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I can’t make the menus collapse, I think there’s something wrong then I use it with SSL. I’ve changed all the javascript sources to https but still no luck.

Can you take a look at it?

It’s a private system, can you send me an email to mario[AT]bexmeta[DOT]com

Excelent support!, Thanks a lot! The problem was not SSL related but a missing class=”expand” in the menu link

You’re always welcome ;)

Hi, Great work !! awesome template ! I have just one question : - I can’t see any login page ? did you forget it ?

Regards, Aymen Fnayou


There is a login page, i just didn’t include a link to it. You can see it here

Great ! Awesome Work, I’m also SkyDeveloppeurs (username) and I purchase all your theme !!

Really Good Job !! Keep ahead ;)

Thank you! ;)

I have not bought this, yet. However I felted compelled to say this is one of the better admin templates I have seen here.

Well done and good luck in sales!!

Thank you so much! ;)

Great template. I have one issue of whenever I used styled in the class, it doubles up the element. It does this on the file selector, and select selector.

Any suggestions?

Can I send you the URL privately?

Yes, please use a form on my profile page. Thanks :)

I had the uniform js twice on my site. Thanks for the quick response. Great theme.

“tags with autocomplete” doesn’t work in the demo on themeforest or in the admin template that I downloaded. Any advice?

Hi. Sorry, i forgot setup the on live preview :(

This is how you can setup them in your server:

   'autocomplete_url': url_to_autocomplete_api,
   'autocomplete': { option: value, option: value},
You can use one of these 2 options – load external file with autocomplete entries or use them directly in js. Example page is inside the package – tags_autocomplete.html


So !@#$ awesome :)

Thanks! :)

Hi There,

Where exactly can i change the information in the calendar? I have been looking for quite a while, but didn’t find it yet. Hope you can answer me soon. Thanx!!

All calendar items you can edit in js/files/functions.js file

Ok thanx! I have to add many calendar items in advance, in different months. I have found out how to add them in this month, but how to add them in next months? When i just copy and paste new items, the calendar doesn’t work anymore… Can you briefly explain how this calendar script works? Is it just adding from a specific date? Or can i somehow fill in the exact date? Hope this question is not too hard to answer.

This is what i found. Please refer to full documentation of fullcalendar plugin ;)

Hey is it possible to show a special div from the side navigation? When i try it via a link “example.php#mydiv” the browser scrolls automatically down and the top div will “hide”. You have another idea?

Hey, on the left side is use the ” class=”tabs-nav two-items” ”, the first one with the div = az and the second one with the div = wiki. When i click wiki and after that a link the new page is loading, but the first item called az is shown. When i change the link in the div = wiki to “example.php#wiki” the page scrolls down and the div = top is “hidden” because the page scrolls down.

Ohh, sorry, i see. Seems like general plugin issue. Please give me some time to find a solution. I will let you know once it will be fixed.


Yes, correct, doublechecked.

Something is wrong with hash update. If you’re turning it off, everything works fine. Plugin developer already knows about this issue and everybody wait for code update.


Few questions…

Would it be straight forward to separate the bootstrap css in main.css from the customized styles? I’m not sure if the bootstrap styles were modified from source or if new styles were just appended.

Aside from the name of the file, I’m also noticing some style differences between bootstrap.css in the demo and the packaged main.css. The differences I noticed were in the list anchors. For example compare the differences in this style between the files:

bootstrap.css .alt-buttons > li > a { color: #555; white-space: nowrap; padding: 6px 12px 5px 12px; line-height: 21px; display: inline-block; border-left: 1px solid #fcfcfc; border-right: 1px solid #fcfcfc; }

main.css .alt-buttons > li > a { color: #555; padding: 6px 12px 5px 12px; line-height: 21px; display: inline-block; border-left: 1px solid #fcfcfc; border-right: 1px solid #fcfcfc; }

The specific difference in that style and also in ”.footer-links li a” is the lack of “white-space: nowrap;” which leads to some problematic wrapping.

Are the packaged files slightly out of date? Also if there were less files appended to the bootstrap instead of modification of the bootstrap source, would we be able to get those? I’m mainly trying to figure out whether I could reuse the existing 2.3.1 bootstrap files on my site for pages that won’t be using this theme or if I should just scratch that idea and use your files as is without the files retrieved straight from bootstrap.

Wow thanks for the quick reply!

That bootstrap explanation makes sense. I was just figuring out how I should approach implementation and you answered that.

The lack of nowrap on the downloaded copy that I got resulted in some visual issues on chrome as seen below:

http://i.imgur.com/GUMzBOo.png http://i.imgur.com/IxhLHGA.png

I didn’t see those same issues on the demo version which is why I had asked.

Thanks for the quick replies and for making an awesome theme!

Yeah, i got the same feedback a few days ago about this issue with footer links, the same appears sometimes on top fixed bar, adding white-space: nowrap; fixes everything, but the problem was i didn’t see it on my workstation :) I will upload an update within next 2 days

I suppose I should have looked at some of the past comments then :-)

Well keep up the good work!

