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I have purchased your theme and have almost completed the customization. While testing the site before going live found one issue… When I add products using Quick Shop, the items get added twice… e.g. let’s say I add product A – 3 items. My cart shows 3 items. The I add product B – 5 items, My cart shows 13 items. Which means product B items are getting added twice. I checked on your Demo site also. Same issue is present. It happened when I added third product. I have done Google search for such kind of issues. Found out that this is a known issue – Double add to cart issues Check your page source for any empty background-image (css) properties, or img and link tags with empty src/href attributes. These can cause pages to load multiple times.

Here is the link where I found this –

I have tried to debug this but am not able to…. Please help as the site needs to go live soon.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

It WORKED!!! :) thanks a lot….. One last request if possible…. The Quick Shop window does not close automatically after adding product to cart. I have seen it in Woocommerce Quick Shop plugin demo. Is it possible to have same feature in this theme.

By the way I must congratulate you on excellent theme!!!

Yeah, you can get this done by making a minor edit to the theme files. Open theme/assets/js/theme.js and find this function: “initQuickShopAjaxSubmit” (around line 377). Paste this:

after this:

                jQuery('.ajax-form-submited-wrap .ajax-form-loader').hide();
                jQuery('.ajax-form-submited-wrap .ajax-form-submited-success').show();

I’m really glad you like it! If you feel like it, you can give Pandora a review in Downloads section of your TF profile ;)

How do i set up the “view more items” section?

I say this because the blank page returns a “Fatal error: Call to a member function is_visible()”

Hey. This is an extremely strange bug. Can I get a temporary access to your wp-admin to inspect this myself? I would really appreciate if you could send this over to

I have posted a query 4 days back, also sent the same to you through mail… haven’t got any reply yet! ... Hope to get some feedback soon.

Hello there,

I am using GravityForm with your theme, but all (Select) or Dropdown menus are missed up.

and look at the (Country) field, as well (You are contacting us for a) field.

If I tried to put the width:200% or 50px, it solves some of the problem, but creates others.

Appreciate your help here. Thanks

Hey, I’m not seeing anything wrong with the forms right now. Did you manage to fix this on your own?

Hi there. Great theme! Quick question. The image zoom feature doesn’t seem to be working with Quick Shop when I view my site in Chrome. It works in IE though. But in Chrome it just shows a black overlay but the image doesn’t pop up. Got a fix for this?

oh wait…hold that thought. It came up – just took a really long time.

If your internet connection happens to be a bit slow during the loading of zoom it might have some problems. Let me know if the problems persist.

Hi- I need to change the “Select A State” on the checkout form. I have added a hook to the functions.php and changed the label on the outside of the chosen form, but I can’t get the “Select A State” to change inside the dropdown box. It’s in two places inside the dropdown. Can you please help me get this? I need it to say “Select A Region” instead of “state”, Thanks for your help!

Hey, check your e-mail ;)


The theme is great! We are almost finished setting up the site but we would like to change how the product image is showing. The product image thumbnails on home page and product pages are all centre cropped. However, we would like to show the full image or the products. We have already setup the WooCommerce to not hard cropped the catalog, product image and thumbnails but the page still show a cropped image. How can we show a full dimension rectangular image instead of the centre cropped square image?

Hey, theme uses it’s own settings for this. You can change them in theme/settings.php. Look for ”$image_sizes”. Try changing these:
'product_single' => array( 470, 470, true ),
    'product_catalog' => array( 214, 214, true ),
    'product_catalog_small' => array( 94, 94, true ),
'product_single' => array( 470, 470, false ),
    'product_catalog' => array( 214, 214, false ),
    'product_catalog_small' => array( 94, 94, false ),

Thanks! We have the new thumbnails after regeneration. Seems we have to change the CSS as well.

Is it possible to have the header hidden until scrolling down?

Hey, it’s possible, but not a default theme feature. This will require a you to make some serious modifications to sites code. I’m not aware of anyone having attempted something like this before with Pandora, so unfortunately I don’t have any examples to show you etc.

