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Is it possible to add a featured image on a post so it shows as the posts background? see:



Yes, it’s possible. Use Theme Options > Style > Custom styles and add
#single-636 .pane-wrapper {
(636 is the id of your post).




When viewed on an Ipad, is there any way to get the template to vertically scroll with finger swipes and to make the previous/next controls in each section “slide” to the next/previous section rather than just making the section appear?

Thanks! Chuck


Is there ay way to change the SEO title, description from the Panes? I only see the sitename? I use Yoast SEO, but it doesnt load on the Panes?


Hello, I love Flights so much, I decided to purchase this theme for another of my websites. Unfortunately, the install keeps failing due to a missing style sheet. How can I fix this?

Thanks, Em

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Unfortunately, no, it’s not. The correct one is You’ll have to ask Envato for the refund

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Thanks for helping clear this up. Just downloaded the correct theme!

Hi! My website is, I’m trying to pos an event or upload an imagen and is not working, it hangs :( can you help?


Does the problem still persist? I can see some images successfully uploaded to your site.

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hi Pehaa! Thanks for the fast respond. I’m kind of a hurry with this. The problem persists. Where/How Can I send you the screenshots?

Please send them to: info at pehaa dot com

The htlm 5 version of template is not working correctly when using windows 10 and chrome or firefox. The problems is that a vertical scroll bar is not displayed. The template works fine in ie and windows 10. Please provide a correction as soon as possible. Thanks, Chuck

Please respond on my previous question. Thanks!

Thank you for your reply.

I do not see a vertical scroll bar on your referenced demo site and my scroll wheel on my mouse does not function. I am using the most current version of windows 10 and chrome. Your demo site works as expected in IE.

Thanks for your help on this.

Our site is


It’s really strange. It works ok when we test it. Can you confirm that you use Chrome 46?

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Version 46.0.2490.80 m. Windows 10 Home. to get any other desired info. Thanks for looking into.

my simple php code not working on the page. Its normal? Or bug on my server?

Hi, could you send us some more details? Thanks, PeHaa THEMES

Hi, have you changed the file extension to .php?

On first pane I need button “Send message”. How to make link that opens last pane with form?


Replace the faktory.js and faktory-ck.js files in the javascript folder by

then you’ll add js-openpane and js-content-innerlink classes, like
<div class="faktory-callout clearfix">
   <div class="faktory-callout-inner">
      <strong>Discover PANES</strong> - a stylish One Page Business Theme with full size background images and a fancy scrolling effect.
   <div class="faktory-button-container">
      <a href="#pane-5" class="faktory-button js-content-innerlink js-openpane" title="Contact Us">Contact Us</a>

To avoid cache issues add the new version number at the bottom of your index.html file

<script src="javascript/faktory-ck.js?version=1.1"></script> One more thing: please not that google maps started to require and API key if you want to display maps, see the screenshot above. Your link to googlemaps link should change to:
<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
To obtain your google maps API key (it’s free), go to,geocoding_backend,directions_backend,distance_matrix_backend,elevation_backend&keyType=CLIENT_SIDE&reusekey=true&pli=1

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Can U help to integrate a Google reCaptcha?

Unfortunately, we have no experience with Google reCaptcha.