Pannonia - fully responsive admin template

Pannonia - fully responsive admin template

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Pannonia – a new premium admin skin based on Twitter Bootstrap framework with flexible content structure. It has 2 columns liquid structure with 3 level navigation and lots of sidebar elements. Pannonia is compatible with Bootstrap 2.3.1 version. Integrated bootstrap plugins add an extra easy to use components to custom stuff like buttons, dropdown menus, different button sizes and many other. Pannonia is a fully responsive template, which means it is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, with ability to hide sidebar. 12 columns grid for main content and widgets makes the whole template very flexible for different type of data and content.

Please, if you found any bugs, strange look or have any suggestions – don’t hesitate to let me know, i will do my best to fix those issues as soon as possible. Usual support available: Mon – Fri, 9:00 – 20:00 CET


Some features

Hide/Show sidebar and action tabs

Just click on the button on top right nav to hide/show sidebar and action tabs panel

Custom widgets

Custom widgets included.

Bootstrap components

All bootstrap components have custom styling

Advanced modals

Advanced modals functionality


3 types of icons included: FamFam icons, Glyphicons and Font Awesome.

Jquery UI components

Some of Jquery UI components included

Media elements

Layout for images/videos, with custom options bar

Navbar elements

Lots of navbar elements

Sidebar elements

Lots of sidebar widgets

Full features list

  • Liquid 2 columns responsive layout
  • Integrated Flot charts:
    • Lines
    • Bars (vertical and horizontal with tooltips)
    • Pies
    • Auto updating chart
    • Widgets with charts
  • Form elements:
    • Full set of input fields with default stylings.
    • Appended, prepended elements
    • Textareas options: characters counter and elastic
    • Tags input
    • Full set of HTML5 inputs
    • Masked inputs
    • Styled dropdowns: Uniform and Select2 plugins with options
    • Styled and unstyled checkboxes and radios
    • Stacked pills, stacked tabs
    • Radio and checkbox buttons
    • 2 directions form related buttons
    • WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor)
    • Dual multiple selects with filter feature
    • 3 forms versions: default (block), inline and horizontal
    • 2 label positions for controls
    • Fields validation
    • 3 types of wizards: with ajax submit, with standard submit, with different animation
    • Set of inputs grid
  • Components:
    • Collapsible action tabs with buttons, statistics and integrated google maps
    • jQuery sliders set
    • jQuery UI datepickers: default with input field, inline liquid, inline fixed, icon trigger, dates range
    • Color picker with options: HEX format, RGBa format, as a component.
    • Timepicker with options: with duration feature, 2 time formats
    • Set of navbar elements:
      • Collapsible wigets: opened and closed by default
      • Progress bars
      • Input fields
      • Buttons
      • Toolbar tabs
      • Pager and pagination
      • Links list with dropdowns
      • Labels and badges
      • Glyphicons, FamFam and Font Awesome icons: only icon or icons list with dropdowns
      • Caret only dropdown
      • Datepicker input
      • Checkboxes, radios
      • Simple icons list
      • Toolbar
      • Navbar form elements
      • Simple loader
    • Styled Growl like notification for success, warning, error and info messages
    • Animated gif loaders
    • Tooltip in 4 positions
  • Bootstrap components:
    • Progress bars with options
    • Left, right, top, bottom, navbar (left and right aligned), toolbar tabs with optional fade effect
    • 4 sizes pagination: left, center, right aligned
    • Pager: boxed and unboxed
    • 6 options for well element:
      • Well large
      • Well default
      • Well small
      • Well smoke
      • Well white
      • Nested wells with subtitles
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Scrollspy example
    • Accordions and toggles
    • Labels and badges
    • Alerts in 4 colors: line notifications, block notifications, general top notifications
    • Popovers in 4 directions
    • Modals:
      • Alert, confirm and prompt dialogs
      • Multiple dialogs
      • Programmatic close
      • Generic modal
      • Dynamic content
      • With iconified buttons
      • Override alert and confirm icons
      • Callbacks
      • Prompt with default value
    • Buttons and icons:
      • 8 default button colors
      • 5 button sizes: block with 100% width, large, default medium, small, mini
      • Vertical and horizontal button groups
      • Button dropdowns: top and bottom directions, splitted and standard
      • With icons: Font Awesome, FamFam and Glyphicons
      • Font Awesome, FamFam and Glyphicon icons
    • Basic and advanced thumbnails
  • 12 columns responsive content grid with offset
  • Charts:
    • Default line chart
    • Vertical and horizontal bars
    • Pie chart
    • Auto updating chart
    • Sidebar line chart and horizontal/vertical bars
    • Custom widgets with charts
  • Calendar with schedule
  • Tables:
    • Default without side borders
    • Striped table
    • Bordered table
    • Bordered table inside content
    • Hover class
    • Condensed table
    • Datatable
    • Table with footer
    • Table with gradient
    • Table with checkboxes
    • Table with toolbar
    • Tabbed table
  • Error pages:
    • 403 error
    • 404 error
    • 405 error
    • 500 error
    • 503 error
    • Website is offline
  • Typography:
    • Headings and default css stylings
    • Syntax highlighter
    • Left and right blockquotes
    • Emphasys styles
    • 8 default list styles
    • Horizontal and vertical descriptions
  • File manipulations:
    • File manager
    • Multiple file uploader with drag and drop functions
  • Page with media elements


Demo images by FreebiesBug


Version 1.0 released

Version 1.0.1 released

  • Fixed checkboxes issue which didn’t work inside table
  • Fixed word wrapping issue in footer and breadcrumb links

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