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Hi. Quick question – is there anything in this template that handles <select multiple=”true”> widgets by creating two separate lists – a ‘selected’ list and an ‘unselected’ list.

I’m looking for something like http://codecanyon.net/item/zendoublelistwidget/full_screen_preview/125010 but a little more stylish and compatible with this century :)


Yeah, check “Dual selects” on Forms page :)

Thanks for the reply. I did look at that but it looks like there’s quite a bit of work to do server-side to serve up the two lists. The Zen double list transforms standard <select multiple=”true”> widgets into a double list widget, without anything else needed.

I’m left wondering whether I’m the only developer that needs this kind of thing :)

OK, this one works for me :)http://loudev.com/

Hi there,

Do any PSD files come with this theme?

Many thanks.


Yes, but only general concept and some UI stuff. Unfortunately psd’s aren’t complete, because 90% of design was made in browser

I have a client that wants to use this template for a portal, that allows the customers who buy their products to login, in order to monitor the product’s performance. There will be a few systems that are public, but most will be private, and only available to the customer who purchased. Everyone’s system data would be dynamically loaded into this template, would I need to purchase the Extended License for this application?

Thanks, I hope my question was clear.

Thanks! In that case i believe you’ll need an extended license: “Use in an end product that’s sold (more than one end user allowed)”. But you can contact Envato support for detailed clarification.

Ok. Thanks for the help. Great work by the way!

Thank you! :)

Can an additional right-hand sidebar be added to this template, that rolls up into the left-hand bar when responsively needed? I have an intranet site with a 3-column layout (that may need to stay that way for desktop users)

Hmm, in theory yes, it can be added. But i didn’t try to make such layout. It will require additional changes in layout structure and css code. Just try to apply mirror changes, like change left floats for sidebar to right, side padding etc. it should work this way, but for responsiveness i am not sure what exactly need to be changed or added since i don’t know the best solution for changing sidebar position

Done. Added a #sidebar2 and made appropriate changes in the .html file, main.css and functions.js, and seems to work great! Will need to vet for conflicts from any other locations, but looks like a great start. Thanks—this is an amazing template.

Great, glad it worked! Thanks :)


I’ve looked through the examples page, but can’t find a popup menu implemented anywhere.

Can you pls let me know whether or not there’s any popup menu implementation, so that a list of options can popup when someone clicks on some in-page text?



If you mean dropdowns/dropups, you can find them on components.html page: navbar elements and buttons with dropdowns. Or refer to this page for default bootstrap dropdowns markup.


What a wonderful item. So damn easy to work on. 5 Stars from me.

Thank you so much!

Hi i just have a quick question, im trying to find drag and drop sorting, do you have it in this skin. thanks in advance.

Unfortunately i didn’t add such function, sorry. Only collapsible widgets. But you can add it yourself, just use standard jquery ui sorting. Thanks

I’m struggling to work out when one would use class=”row-fluid” and when one wouldn’t. Could you give any clarification of when you would use div class=”widget row-fluid” instead of just div class=”widget”?

Thanks for this. Dave

Hi Dave

class=”row-fluid” is required if you have a grid elements inside it, like if you use 3 columns in 1 row, you need to use
<div class="row-fluid">
   <div class="span4">...</div>
   <div class="span4">...</div>
   <div class="span4">...</div>
and you can use both
<div class="widget row-fluid">
<div class="widget">
   <div class="row-fluid">

Hi~ I Have Buy this web jquery in (Repeat password) is error can you help?

Well, it must be ?<input id=”Password”>, and I put it into a <asp: TextBox ID =” Password “?so it can not. Thank you ^ ^

Sorry, didn’t get you. It was fixed or still not?

it’s alright, Thank you^^


I noticed that dropdown buttons (

    ) in the head of a widget element don’t work in IE8…can you help me please?

    Thanks, bye!

Hi, this page http://demo.kopyov.com/pannonia/forms.html under widget named “Unstyled form components” the usual selects appear with text not aligned in the middle…only on Firefox!


Ah, i see now. You can use padding: 6px; instead of padding: 0; for select styling, in main.css file

Thanks, it works! Bye.


i really like this template but i miss those iphone like switches as you can see in other templates.

Could you add them?


If you need them, i can send you the code ;)

How can I give a widet an I’d. When I do it breaks the javascript

can you show me your page so i can check?

