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very nice template eugene :)


Thank you :)

Hey, really good work! Original!

Thanks! ;)

your design is always great!!! wish you huge sales as all your other items !!!!

Thank you so much!

Great Design , Good luck with Sales


Argh noooo, I’m going to buy another one of your themes aren’t I… Awesome job, looks beautiful!

Thanks, i appreciate ;)

Hi, I’m interested in themes like this one but i’m not familiar with twitter bootstrap and frankly I have no idea what I’d do with this theme if I bought it! So I was wondering If perhaps you had links to articles/tutorials kind of thing? I would be grateful!


You can read about Twitter Bootstrap here.

This is a template for backend panels, like billing, hosting, control panels, different web apps etc. It will require additional development as this is just an HTML/CSS template with extended JS functionality and implemented plugins

Your themes are always amazing. This one is now my fav. Sure I’ll be buying it soon. Good work!

Thank you so much!

This is a great template, but i don`t see a login page template, do you have one or could you make one please?

There is a login page, i just didn’t include a link to it. Try login.html page

Love it! Nice job :)

Thanks! ;)

Kopyov duuuude, another one? Damn, it’s pretty…I’ll have to buy this one to

Yep, another and not the last one :) Thanks!

loving the theme! can we request for Less / Sass file instead of CSS?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but will add it a bit later for sure. Thanks

Nice work Kopyov! GLWS :)

Thank you Xaver!

Woohooo Eugene! This is amazing! Great work, my friend! :)

Thanks, my friend ;)

I like it much, but want Dashboard links on the top, for easy navigation of the users. As we are having so many thing on the right sidebar and New visit and My balance graph bar the right sidebar… Please reply if you can provide me with these changes or you will update your dashboard as having very bad user navigation things… apart from good GUI… I need it for my B2B portal users :)....

Sorry, but i don’t understand what you need. You want to use horizontal navigation instead of vertical inside sidebar?

do you have skype id… please give me that if given below details will not give you full understanding….

What your theme is having :- A.Right sidebar: 1. Having Image,New users,New orders,New messages 2. Then Users,Orders,Visits 3. Dashboard Navigation.

B.On the Left Hand Side You have: 1. At the top New Visit and My balance. 2. Then you have action tabs 3. Search bar 4. Dashboard.

=======What i want 1. I want A.3. Dashboard navigation on the top of the page (Horizontal) but above breadcrumb but full bar. 2. And B.1. New Visit, My balance graph at the left side bar. 3. And Search Bar at the left Sidebar.

This is what i want :)....

I believe you will need to make custom modifications to fit your requirements. Unfortunately i am not available for any custom work at the moment.


Nice theme @Kopyov

Thank you!

Simply Amazing!


Good work as usual :)

Thank you ;)

Loving it! May I request Scss / Less file too for upcoming update? That will be even awesome!

I will try to add it in the next update ;)


Hi Kopyov, Great job! Form elements do not behave/look-like bootstrap no on-focus highlight for example, will integrating anything bootstrap related (plugins, extensions, etc..) cause a problem?


That’s the point :) I don’t want to post template which looks like default bootstrap theme. You can add or change whatever you like, because class names are the same