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Hi Pehaa, waiting for your reply.

Hello, im kind of new on this things and im trying to put the top menu and i cant find the way to do it… also im trying to put the picture on a circle like the template and i cant


Thank you very much for purchasing Panes. You can enable the top menu in Appearance > Theme Options > Basics “ENABLE SECONDARY NAVIGATION”.

Use shortcodes: “Team member” for the picture on a circle.

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hi Pehaa,

Two questions about the Panes Theme.

1. I have added some items to showcase my portfolio. The icons are displayed on the site but the text that should be displayed when you click on an icons never shows. It worked before but without changing anything I noticed it no longer works. If you check out my site you can see what I mean. > go to projects > go to meer

2. If I add my logo to the Theme Options screen it displays my logo in the left side bar and at the same time on the home page. I would like to use two different logo’s. My logo regular is to long to use in the left side bar and has a subtitle that is impossible to read when small. What can I do to be able to use two different logo’s?

Thanks a lot!


1. Not sure what the issue is. I can see that it works as it should.

2. To do that you’d have to slightly modify the theme files. The easiest way seems to add sidebar logo image manually. You’d have to modufy the header.php file. Find the lines
<?php faktory_add_logo(); ?>
and replace the line by the sidebar logo image markup
<h1 class="h1-img">
  <a href="" rel="nofollow">
            <img class="logo-image" src="your logo goes path here" alt="enthousiasmeer" />

Strange, with me it doesn’t display the text with the icon/photo. Could it be a browser problem?

I will change the logo! Thanks for that!

Pehaa, I checked it on my iPhone and it works. Seems to be a problem with IE8

Dear Pehaa,

I have an issue with the messages functionality. I have added various messages to the archive but online it only displays the full text of the last message. Whenever I check the archive online it does show the rest of the messages. When I click on one it only shows the last one.

Please check my site to see what I mean: > go to interessant > go to meer


The “blog” pane behaves as designed – it displays directly only the last post, you can navigate to the “Next” (Prev) or find other in the archives.

Hi Pehaa, Unfortunatelly it doesn’t navigate to the next item when navigated to next. That’s the whole issue. The last post is comes back.

Hi! Panes is a gorgeous theme that may be ideal for our needs. I’ve got some questions about adapting it:

1. Can the arrow(s) on the on-page nav be modified to include drop-down navigation menus? 2. Is it possible to link to a specific page w/in the theme, such as a news/blog post? 3. Looks like there’s a built-in slideshow function—correct? 4. Can the theme accommodate plugins, such as a recipe plugin?

Hi Alison,

Thank you very much. 1. No, unfortunately it’s not possible. 2. Not sure what you mean – we’ll send you the theme documentation so that you could see how the theme is built. 3. Yes. 4. No sure, please give a link to a specific plugin and we’ll try to test it.

Thanks again,



Thanks for the quick reply!

1. Okey-dokes. 2. What I mean is if we want to link to a specific news/blog post from email or social to drive users to a specific page w/in the Panes theme? 3. That’s great! 4. The recipe plugin would be something like this:

Thanks again—super helpful!


Hi Pehaa,

i have a slight problem, on a last post pane, the article shows “byline card” under the article name…


the thing is that on one website it shows it, on anther one, it doesn’t… am i missing a param the click or uncheck, to hide author and date and category of an article (post), because i dont need that… just use the article to be able to put a widget…

many thanks. Robin.

Hi Robin,

See Theme Options > Post – it’s where you set what post meta you want to display.

Thanks a lot :)

On other thing, is there a way for the widget tab to be already opened on pane load ? (the grey bar with title, and the + at the end)

Hey there—purchased this to give a it a try. So, if I understand correctly, you have to update the CSS for each big background image you want to use?

Is there a simpler plug & play option I’m missing for those background images?

Thanks again!

Hi Alison,

you just have create new panes (custom post category) and set featured images – these will be used for backgrounds.

Cool, thanks. I’d tried setting the featured image, but wasn’t seeing a background image render. I’ll keep playing with it!

Thanks, pehaa. I think I’m starting to get there:

Hi there:

I’m enjoying the Panes theme. I’ve got a some questions: 1) Is it possible to reorder the categories of items within the showcase? And is it possible to reorder items within a category? If so, how? 2) Can hyperlinks used in buttons and callouts be directed to open in a new window?

