Discussion on Pangja - Print Shop WordPress theme

Discussion on Pangja - Print Shop WordPress theme

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Masoum Purchased

How can we remove all unwanted pages? “I mean unused home pages that appear in search engines. I want to remove them.”

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! First of all you need go to WordPress and delete all pages you don’t want to appear then you can use Removals tool here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9689846?hl=en . Hope this helps! Regards!

Masoum Purchased

I get this message on my site “The theme has been updated and it did not work. Everything has been removed and installed again. We also get the same error. The message is “A critical error has occurred on the website.” And the home page was exposed to a major defect after all the sections in the demo were removed

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! Please send us your site URL & an admin account (and maybe an FTP account too) via email address harutheme@gmail.com . We’ll check it for you. Regards!


Import demo data is not properly working..

Keeping trying continue for several hours

How to fix this issue..

I sent cpanel info and admin info

Check and fix plz

Hi, Thanks for choosing our product! We have just replied to you via email. Because importing demo data will download a lot of data & images, you need to check the PHP settings of your server. If you can’t import demo data you can follow this topic: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/how-to-import-demo-data-automatic-in-harutheme/ or https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/import-demo-manual-wordpress-theme/ . Regards!

Bonjour, je n’arrive pas à modifier les couleurs du thèmes… Lorsque j’effectue un changement de couleur dans theme Option > Color les couleurs que je rajoutent ne sont pas appliqués.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! Please make sure you enable Less Compiler option. More detail please see in this topic: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/how-to-change-color-scheme-and-typography-in-harutheme/ . If you have other issue you can search on the forum for the quick solution. Here is the document: https://document.harutheme.com/pangja/ . Hope this helps! Regards!

I don’t found Less Compiler Option on the theme “Pangja – Print Shop WordPress theme”

Hi, Please check in Theme Options -> SCSS Compiler: https://prnt.sc/MhE3wxRiqZU- . Regards!

Everytime i change a category or update anything i get errors or everything goes blank on pages

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! If you changed product category you need to edit Product shortcode like this then reselect categories: https://prnt.sc/GqV8BptEoqKN . If it still doesn’t works please delete shortcode then add it again. Similar with Post categories,... Here is the document: https://document.harutheme.com/pangja/ . Support forum: https://harutheme.com/forums/forum/themes-support/pangja/ . Hope this helps! Regards!

Hello, I have a problem with the theme, the home page does not fully load anymore.

Hi, Thanks for choosing our product! First of all your support already expired from 2021 and you need to renew to continue get support: https://prnt.sc/--5MSaz8gtEJ . About your issue please make sure you updated plugins & theme to the latest version by follow this: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/how-to-update-wordpress-theme/ . Please notice at step 3 & step 4 if you changed Color Scheme. Hope this helps! Regards!

How can I change the color of the blue triangle like in the header so to fit with my brand’s color palette?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! Can you send us your current site URL and issue with screenshots? So we can check and have solution for you. You can send us an email to harutheme@gmail.com or create a topic support here: https://harutheme.com/forums/forum/themes-support/pangja/ . Regards!

My homepage is using “Haru products Ajax Category” element. I want my product to display the title in this element with shorter words, different from the singer product page, is it possible? Please support

Hi, We can’t see the product above because you may deleted it. However we see other product display tags here: https://gyazo.com/ec684f38cf1188e386cdc7401e8c7192. So it’s better if you can have a screenshot what do you want to do. Regards!

Please help me by following this link https://inphuclam.com/san-pham/in-tui-giay-gia-re-tai-cong-ty-in-phuc-lam-dich-vu-uy-tin-chat -luong/ . the

tags of the tabs tile and the

content of the article are overlapping, my

tags are not showing in the post. (I want to remove the

tag at TABS TILE and show it only at posts) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dut3mqZu9jD-LbyIlOweVQ7EX_DMTj90/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zS-ZLzk-75KoTLgLuAjCqHLY7ZnVW42Q/view?usp=sharing

Hi, We see it’s working fine on your site here: https://prnt.sc/Q072yqyx-qeq . So please clear cache and try incognito mode. If it still happen please tell ur the browser and version you are using. Regards! Also please don’t use HTML tag in your comment. Regards!

