s possible by default with Pandora and Woocommerce. Categories normally don’t have images etc. The best solution for this would be to create these pages manually with visual composer and just link items accordingly. Let me know if you have any other questions ;)

is it normal for woocommerce?

Yes. Since woocommerce categories are based on wordpress categories their features are the same.

Thanks for the latest update. We are not updating WooCommerce unless there is a release from your wonderful theme. I hope those guys at WooCommerce gets their plugin stable with no more fixes.

Thanks for your efforts.

Thanks, mate! :)

I am having difficulties getting the footer to show anything. What am I doing wrong? I turned on the visa and social media and the menu footer is not working.

Hey, Content is placed inside the footer using widgets. Go to Appreance > Widgets in WP-admin and drag anything you wish to have in footer to “Footer”. Credit carts etc. are a part of “Pandora shop info”.

Yeah, I just found it duh. Sorry. I keep forgetting it is a widget. Thank you.

When viewing a product page for example: http://planetshine.net/demo/pandora-woo/product/black-and-white-polka-dress/

If you click on the “quick shop” link in a related product, if that product has a “zoom” area that contains multiple images, then it does not render properly. It seems the slideshow is not compatible with the popup/modal.

This same issue is present in all three of the major browsers.

You can see this on your own demo site at the link I provided above. Is this a know problem? If so do you have a fix for it?

Hey, we’ll get this fixed in the next update. It should be available next week. Thanks for notifying us ;)

Per documentation, the images are supposed to be 1920×500. This size is being cropped in the slider on my full size computer resolution and on cell phone. Is there a better optimal size for the slider?

Hey, the slider is designed so that it will be full width even in the largest of monitors. And so it is meant to overflow the edges. When creating slides you should take this into consideration and try to place the main content in the center 1000 pixel of the slider and leave the sides for non essential stuff.