Thanks again for your help! It’s beautiful theme!


Hi Alison,

1) The categories are listed in the alphabetical order of slugs so you can easily reorder them by modifying the slugs that don’t appear directly anywhere. To edit slugs go to Items > Item Categories. Items are ordered by publication date – that’s also editable – you can change it for each item.

2) You can do it for buttons just add ‘target=’_blank’” inside your button shortcode, ex
[faktory-button url="" is_inner_link="false" open_pane_after_scroll="false" label="Click here" target="_blank"] 
Unfortunately, this won’t work for callouts – we’ll fix it in the next theme update.

Thanks again,


Great—thank you!


I am getting two different looks for the showcase page. On my iMac and iPad if you click the small image icons the page remains the same but just below them a larger version of the image appears with the brief text describing the image. This is great. However if I do the same thing on my PC a larger version of the image clicked appears but the small images do not show on the page and the large main image area goes black. Is this a browser issue or a Mac/PC issue. Thanks for your help! Janet


What browser do you use on your PC ?


Google Chrome and I also tried it on IE11

Hi Peeha,

1. When we open the website url, landing page comes as second page not the ‘home’. Pls suggest.

2. Side menu doesn’t move by itself when going to next page. Pls check


Thank you very much for purchasing Panes. Please send us a login/password to your site (use the contact form on our profile page and we’ll try to investigate what happens.

Best, PeHaa THEMES


For those of us who create child themes to keep customizations from altering the parent, this simple change in faktory.php on line 8:

Old: define('FAKTORY_ST_URI', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() .'/library'); New: define('FAKTORY_ST_URI', get_template_directory_uri() .'/library');

Would make child themes possible.

I use child themes to allow for extra templates to feed in custom post data. I can then keep Panes updated as new versions appear without worry. (If I need an additional stylesheet I can enqueue my own via the child’s functions.php, or use your custom styles option in the admin panel if the changes are few.)

It is not important to me, but this same change would be beneficial in custom-post-type.php for the two uses of the get_stylesheet function—otherwise your icons do not appear in the wordpress admin when using a child theme.

Please consider this for your next update. Thanks!


Thank you very much. We’ll certainly add it to the next update.


Hi Pehaa!

This might seem a little silly but can you help me figure out where I can find the help/ documentation file for the theme. I am a little confused on how to add details of each project under showcase.

Thank you and i love what you’ve created :) Trixy

Also, is there a way to have full page posts (for individual portfolio pieces) after a brief preview on the showcase pane. :D Thank you!

Oh sorry about that! i figured out where the document is >_<

Hi again Pehaa,

I am having trouble displaying the google map in my contact pane even though i have got the write coordinates. Can you please help me out with this?

Here is the link : And here is the google map location : (32.659953,-16.926116)

Hi Trixy,

Thank you very much for purchasing Panes. Your google map seems to be displayed properly now, am I right ?

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hi I would like to centre align each pane title, is this possible? Many thanks


Sorry you had to wait so long. Open functions.php and find the faktory_paneLinks functions, modify it as follows:

if ( ! function_exists( 'faktory_paneLinks') ) :

    function faktory_paneLinks($isfirst, $islast, $moreContent) {
        $links = "<div class="pane-links updown-container js-pane-links">\n";
        if (!($isfirst && $islast)) {
            $icon_up = 'icon-play-up';
            $icon_down = 'icon-play-down';
            if ($isfirst) {
                $icon_up = 'icon-forward';
            elseif ($islast) {
                $icon_down = 'icon-backward';
            $links .= "<a class="pane-prev updown js-pane-prev pointer $icon_up "></a>";
            if ($moreContent) {
                $links .="<a class="js-more-toggle updown pane-more pointer" data-hover="".__(" read="" more="">". __('Read more','faktorytheme'). "...</a>\n";
            $links .= "<a class="pane-next updown js-pane-next pointer  $icon_down"></a>\n";    

        $links .=    "</div>";
        echo $links;

You’ll also have to slightly modify your stylesheet (use Theme Options > Style > Custom Styles)
.pane-more {width:50%}

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hi PeHaa Thanks a bunch for this ! However, I have made two attempts to replace the code and both times have resulted in my site crashing. Maybe there could be something more specific with your instructions or a minute error that I/we are not seeing. Your thoughts please. Many thanks. cheers

Hi PeHaa In addition to the asymmetric control bar, arrows+readmore, I would be interested to know if the read-mores could reveal themselves as a vertical slide out, with the spilt or separation of the two elements of this navigation element, the control bar, arrows+read-more and the attached tinted page title element (as opposed to sliding out from the right side of pane). I think this would enable the insertion of a horizontal slider or scroller for looping portfolios. Your thoughts please. Thank you. Ryan

Hi Pehaa,

Yep I have managed to get the maps working!

