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Hi, I’ve got a problem : when i am not logged in wp, the home page is refreshing continusly. (When i am logged, no pb). Same on Chrome and Firefox. I ve try to change the theme, the pb appear only with Panes. And i ve tried to change the permalink, No change, the permanent refresh is still here. Have you got an idea ? Thank You

My htaccess :

SetEnv PHP_VER 5 SetEnv REGISTER_GLOBALS 0 <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /tests/xxx/ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /tests/xxx/index.php [L] </IfModule>

  1. BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /tests/xxx/ RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /tests/xxx/index.php [L] </IfModule>
  1. END WordPress


Thank you very much for purchasing Panes. We’ve already encountered this kind of problem in one of our buyer’s installation. It was due to some strange retina-display detection cookie bug.

Right now, we’re finalizing the Panes update. In the update we’ll remove the retina detection based on the cookie mechanism and replace it by some other one. We should be ready to submit the update tomorrow. We could also send it directly to you as soon as it’s ready – just send us an email (use the contact form on our profile page).

Best regards, PeHaa THEMES

Hi Nice theme! Your documentation is slim on the Showcase pane. I understand that portfolio image is added as an item. In use when I select magnification I get the spinning dots for pause and nothing? not project highlife. Please help! cheers


Thank you very much!

It seems like a permalinks structure problem. Please go to Settings > Permalinks and choose anything but default. Even if it’s already set, click save – the permalink structure has to be refreshed every time the theme is deactivated/activated.

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hi Many thanks, magic, it works, you’re awesome ! Have a great week ! cheers

Hi again. Is it possible to change the fonts, more concerned about titles and menus, as opposed to body text. Thanks. cheers

Hi. Is it possible to change the fonts, more concerned about titles and menus, as opposed to body text. Thanks. cheers


The theme uses Open Sans for body text and BenchNine for headings – both are google fonts. They are loaded in library/faktory.php -> Find the SCRIPTS & ENQUEUEING section with a line
wp_enqueue_style( 'faktory-fonts', "$protocol://,400,700|BenchNine:700" );
If you want to change them/one of them to another google font, you have to modify the font here as well as everywhere in the stylesheet (library/css/style.css) If you don’t want to use google fonts at all, comment this line as well as change
// register main stylesheet
    wp_register_style( 'faktory-stylesheet', FAKTORY_ST_URI.'/css/style.css', array('faktory-fonts'), '', 'all' );


// register main stylesheet
wp_register_style( 'faktory-stylesheet', FAKTORY_ST_URI.'/css/style.css','', '', 'all' );

Thank you again! cheers

Hi. Is it possible to make/modify, the News section to be a Tumblelog? thanks

No, unfortunately, no other news options are provided in the theme.

OK, fair enough, thanks!

Is it possible to know when you’ll submit the update ? I’m waiting for a feature you sould have add in the update and that would be nice to know when I’ll be able to use it =) Thanks a lot for your work !

Hi, yes it’s possible. Get your page id (say 119) and set in heme Options > Style > Custom style sth like that

#page-119 .pane-wrapper {background-image: url(}

Hi !

sorry to be so insistent about it but would it be possible to tweak the code in order NOT to display the “preview” windows whenever both sidebars are retracted ? The idea is to be able to watch the background picture without anything interfering. Thanks in advance !


you could get it by setting in Theme Options > Style > Custom Styles
.pane-header.morecontent-pane {display:none}
or if you want the “preview” window to be invisible only for some specific pane (like ex. with id 44)
#pane-44 .pane-header.morecontent-pane {display:none}

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hi, great theme but have a problem with the navigation. Although I changed the permalinks as described in the menu, the links set in the navigation are totally different. The Pane Contact’s link should be But in the navigation it is and therefore the navigation doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help.

That may be sometimes necessary – when exactly does it cause an issue ?

i have to put a logo in the text boxes ad page 3 and 5 and i want to give the measurements myself but if the width is given the height is automaticly filled

Can’t you overwrite height auto by setting heights yourself ?

I’m having an issue with icons. Mostly, that there aren’t any. No social icons or page icons. Did I fail to enable them? Were they not included in my download?

Sorry. Social icons are present, but in the Panes pane, there are no icons next to the radials under “Choose an icon for your Pane.” Advice?


Thank you for purchasing Panes. Panes uses font icons (library/fonts) that’s why you can’t find them as images. It’s strange that you can’t see them in the Panes meta-box, what browser do you use ?

BTW, there is a theme update 1.2 (you probably have 1.1.3) in

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Thank you, I’ll give that a shot.

Good afternoon,

Is there a way to disable the scrolling effect on the main navigation?

Good afternoon,

Is there a way to disable the scrolling effect on the main navigation?

Hi, what effect exactly you’d like to disable? Not sure if I get you well.


