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Love your theme. Can you please tell me how to remove the arrow navigation on the Homepage slider? Thank you.

Sure. Paste this into the Custom CSS box at theme settings in wp-admin.
.main-slider .paging { display: none; }


I get this Error by Buying a product.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods() in /homepages///htdocs/clickandbuilds/WordPress/*/wp-content/themes/pandora/woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php on line 14

i think after update plugins.

Hey. This happens after update to woocommerce 2.1.x version, that is incompatible with previous versions. To fix this you need to update the theme to the latest version.

Problem is fixed!! Thank You!(:

Can you check my theme? www.wecase.se it’s the checkout page, all labels are placed wrong :/

Thanks alot in advance

In the last couple of versions there have been changes to the checkout CSS. It looks like they are conflicting a bit with what you changed to the checkout. But there is no single “bug”, that I can point towards. The labels however appear ok for me.

In the shopping cart, checkout by sending the registration form in step 01 of 03 is not being displayed. What do I do? look celularpoint.com.br

Hey. It looks to me like there is a woocommerce Javascript error present on your site. Woocommerce fails to load a certain script, which can have multiple different effects on functionality, including broken checkout etc.

The file in question is this: http://celularpoint.com.br/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/assets/js/jquery-cookie/jquery_cookie.min.js

You should check if this file is present on your sever. Also, reinstalling woocommerce might help to resolve this issue.

Hopefully this will be my last issue. The site is running well so far but the responsiveness is not working on mobile and a mac 15” screen the slider is being cut off. I saw your comments to others about how to change the sizes but I could not find them.

Is the problem only for the slider? Can you send me a link to your site so I can check this for myself (If you want to do it privately, then e-mail to support@planetshine.net) ?

Generally speaking, the size of slider get’s adjusted for each of the modes – full, tablet and smartphone. As an effect some part of the slider might be forced out of the view. This can usually be successfully overcome by positioning the main content of the images in the very centre of it and leaving the sides for secondary stuff.

On any page or post – How do I get items to show on the left hand side of the page ?

I want a menu on the left hand side but I can not seem to do this. I can not place widgets on the homepage and even when you place widgets the theme does not allow widgets placement. They only allow the widgets to be placed on the right hand of the page or post.

I basically want know how to put text or a menu on the left hand side of the page


Hey, you could put a menu in left hand side by building a simple page layout with visual composer. Make a page that consists of two columns and insert wordpress menu widget in one of them.

Why is the style.css file hidden ?

What the hell is that about ?

And how come it can not be manipulated ?

I have tried in the editor but it seems that you can’t overide the style choices

Hey, the style.css should not be hidden. If you are having problems modifying it with wp file editor, then it’s most likely related to insufficient level of file write permissions.

Also, all of the CSS used in this theme is located in theme/assets/css folder

You see this is what pisses me off about you guys


You say my file could have “insufficient level of file write permissions.”

So how do you change the “file write permissions.”

This is an issue that’s not specific to the theme, but to your website hosting and wordpress. Here is an article about changing file permissions in wordpress: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions

If you lack the specific technical skills to perform this you should consider contacting your website hosting administrator.

Hello Planetshine,

Again, WooCommerce latest update breaks the theme checkout process. It fails to redirect to paypal.

What is wrong with WooCommerce?

Appreciate your support! Thanks.

Hey, we have submitted the update and it should be available in next 24hrs. These woocommerce updates are a bit annoying sometimes, but I like to think, that they improve the end result.

I appreciate your attention to this issue. I have over the last few weeks updated with the latest theme file from ThemeForest and continue to have this problem.

A screenshot of the issue can be seen at: This link.

I want to be able to complete this website but cannot in good conscience launch with such a “visible’ error.

Thank you again, Denis Crowder

Hey Denis, I can’t replicate this on my end. Do you have the latest version of the theme?

As far as I know… themeforest-5315097-pandora-responsive-woocommerce-html5-theme.zip is the fil name

Go the Appearance > Themes and click on “Theme details”. There you will find the version number. The latest is: 1.1.4

Hi I know this sounds silly. Is there any way to remove the quick shop function?