Masoum Purchased

Hi, the Klarna payment method has been added but it is not showing up on the checkout page

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! We haven’t used this plugin. However did you tested it with default WordPress theme? Can you send URL to this plugin (If free version) or send us a package via email harutheme@gmail.com and maybe your site URL & an admin account. We’ll check it for you. Regards!

Masoum Purchased

The data has been sent to your e-mail

Hi, We replied to you via email. We don’t see you set correct settings of this plugin. You can follow it here: https://docs.krokedil.com/klarna-payments-for-woocommerce/get-started/introduction/ . Hope this helps! Regards!

Hello Developer! Please inform how i can change header to a complete new one format. Header options available don’t fit my needs. Which plugin do you recommend? Thank you.

Hi, Thanks for choosing our product! Currently we have Header Layout style as in Theme Options -> Header. You can change elements display on Header by go to Header Elements section: https://gyazo.com/033926b214711bbf97e1ee04eca6fa3f . How this works please read in the document: https://document.harutheme.com/pangja/ (section 4.2). If you want to create a new layout not included in theme you need use child theme follow this topic: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/customize-wordpress-theme-using-child-theme/ . In this case you can customize template: wp-content/themes/pangja/templates/templates/header-x.php (depend on your settings at backend). Hope this helps! Regards!

Hey! Presale question, can i be able to upload my own model of phone/laptop for designing cases in designer tool?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! You can do it, admin will create a customize product at admin then customer can design product online like this: https://demo.harutheme.com/pricom/product-category/design-online/ . You can click on button Personalize to see how it works. Here is the document: https://document.harutheme.com/pricom/ (section 11). Hope this helps! Regards!

Hello, How To Set The Haru Accordion Module Default State Closed?

Hi, Please try to follow this solution: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44824366/remove-a-hash-change-in-url-while-click-event . You can add custom CSS & JS via child theme by use pangja-child theme already have in our theme package. Regards!

thank you!

You should use jQuery solution. Regards!

Hi, do i need to repurchase this item for all the plugins that came with the theme? i can’t update WPBAKERY Page Builder

Hi, Please make sure you go to Plugins -> Installed plugins then delete WPBakery then go to Appearance -> Install Plugins. You will see all plugins need to install in there. Regards!

ok great, thank you!

Thanks for your feedback! Please renew your support to continue get our answers in the future. Regards!

Hello, How to set fixed length post titles at archive page. The purpose is to make the overall layout of the articles uniform, without any difference in length?

Hi, If you want to do that you need to set fixed height of title:
.haru-archive-blog .archive-content .archive-content-layout article .post-wrapper .post-content-wrapper .post-detail .post-title {
    height: 68px;
    overflow: hidden;
@media screen and (max-width: 1199px) {
    .haru-archive-blog .archive-content .archive-content-layout article .post-wrapper .post-content-wrapper .post-detail .post-title {
        height: 58px;
@media screen and (max-width: 991px) {
    .haru-archive-blog .archive-content .archive-content-layout article .post-wrapper .post-content-wrapper .post-detail .post-title {
        height: 52px;
@media screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .haru-archive-blog .archive-content .archive-content-layout article .post-wrapper .post-content-wrapper .post-detail .post-title {
        height: 48px;
You can change height to other value to fit your works. Hope this helps! Regards!

Thank you, very good support!

Thanks for your feedback! Regards!

How can I change the language of the “read more” button on the archive page? https://inphuclam.com/bao-gia/

Hi, Thanks for choosing our product! To translate our theme to your language you can follow this topic: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/how-to-translate-wordpress-theme-or-plugin/ . In this case you need to translate Pangja theme & Haru Pangja Core plugin. Hope this helps! Regards!