Is there some code to center the logo on the desktop version, just like on the mobile devices?


Hey, It’s possible but will require you to edit some CSS. Open theme/assets/css/main-stylesheet.css and find this: ”.main-header .logo”. Add something like this to it:
display: block;
text-align: center;
After that adjust slogan and move other elements into place as you like them.

Hi – I see you were sending people a more complete demo file with additional pages. Can you please send them my way as well.

hey, check your e-mail ;)

Has anyone used the plugin paypal for woocommerce with this theme? Does it work? I am having problems with paypal standard as some buyers are confused by the paypal payment window and cancel if they want to use credit card and not paypal to pay. I need the paypal page to show pay by credit card as default and this plugin seems to offer this option – any help or advice is much appreciated.

Hey, some of our customer have used this, but there were some issues with it. The paypal standard worked much smoother since it’s by definition a part of the woocommerce itself.

Can you recommend a plugin that will allow when user comes to paypal payment screen to show the credit card option first (i.e. tab opened) instead of paypal account login. Thanks.

Sorry, unfortunately I’m not really familiar with such a plugin.

Hello the “add to bag” button doesn’t appear on my shop. Please help,

Hey, Can you give me a link to where this happens on your site? If you don’t want to do it publicly you can e-mail me to

Hello, I’ve purchased your theme and having problems with the Visual Composer. When I clicked to edit pages with Visual Composer, all I got was only white overlay with animated logo in the middle. Can you help show me what I did wrong?


Hey, does this happen with the frontend or the backend editor? I managed to replicate this on only the frontend version. I have already contacted Visual Composer support and notified about this bug.

With frontend editor. The backend seems to be working ok. Thanks for the help!


Can I set the homepage slider to not crop the images? I need it to maintain the full size aspect ratio when switching to mobile view.


It can’t be done in a way to that would guarantee a perfectly looking result without completely remaking the slider. However you can for the slider to avoid cropping on mobile by pasting this in the custom css box in theme settings:
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
.main-slider .item { background-size: contain !important; }

Thanks it works quite well

Hi, This message appears on my website checkout page, please help. Kind Regards,

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods() in /home/content/87/11805387/html/wp-content/themes/pandora/woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php on line 14

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

Following a recent update of woocommerce my order review on step 3 of checkout has now disappeared – so customers cannot complete their orders. I have also sent a message to your support email. Hoping for a quick response as this is a very busy time of year. Thank you.

Hey, make sure you have the latest version of theme installed. Some other customers using version 1.1.7 and older have experienced this. Our testing revealed that Pandora 1.1.8 is working fine with woocommerce 2.2.8.


I tried to use Strip payment plugin from WooCommerce with yoru latest theme, but it keeps throwing errors, and saying there is Javascript/JQuery error?

Would you please advise?

Thanks indeed.

Hey, we recently fixed similar issue for our other WooCommerce theme. Can you please e-mail me to I could send you over the fix candidate.

I have a problem on step 3 of th checkout process, it does not re-direct to paypal, so it’s pretty much impossible for customers to purchase their items via payl pal

I’m using woo commerce

OK. I’m using pandora version 1.1.0 how do I upgrade to 1.1.8

It’s ok. I have upgraded it now, via envacto account and api key and following a youtube video, problem is now, the fonts look much bigger

Can you give me a link to your site? I have never had any issues with fonts after upgrade ( and it’s the first time any of our customers have mentioned this). If you want to do this privately you can e-mail me to

Hi good theme congratulations I’m using the latest version has some problems. I want to remove the name of the page the link again under breadcums and Latest products and selling products do not add Visual composer

Try the 5th setting from top – “Yazi ismi”. That should mean “post name” right?

Make sure that your wordpress root folder is writable. Wordpress needs to be able to place a file there that will enable the pretty permalinks. Here is some more info on that:

Hello There,

I just sent you two emails…

Regards, Digital Chica

Hey, I only got one and answered that. Was there something else you wanted to ask?