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FYI – tweets dont load. Followed instructions, set API keys/secrets, checked support forums for clues. very annoying

Copy the “twitter” folder for to the root of the server.
Search within the file “plugins.js” for


And replace to

hey thanks for the reply – that worked but it shows only one tweet and doesnt rotate. I set the number to 4 in main.js and still only shows 1 static tweet

You removed your url.
Can you tell me again what it is.

hey i keep getting an error stating that I am missing stylesheets?? can anyone help

Sorry for the delay.
If you use our online forum is faster.

Can you tell me your url to be able to analyze.

i think it got it working now www.hookahdini.com i was under the impression that it was wordpress but i learned its not. thanks for the response only issue i have now is if you click on one of the tabs twice the page messes up for example click on about us then when the page loads click on about us again and you will see what happens

It really should not happen.
I’ll make a fix for this, thanks for alerting me.

Excellent product, done most of what i want but I seem unable to change the background of the contact page, and the main.css seems to effectively hide/mush this area.. possible to advise how to change it..

I have read the instructions its clear that this part is deliberately made this way..

Sorry for the delay (holiday).
If you use our forum we always have someone available to support you.
Yes, in the contact form you have the map by default.
If you wish not to have the map do not choose the template “contact”.

If you need more help, please go to our forum.

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Hi pixelthrone, this is one of this stupid questions, but sorry I could not solve the problem on my own :) Where to insert the google analytics track code? Thank you in advance.


No problem, we’re here to help.
You can change it on site options > General Settings

eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0f13di5k41

Hi, I think that is for WP version :) I have the Coming soon page.

My bad.
Edit you html file here > http://awesomescreenshot.com/0273djlk0a

Could you please tell me where to download the latest pack. The one I downloaded doesn’t work – the twitter feed says ‘loading’ but nothing comes up.

Hi the tweets are not loading even in the basic template.

which email address should i send it to?

Thanks I just emailed you using the form. Thanks so much.

I downloaded the zip from main page, is this the latest version?

I have the same problem – video background works on chrome but not on safari (www.mysteryvibe.com)

currently it shows the same site from the desktop on the iphone

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sure will do

Hi, looking to purchase for a client next week however iv just found on mobile when scrolling down the contents disappear until you take your finger off the screen. Any chance of having that fixed by next week?

We are working on fix this.
We hope to fix it soon, during the week should already be.

Is there a way to bring the email capture on the home page instead of needing to click the mailing list icon

Hi, Sorry but the html does not have this options.

Hello, can we use your [Discussion on Panic Station > Responsive Coming Soon Page] in [Maintenance Page HTML Code] field using [Magento] with [http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/store-maintenance.html] extension installed?

Appreciate quick reply, please.

I’m glad to hear that.

We have a little trouble setting up MailChimp API and List ID, could you tell us from the code for newsletter.php in which lines exactly we have to insert those codes, and do they have to have apostrophes, or something?

Also do we need to insert anything else anywhere else regarding MailChimp?

Please use our online forum.
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In folder \PACK\video we have 1st video files named: -> video.mp4 -> video.webm

How should we name the 2nd video files when we want to put multiple videos to play in loop with your maintenance page?

You can only use one video.
If you wish to have several you have to compile them in one file.

Hello, pixelthrone! Pre-buy question:

My client just loved your theme. His only concern is if the logo can be placed at the top-left of the page;

Could you please help me with this? Is it possible?

Thanks so much! :)

Penso que não tenhas nenhuma problema com isso, desde que na versão mobile ele não mude.

Sim posso ajudar-te é apenas um bocado de css.
Pede ajuda no nosso forum para podermos falar melhor. Abr.

hello pixelthrone, i’m sorry but I didn’t understand how to install this theme. I did many tests but nothing, it gives me error in css. Thanks

Hi, Sorry for the delay, I have a health problem that has left me more absent from work.

Sorry but what you purchases is not a theme, it is a html template.

Hi, I am looking at purchasing this theme but I am just wondering if it is possible for me to add my own background image instead of using the ones that come with the theme??

Many thanks Glenn

Hi, Yes you can :)

Hello, awesome template. I have some pre-purchase questions:

1) I would like to change the menu so that the menu points are placed on top of each other like here http://www.galeriebertrand.com/ 2) can I make the hover appear like here instead http://www.galeriebertrand.com/ 3) can I use a larger font for the menu points and do they have to be in capital letters? 4) does the text have to gradually move in position as the page loads, or can the text just appear instantly instead? 5) is the page content limited to appear on the lower half of the page? 6) can I move the location of the logo? 7) instead of the welcome text could I include a picture?

Sorry about all the questions! and thanks :-)

Could anyone please answer?

Sorry for the delay.
Vacation :)

Sorry but the support that I am allowed to give not include costumization.

how come the twitter feed is not coming through?

I’m afraid I do not understand.
Exists or not exists?

I have now changed to ‘null’ is still not working, still “No tweets available”

Send me your ftp to be able to analyze better.

Send using the form on the page: https://codecanyon.net/user/pixelthrone

Hi, could you help me out with Google Maps. http://allgaeu-werbung.com/index.html#contacts

I tried to get the Google Maps API, but it does not work! Tank you

Hello, I’m out of the office without access to a computer with net because I am on vacation until tomorrow. Monday I’ll answer your ticket.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please, meanwhile, create a ticket on the support site.