Hello. Congratulations for this template you have made. I’ve been following for a long time. You still haven’t made a discount. Could you please give a discount for the prices? This price is a little high.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! 59$ is the normal price in ThemeForest. However you can send an email to harutheme@gmail.com . We can discuss more. Regards!

Ok thank you very much! I’m sending you an e-mail right now. Thanks for your interest.

Hi, We replied to you via email. Regards!

Hi, I’m trying to get on your support system but the website won’t load. The map on the contact page won’t load properly as there seems to be an issue with the api key for google maps, how can I make sure the correct key is being used?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! if you want to use Google Maps API you need to purchase it here: https://mapsplatform.google.com/pricing/ . However you don’t need to purchase it, you can use Google Map embed shortcode like this: https://prnt.sc/Z_lrl44ffLAR . Hope this helps! Regards!

Thanks, that worked very well.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hello, we add three haru-products on one page. But the product can;t be clicked and it show Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property ‘1’ on string ’’ at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (haru-shop.js?ver=6.0:525:39) at Function.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.6.0:2:3003) at s.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.6.0:2:1481) at Object.shortcodeIsotope (haru-shop.js?ver=6.0:522:43) at Object.init (haru-shop.js?ver=6.0:41:38) at HTMLDocument.init (haru-shop.js?ver=6.0:1251:38) at e (jquery.min.js?ver=3.6.0:2:30038) at t (jquery.min.js?ver=3.6.0:2:30340)

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! We have just checked Multiple Haru Product shortcode on one page and it’s working fine: https://prnt.sc/FnEjXyfSl_qA . So please make sure you updated both theme & plugins to the latest version follow this topic: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/how-to-update-wordpress-theme/ (Please notice step 3 to update Haru Pangja Core plugin). You also can use Haru Product Ajax Category shortcode if use multiple because it will not changed layout as Haru Products shortcode. Hope this helps! Regards!

Two Questions pre sale. Can i add my own mock ups and put print boundaries on them. Second question, does this work well with major print on demand service sites like printful

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! Currently our theme included WC Designer Pro (Design Online Tools) and admin can setup design online product. More detail please read in the document here: https://document.harutheme.com/pangja/ . Our Pangja theme compatible with multivendor plugin like Dokan but not styled. You can try pricom theme here for compatible with Dokan: https://themeforest.net/item/pricom-printing-company-design-services-wordpress-theme/37460687 . Hope this helps! Regards!

thanks for the quick response, want to purchase just because of that! I think you misunderstand me a bit. Looking to add a product and have the “customers” that visit our site add their customizations to it on the front end. Kinda like what teepro theme has. WIth this addition and your level of customer support. I am ready to buy 50 licenses for my clients. https://demo9.cmsmart.net/teepro_tf/home/create-your-own/?product_id=180&variation_id=0&reference=bbca0211559530738

Hi, That’s seems you want to say about design online functions for customers. You can see demo example here: https://demo.harutheme.com/pangja/product-category/design-online/ . You can try them for test to see how it works and here is the document: https://document.harutheme.com/pangja/ (section 10. WooCommerce Designer Pro). If you have other questions please feel free to contact us at anytime. Regards!

Hi, I created a new category ‘B CARDS’ in Products > Categories. But when I go to Appearance > Menus > Add menu items, I cannot find ‘B CARDS’ under Categories. Please advise

You can change this to your product IDs: 1427,65,63 separate by commas. Hope this helps! Regards!

I just want to change existing ID of same product to my preferred one. Anyway if I cannot use orderby=”product_ids”, I still cannot arrange the product placement in the menu. May I know if I can manually set the popularity by myself? And if order=”asc” command could be used?

Hi you can order by: date, rand, title, popularity, rating, price and order desc, asc. All other values not allowed. Regards!


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