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Creative! GLWS

Thank you!

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Great work and Unique concept :)

Thank you very much :)

Nice work really !

Thank you !

Smooth, beautiful and awesome. Good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much :)

This is beautiful and super creative. Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much :)

This is really nice. Is it possible to integrate woo-commerce? or something?

Thanks, Anita

Thank you Anita. Panes Theme is not designed for an an e-commerce site.

I’m having trouble translating this theme to dutch. What steps do I have to take?

Hello, Thank you for purchasing Panes.

To translate the theme, please download Poedit from

In Poedit open the ..translation/default.po file from the theme. Do the translation and save as da_DK.po (or nl_NL.po – I’m really sorry if I’m wrong here..).

(2 new files da_DK.po and will be added to the translation folder). Next, go to the config.php in your WordPress installation folder, find the line with: define(‘WPLANG’, ’’); and change it to: define(‘WPLANG’, ‘da_DK’);

(You may also check this tutorial – steps 3 and 4).

Thanks again, PeHaa THEMES

Is it possible to get a list of the shortcodes provided with the theme? The options in the demo look quite slim.

The shortcodes include: Blockquote,Two Columns, Team Member, Slideshow, Toggle, Testimonial, Button, Download Button and Callout.

What about permalinks. can they be set to custom instead of post name?

Yes, any custom permalinks structure should work.

Hello PeHaa,

first of all great theme! Thanks for the great work.

Now, i have some trouble with the mobile behavior. On the Android 4.2 (tested in many browsers, and chrome) it seems that the java scripts are not working. No animations, no smooth scroll and toggles that don’t open. Do you have any idea why?

Thaks again.

Hello, Thank you very much.

As for scroll – on touch devices with width over 756px, scrolling is disabled, you just switch between the “Panes”. It was tested extensively on iPad and works very well this way. The reason is that position fixed is not (well) supported on touch devices.

Please send me an e-mail with more details, you site url, what exactly is your device and maybe a screenshot.

Thanks, PeHaa THEMES

Hi! I am interested in purchasing this theme but would first like to know if the still background images can be replaced with video? Specifically a Vimeo video.

I have never built a WordPress site or used a custom theme but I am in a serious crunch and am hoping your theme can help me out! Thank you in advance.

Hello, Thanks. No, there is no option for full screen videos instead of images.

Have purchased the theme and absolutely love the look and layout. I am having a problem with the order of the panes. I am typing in the order in the attributes section of the pane but is not ordering in the way I want and is quite random. Help would be appreciated.

Thanks Jake

Hello Jake,

Thank you very much.

I’m not sure where the problem might be. What is your WordPress version ? What values are you settings?

In our demo we have:

Home: 100 Showcase: 4 Team: 3 Philosophy: 2 News: 0 Contact: -1


Brilliant. Those values worked for setting the order. Thanks. Jake

You’re welcome and thanks again :)

I notice that comments aren’t supported, what about FB comments plugin can that be added? Or no comments at all.

Hi, Comments are not supported. We do not have much experience with Facebook comments, we’ll have to check the plugin’s compatibility with the theme. Thanks.

Ok, BTW I suggest recommended image sizes, I used this on a clients site and it looks great BUT I spent the majority of my time getting images to fit right and still don’t know a good size just had to test and test and test

Thank you.

The images we used are about 1400px x 800px.

Note, that you can also play with the background-position – that can be useful in some cases.

One more thing – we particularly took care of their compression, they don’t exceed 180kB. We also used ImageOptim before upload.

Hi PeHaa,

first of all, awesome design! Totaly love it!

This is my first experience in building a website based on a nother theme then the twentyeleven.

I got some strugles in using several code’s and hoping you could help me out.

The “Team-member” code It is asking for an image file, neither the url from the “Add Media” button or an externaly uploaded image is being viewed as image inside the circle.

Google maps Inserting google maps as in your demo. I am trying to get the same layout. Actualy i am looking for some shortcode or page codes like used in your demo.

Hopefully you can provide me with some helpsome info.

Kind regards nokje

Hi nokje !

Thank you very much :)

There is no shortcode for Google maps, Google maps are added automatically if you create a Pane with the Pane Type set to Contact Pane and if your location’s latitude and longitude are set in the Theme Options Panel (see the documentation file).

As for the “Team-member” shortcode you have to copy paste the url of an image that is already in your media library ex. http://yoursite/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/team-member1.jpg Go to Media > Library, choose an Item and click view – you’ll have the File URL displayed in the box on your right. Sometimes it may take a while before the background image is visible (initially it needs to be resized).

Hope that would help. Thanks again.

Hey pehaa, thanks for the reply. Actualy i didn’t know of the documentation file. This helped me out a lot!

Stil hoping to see some page code of the theme demo! :)

Kind regards nokje

Hello pehaa, nice work.

We have install this theme..and it´s works perfect. goog job.

now we have question. it´s posible to create a 2. we have booking form.



Hi frogy,

Thank you very much.

Do you mean another menu where you could have the some external links?

Go to Appearance > Menus, add your menu and assign it to “The Additional Menu” in Theme Locations. It will be added below the main, automatically generated panes menu.

Thanks again,


Hello PeHaa,

thanks for answer. i´ll try out this.

and to build a BIGGER Form with calender and roomnumber (Hotelbooking). or to install a plugIN is this possibel ?


PANES Theme comes with a simple contact form: name+email+message, but a priori any contact-form building plugin should work.

Note that you may want to deactivate the built-in form, you can do it in the Theme Options panel.



Nice theme, I was wondering if the theme supports 2nd level menu like:

– Design
– Print
– Web


Thanks you.

No, there is no 2nd level menu support.

You’d have 3 menu items on the same level and three “slides”, or just “Services” and one slide for three.

Fantastic theme, fantastic support – very happy!