I am basicly just trying to uniquely identify each widget so that I can target it in a AJAX post back. As soon as I give it a Widget class an ID it breaks the features of the datatable.

please check id=”data-table” for the table, this id initializes datatables plugin, you need to change it to class and then use your code for id, because you’ll get 2 id’s for 1 table


I just purchased this template. Very impressive and sleek design. The code is very clean and well organized.

I have a question: In the package, in CSS folder, I do not see bootstrap CSS files. Do I need to download and install them separately?

If yes, What version of bootstrap should I install?

Hi there. style.css file contains all bootstrap styles. I didn’t separate bootstrap and layout styles and used 1 combined file instead. No need to install anything, everything is in there

Loving the theme. I have a project in dev and I’m not understanding the uniform implementation with checkboxes. I want to check all the checkboxes in the table with a master check. It’s somewhat working from a DOM point of view, the form says its checked but no check box appears because the “uniform” span’s class is not being set to checked. Got a hint for me?

it depends on your code. Usually to update your values dynamically, you need to call
function. In my previous templates i used this code which doesn’t require updating:
    //===== Check all checbboxes =====//

    $("#select-all thead tr th:first-child input:checkbox").click(function() {
        var checkedStatus = this.checked;
        $("#select-all tbody tr td:first-child input:checkbox").each(function() {
            this.checked = checkedStatus;
                if (checkedStatus == this.checked) {
                    $(this).closest('.checker > span').removeClass('checked');
                    $(this).closest('table tbody tr').removeClass('row-checked');
                if (this.checked) {
                    $(this).closest('.checker > span').addClass('checked');
                    $(this).closest('table tbody tr').addClass('row-checked');

    $('#select-all tbody tr td:first-child input[type=checkbox]').change(function() {
        $(this).closest('tr').toggleClass("row-checked", this.checked);

If that makes sense :)

I’m just about to buy this theme again for another client project – it’s very very good :)

I’m hoping to use the calendar widgets on this new site, but see a small problem on http://demo.kopyov.com/pannonia/calendar.html

The month / week / day options in the top nav for the calendar widget are not aligned correctly under Firefox 22.0 on Windows 7. I wondered whether this was a known problem?

Thanks Dave

Hi. A quick fix is
.fc-header-right .fc-button { float: left; } 
Just add this code anywhere in css file, should fix the problem.


Is it easy to customized the sections in the dashboard, while maintaining the responsive media queries? In other words, will I screw up the dashboard if i add tables, grids, etc with the appropriate styles in the dashboard?

of course, layout is fully based on 12 columns grid, you can move or change any widgets inside tables ;)

What is the no_action_tabs.html page supposed to show different ? I still see tha action tabs visible.

Is there any way to make the action tabs panel to be collapsed by default on page load ?

No actions tabs should have only 1 line of content (statistics by default) without tabs at the bottom. Sorry, my bad, missed it in the package, uploading an update right now.

Regarding closed by default – yes, just add hide class to actions-wrapper
div class="actions-wrapper hide" 


can I use dialog with query UI instead of bootstrap? Is there an example on the demo files?

I also saw that u released a new upgrade, can u please update tha changelog to know what is changed?

Thank u, bye.


Well, you can, but you need to style it if you need to. I mean i didn’t include jqueryUI dialog styles, only bootstrap.

Yes, will do it today. That update has a minor changes in 1 html page only – page without action tabs, there was a wrong code.



There are bit serious issues with MVC4. I have taken your index page after removing majority of components as the layout page without removinf any js or style sheet references… But Tries to render it gives nuber of errors. Also referring to online google api.. is a majour problem… Three level menu not working properly when I remove google reference


I think you removed only paths to js files, you also need to remove plugin loaders in custom.js file.

It’s up to you to use local jquery versions or include links to google hosts.

Do you have any errors in html code only?

thanks friend, I have not noticed that you have answered this question before.. Every thing is working smoothly so far, I have another issue related to aquincum, I’ll post that issue under aquincum. thanks for the prompt reply

Rocking! Admirable admin theme dude!

Thank you!

Hey, i saw the information about the last update “22 July 13”, but i didn’t get an email, is it still Version 1.0.1?

Hey. It’s a very minor update, i updated only html code on page without action tabs, in the package it was incorrect. Sorry for inconvenience