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Welcome Back Jen! Very clean and elegant theme, my compliments ;)

Thanks Mario!

Realy good friend ;)


great idea with the disqus comments in the sidebar, I think it really promotes conversation :)

Thanks j4n-co!

Great work! Good luck with sales! ;)

Thanks Sebastian! I appreciate it!

so you made a new theme that is not responsive?

This theme is fluid (number of columns adjust with window size) not responsive sorry, if you are looking for a responsive theme please check out my other themes

MATTE: http://themeforest.net/item/matte-responsive-tumblr-theme/5432970

Adventure!: http://themeforest.net/item/adventure-grid-responsive-tumblr-theme/6037607

I’m also having another responsive theme coming soon as well :)

Very nice theme, i saw this at dribbble :) good luck

Thanks T20 :D

Looks great. Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thanks, its great to have it coming from you :)

im about to buy your theme I hope its as good as it looks like!

Hey, thanks for purchasing josetorres2795 :D

Hey! can you make, when clicking an image with a source be opened in another tab. please.

I will include it in the next update, by the mean time if you want to change it you can go to line 568 and find

"<a href="{SourceURL}">Content Source</a>"

change it to

"<a href="{SourceURL}" target="_blank">Content Source</a>"

Lovely theme, but photo sets seem to not appear at all. Not necessarily a huge deal for me personally but something I’d like to have. Otherwise, stellar work.

Hey thank you! I just updated the theme, it should work fine now!

Hi! I am interested in purchasing this theme but I have two questions first:

1) Is the font customizable?

2) Can more links be added to the sidebar? For instance, if I create an ABOUT page, can I add a link to it on the side? If so, o\is there a limit on the number of links that can go in the sidebar?


Hey mauimama91, thanks for your interest

1) Yes, the fonts are customizable, you can choose to change “Body Font” or “Title Font” there are 12 kinds of font to choose from

2) There is not a limit to how many links you can add on the sidebar, just be sure to check “Show Extra Links” when having customize pages

Fantastic work :)

Thank you :D

how can I update the theme to the latest version you push out??

You should be able to download it from themeforest, I think they send you an email :)

I’m digging it, but there is something that I would like to see fixed. Whenever you reblog or post a picture post with 2 or more pictures, it only shows the first picture. I would like it to show all the pictures. Any quick fix to that or can you fix it in a future version?

This theme is designed to only show the first image of photosets to make the homepage look clean, I might consider making an option for that in future updates, thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Thejenyuan. Thanks it’s a cool theme! But I have 2 questions:

-How to add an bouton “About Me” under “Message” or “Archive” ?

-Is it possible to avoid that the comment gets bigger when we click above? I want that when we click an image, we arrive directly on the page of the comment and not on the zoom.


you still can, paste this in line 296

{block:Pages} <a href="{URL}" title="{Label}">{Label}<span>v</span></a> {/block:Pages}

and untoggle “Show Extra Links”

Tahnks! :)

So I us your theme and it’s really perfect! But I just have a last question. Can I Have an icon “?”? Peoples who came on my blog ask to me how to like a post? Because there isn’t any icone like “?”. Can tou help me please? :)

Thanks for your Patience! Klemt


Hey Klemt, sorry pandora doesn’t have like or reblog icon on photo posts.

when I post YouTube videos or links from other sites it cuts in half. is there a way to fix this? Also, the pictures I post aren’t lined up http://w33s.tumblr.com Thanks

Hey, try linking videos using the video post option instead of linking them in a text post.

thanks. that works better.

Thanks for creating a great theme. I’d also like to see the option of displaying photosets in the theme, if you happen to do an update.

Thanks for purchasing! I will in the next update :)

Is this responsive? (like mobile-responsive)

No, this theme is not responsive on mobile, however you can turn the tumblr mobile responsive layout and it should do the work.

I just purchased this theme! I love it but I have a question regarding the side panel. I want to add an “About” page to the side panel without showing it under “Links”. I saw your feedback you gave Klemt above ^, which I integrated, but now it shows both ABOUT and LINKS with “About” underneath. When I untoggle “show extra links” it hides LINKS but also ABOUT.

Is there a way for me to just show ABOUT without also having a LINKS button directly underneath?


Oh! Nevermind. I just figured it out! (Thank you anyway)


Seems like I’ve came too late but I’m glad that you’ve figured out!

Thanks for purchasing :)


very nice theme. I have a question before buying it. Is it possible to have all the post vertically only ? One post under another (one column only) same width ?

thank you


You can’t make it a single column theme, however you can adjust the width of the content.


I really, really like this theme, but is it possible to filter posts from the sidebar?


Hey Nolan,

You might want to check out this article by tumblr themselves: http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/pages#tag