A very quick question that is taking me so much time to figure out..

I have this HTML5 input date, that shows mm/dd/yyyy

Works fine, but I need it in this format:


I look in Functions.js but I cant solve it.

As far as i know it uses your local date format. Please refer to this page for more info

Hello, I like this theme a lot. I saw that you include the PSD too. I would like to know, in your opinion, having the PSD would be possible to port this theme to a native iOS application?

PSD’s aren’t full in this template, only general concept and UI elements. But i think you can use them in your design ;)

Hi, I bought this theme but some of the checkboxes arent working in Chrome (ver. 26.0.1410.65). Works fine in Firefox. This is the problem page: http://kopyov.com/demo/pannonia/tables.html

But surprisingly the form and sidebar checkboxes work. It doesnt work without the <label> wrapper Can you provide a fix?

I also bought your aquincum template and that 1 works well with Chrome.


I know about this issue, will be solved within a coulple of days ;) Thanks!

Love your work! Definitely appreciate your meticulousness and attention to detail. Do you plan on updating to the latest jQuery version anytime soon?

Thanks for your kind words! Jquery version will be updated to the latest one when i’ll make sure all plugins support it. Unfortunately not all of them support v1.9+ for now :(


There doesn’t seem to be a difference in color between btn-info and btn-primary. It may just be me, I feel like I’m going crazy. Would you mind taking a look?

I see 2 different colors, the same as on my image :)

Thanks for looking into it. In the demo, compare the colors of your index.html to your blank.html. Are they different? The colors on the index seem more vibrant to me.

They are the same, they have the same css file with button styles, only html and js code is different

Looks brilliant! Definitely going to buy this soon!

Could you tell me what all pages it includes? Does it include login page as well?

Hi. Of course, login page is included, you can see it live here.

All pages that you see on live demo are included to the package :)

oh Superb! Thanks. :)


This theme has a login / forgot passaword page template?


of course, check it here

Is is possible to have a lighter header for the logo instead of the default dark?

Of course, just edit styles in main.css file related to #top and .fixed – change background, link colors, images.

Hi. Great theme. I can’t work out how to change the width of styled selects.

http://demo.kopyov.com/pannonia/tables.html shows a narrow ‘show entries’ select box containing 10, 25, 50 & 100 options… this is nicely narrow… but I can’t work out how to style my own selects in the same way – they appear to have a minimum width much wider than this.

Any thoughts? I’m using these selects as form filters at the top of the page, so they need to be narrow :)

Thanks for your work on this Dave

could you please show me your page? I’ll check what’s wrong

Sorry, my mistake. narrow-dropdown in that case will be applied to select, not to the parent div. Wrap select in div with narrow-dropdown class:
<div class="narrow-dropdown">
    <select> ... </select>
or add it to .controls:
<div class="controls narrow-dropdown">
    <select> ... </select>
and add this code to main.css file:
.narrow-dropdown .selector { min-width: 0; }
It works, just checked :)

Worked a treat – thanks :)

Hi again. I’m looking to create a dialog (ie popup) with content from another URL.

Many of the dialog examples in the docs are designed to load pre-exsiting content into a modal box.

If we want to load HTML from another URL and embed it inside a modal / popup / dialog, what would you recommend to complement your great template?


Unfortunately this feature is in the todo list of plugin devs. By default it supports loading images, but i haven’t tried to load remote data. I will try to come up with some solution asap.


Thanks for this reply. I found what I was looking for in Fancybox, which is all part of your theme already:

<a class="various fancybox.ajax" href="/another_url/url.php">

With the following added to functions.js:

        maxWidth    : 800,
        maxHeight    : 600,
        fitToView    : false,
        width        : '70%',
        height        : '70%',
        autoSize    : false,
        closeClick    : false,
        openEffect    : 'none',
        closeEffect    : 'none'

This is all I needed to do to turn a standard into one which loads its content in a dialog.


haha, didn’t expect such solution with fancybox :) Glad your issue was solved!

I’m getting along really nicely with your theme and am likely to buy it for a number of my clients.

A quick question about form elements, if you don’t mind: http://demo.kopyov.com/pannonia/forms.html

There are lots of examples on this page, but not one which shows a form row containing only text (ie no inputs).

I want to do this because some form elements on my site are locked and I don’t want to display them even in read-only mode. But I do want to display the information.

So for a standard <input> we have:

<div class="control-group">
    <label class="control-label">Label here:</label>
    <div class="controls">
        <input type="text" class="styled">

I’m looking to display only the data rather than the input, but this doesn’t quite work:

<div class="control-group">
    <label class="control-label">Label here:</label>
    <div class="controls">
        Value of the input goes here

The input value doesn’t quite line-up with the label… :(

Do you have any suggestions for best practice before I roll this out across my site?


You’re always welcome :)

To anyone else looking at this theme, it’s a dream to implement. I’m uprating one of my sites from the Adminus theme and this Pannonia theme gives a lot of flexibility and control. I am a very happy back-end developer :)

Thank you for kind words! :)