The auto-scroll effect with the panes when you click on a link in the main left navigation. It scrolls through all of the panes in-between until you reach the pane you clicked on in the nav. The site I am working on has 7 links, and when you are on the homepage, and click on the bottom link Contact Us, it scrolls through every single page and takes about 6 seconds until you reach the correct pane. Maybe there’s a way to speed up the effect so it doesn’t delay as long between the home page and bottom link? I would prefer to just disable the auto-scroll effect and have it directly open the pane when clicked on. Is there a way to do this? Sorry I’m not too familiar with javascript.

please have a look at the above link…am getting some warning…. looking for advice


hi i just checked your solution to faedde on this forum and now the warning has disappeared but the panes dont work….

please help the panes do not scroll in

got this working! by selecting setting…reading..latest post…just in case this helps someone :)

Good morning

Do you have guidelines for optimal/maximum image size and file format, for each opportunity within the template, Background vs.Showcase ?

You have documented, ”:To add a background image … demo are about 1500px x 800px and don’t exceed 200kB.”

Is the maximum dimension at what file format? My concern is typical dilemma, enough res for high resolution monitors, 2560×1440 vs. compact speed for mobile devices, although resolutions for are climbing.

Many thanks again.

Well, for the panes backgrounds I’d say the most of photos will look good enough even if sized up. On the other hand the showcase items are resized by WordPress so only the exact necessary size is loaded (for panes background the original image is used). We also always use ImageOptim before uploading the images.

Thank you ! I have downloaded ImageOptim as well.

Good morning I do not wish to have my logo present in the left menu, only on the first page. Is it possible to make this change? Many thanks again. Have a great day !

Good evening,

yes in header.php delete the line 57
<?php faktory_add_logo(); ?>

Have a great Sunday!

Thanks a bunch ! cheers

Love the theme! Is it possible to have two Showcase panes that don’t share the same information? I am using it for a Services pane, but want to create a separate pane for a portfolio.

Also, map isn’t showing on Contact pane, despite using the correct latitude and longitude coordinates.

Thanks, T

Thanks, the code update works perfectly.

Regarding my first question, is it possible to have two separate Showcase panes that don’t share the same information?

No, it’s not possible – as I said – showcase is created automatically from all items.

Hi, in the news section of your demo are present (on themeforest) some summaries, like ‘archives’ and ‘recent post’. How (and where) is it possible to create them? Is it also possible to create voices (toggles) in wich incorporate selected articles? Thank you in advance.


Thank you for purchasing Panes.

The toggles in the news sections are WordPress widgets (Appearance > Widgets) – it’s possible to create toggles with each of the available widgets.

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Oh, yes! It’s true. I’ve eliminated from the sidebar all of them thinking that they might interfere with this theme (as usual in many others). Thanks a lot!

Hi, great theme! One problem though, uploaded logos do not seem to appear on header or in the first pane. Any solutions? Thanks a lot


Thank you for purchasing Panes. Not sure what could cause this. Please send us your login and password (use the contact form on our profile page and we’ll try to help.

Best regards, PeHaa THEMES

Hi, I’ve upgraded to 1.2 this afternoon, but the contact page has lost the ability to show the google maps’s location. The precedent version gave it well, now I see only part of the evidenced background photo. What’s wrong?


Thank you very much for purchasing Panes.

We’ve already submitted an update, you can also fix it yourself, in library/faktory.php change line 134 to
    wp_register_script( 'gmaps-js', "$protocol://", '', '', true );
(replace single quotes by double quotes).

Best regards, PeHaa THEMES

Done, thank you. Anyway I’ve downloaded the v.1.2 just yesterday from TF. So, maybe, this update it isn’t included in the package actually online.

Hi, I use Panes V1.2. I have some problems with Panes icons, please see



Thank you for purchasing Panes.

What browser are you using? Please send us your login and password (use the contact form on our profile page and we’ll try to help.

Best regards, PeHaa THEMES

I have the same problem with Firefox, Safari and Chrome on OS X 10.9

more I look at your theme, the more I like it :-) so, one more question, the last I hope: because I’m setting it up ‘pro bono’ for a friend of mine, is it possible to personalize it adding a small reference to me? I mean, something like © 2013 Company Name – Site Manager. Have a nice day PeHaa, and thank you again!

ah! I forgot, how can I delete the buttons prev and next in the items’ pages?

Thank you very much! You can add some reference in footer.php Edit the line n°3, for example:
<p class="copyright">© <?php echo date('Y'); ?> <?php bloginfo('name'); ?> - Site Manager.</p>
As for the next/prev button, the easiest way would be to hide them with CSS in Theme Options > Style > Cystom Styles Check what is the showcase id (example 34) and set:
#pane-34 .next-prev-posts-links {display:none}
There’s a small bug (mistype) in “morecontent-showcase.php”, line 16. The line reports
<?php _e('All', 'faktrorytheme'); ?>
Instead it must be ‘faktorytheme’ or the translation domain will not work. Best GiorgioDF

Thank you very much for purchasing Panes as well as thanks a lot for reporting this bug. We’ll fix it in the next update.


I cant seem to get our company logo to display on the home pane and the left sidebar navigation. I went through the documentation and did as instructed. Please help.