Yes. In theme settings > Products > “enable quickshop”



Any ideas on changing the ‘Menu background colour’?


Menu has a background image that can be switched in visual editor between light/dark/none. If you want to set a solid background colour you will need to select “none” and then add some CSS. You can try pasting something like this into the custom CSS box in theme settings page. (this will make the menu white)
 .menu-inner-wrapper { background-color: #fff; } 

Because with each new update, not offer a pack containing only the files that were updated? I make this question because I am Brazilian, I purchase this theme and have to translate the whole theme for the Portuguese in the arm every new update is quite complex. You can make only the files that were updated in each of the new versions?

Hey. There are 2 thing you should be doing to simplify the updates.

1) Don’t translate the theme by editing code files. Use wordpress POT language files instead. see more here: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-translate-a-wordpress-theme/

2) Use wordpress child theme features as much as possible to avoid editing code files directly. There are some cases where this will not be enough, but you can avoid making a lot of changed this way.

Selecting whether a product is ‘Featured’ or not, seems to have no effect on the Featured Products section of the home page. www.HalfPintHero.com. The Superhero mask is set to not be featured, but is showing up anyway.

Hey. By default the shortcode shows latest items. You can set it to show just about anything by adding attributes like type, category and tag. Here is some more info about it: http://planetshine.net/docs/pandora-woo/#shortcodes

Hello Planetshine, What are diferent from the HTML version? and is there a version in spanish on both? and does them support sizes and colors? Thank you.

Hey. The HTML versions is just static page, that can be used as a basis for coding your own shop. If you want something that’s already working, you need to get the Woocommerce of Shopify version. Sadly no one of them has spanish version, but woocommerce version supports all regular translation methods used for localising themes, so it’s possible to translate it without editing code etc.

I want to start off by saying I love the theme. I’m almost ready to make my site live but I’m having problems with the checkout page. Whenever it gets to the part where it’s supposed to redirect to PayPal it just shows a “loading” sign and never goes. My website is www.lsdapparel.com so you can see what I’m talking about. Thank you.

thank you but I cant find assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid. Im looking under “edit theme” and I cant find it

Oh sorry. I mixed up the file path with Shopify version. For WP it is theme/assets/css/main-stylesheet.css

Thank you very much.

I need to have a code or solution for my menu button. Whenever I hit the menu tab on my iphone it doesn’t operate to select categories. Basically your stuck on the home screen. The theme is useless if my customers can’t navigate and search different categories through the menu tab. Please help resolve this issue. Thank you.

I need help ASAP I need to launch the site.

Hey, 1) this will help you with the description tab. http://docs.woothemes.com/document/editing-product-data-tabs/

2) The cart/menu issue can be resolved by pasting this piece of code in assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid after line 790 (you have to paste it after this element ”@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {”

stwrapper { display: none; }

This was caused by third party script changing it’s behaviour and will be permanently fixed in the upcoming update of the theme.

Pandora vs Callisto…...

I’m looking to purchase one of your themes today… I like them both, and wanted to know from your perspective which one is better for woo commerce


I wanted a ‘catalog’ site without any e-commerce functionality for now – will your theme work with: http://www.woothemes.com/products/catalog-visibility-options/

Else, can we have a ‘product inquiry form’ instead of the ‘Add to Cart’ functionality?


Hey, the theme is not tested with this plugin (it’s just not possible to buy and test every extension), but if you run into any problems with it, we will help you solve them. Truth be told, most of the shop feature hiding can be done with couple of lines of CSS without buying anything. We can also just help you in this way.

With some modifications you can replace the add to cart button with a link to contact form, but that’s not a standard feature.


Sorry for asking. 3 weeks ago I purchased 456Shop eCommerce in advance for a project. Today I start the project, and I find out the theme is not longer “supported” for Wordpress 3.9+ and it will never be.

I need to know if you plan to continue supporting Legenda for at least 6 months+. Please let me know to, in order to decide if I should buy your theme. Thanks.

I meant, Pandora. Sorry, copy pasted this comment in another theme. I am extremely bothered to what happened to me.

Hey, all of our themes are continuously supported and there is no plan to stop this for any of them. So, yes, Pandora will be supported for 6 and more months from now.