However, the site doesn’t seem to be working on the mobile. I can’t collapse the menu and so i can’t see the content. If I hide the left sidebar from the theme settings then the content appears but then I can’t click on the menu.


Please help! Thanks

Thank you for that :)

I am now having a problem with the showcase items not displaying the way it does in the demo site. I couldn’t get the ajax to display the main content to display on clicking within the pane.

This is a sample item i created to test:

I have tried this with both plain text and this one with shortcodes of toggle and slideshow.

Sorry for all the questions! I am just trying to get my portfolio done this weekend :P

PS: the slideshow doesn’t seem to be working within the toggle either

My friend fixed the ajax load for me! He edited the Permalink option for the item tab to keep the post name.


Sorry for posting so many question! I have managed to figure out the slideshow within the toggle, however the ajax still won’t load the inner content of each item :(

I can’t proceed further unless you help me figure out what I am doing wrong.

I also have a problem regarding multiple showcase panes. Is it possible to somehow have different categories show up (exclusively) to specific showcase pane?

For example, I want my work project showcase pane to just have Design, Strategy, Social Media, Freelance.

And i need the graduate project showcase pane to show Interaction Design, Code, Multimedia etc.

I’ve read back on the earlier comments and you have mentioned that it is not possible to have more than one showcase pane. Is there any other solution to do this? Creating a child theme etc?


No, there is no way right now – we will consider adding this feature in the next update.

Hi I just download the themeforest-5026910-panes-wordpress-on-one-page

but when i try to install on wordpress i got the error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.



Thank you for purchasing Panes.

Something must have gone wrong with download or you’re trying to install/upload the wrong folder. Check this link and follow the instructions.



Hey there, first things first: Thanks for the great theme! I got a little problem with it though. I want to include a horizontal timeline in a pane. Instead of loading it into the right content-area, i would love to have an overlay which stretches over the whole browser-window (compareable to the “Just me”-effect” on this page: Link). Is there any possibility do reach something like that? Thanks for your help in advance – and keep up the good work! Greetings from Germany! Martin

Any idea how I can achieve this?

Silly question maybe but where do I find the documentation on this theme? I have already purchased it but need some help…. Looking forward to an quick answer… thanks…

Maybe someone else no where to find the documentation?


Thank you for purchasing Panes. You have to open the panes-package. There is a subfolder documentation.

Best regards, PeHaa THEMES

Thanks pehaa!

Hi! Loving the theme so far.

I have one big question/issue though. I’m building a site that is very image heavy. But when I click the images in the showcase, they are not enlarging anywhere. Help? is the URL.

I actually would prefer a pop-up lightbox to open up if that is possible rather than the bigger image below all the thumbnails. My client has hundreds of pictures (and will continually be adding more) and it isn’t a good flow to have the image open below where visitors have to scroll down so much. Or can the image be made to open ABOVE the thumbnails? Anything but down at the bottom of the list.

Also is there a way to change the color of the up/down arrows on the boxes in the panes? They are grey and look horrible in the color scheme we are trying to do.


Thanks a lot.

As for the arrows, you’ll have to modify the css (you can use theme options panel > style > custom style)
.pane-prev {background:red}
.pane-next  {background:pink}
You can customize cropping – (the images are automatically cropped by WP on upload) with a WP plugin. One already tested is Post Thumbnail Editor.



Thank you for the code to customize the arrows.

As for cropping, the issue is not thumbnails. The issue is that it is cropping the enlarged images. Horizontal images enlarge fine. But it takes my vertical images and crops them to be squares and it ruins a lot of our imagery. Is this a glitch or an intended design of the site? If it’s intended, it there a way to override it so we can have our full vertical images uncropped upon enlargement?


Yes, it’s intended, the image size is container width x 400px. If you want to display the original image, please modify single-item.php: change the line