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Hi. I’m just about to buy another copy of this for another project – it has been a dream to use so far :)

For this new project the client would like the sidebar on the left to scroll down as the browser scrolls down, so that the sidebar is always visible, regardless of where the user scrolls to vertically.

Is this behaviour already part of the build? For long pages there is a sidebar-sized gap on the lefthand side, so I’m hoping that it’s easy to get the sidebar to slide down into this space when the user scrolls down (and back up again).

Any thoughts? Dave

Hi Dave. Basically it can be done, but by default left sidebar is static, because it has some additional widgets. You can try to do the following: add position: fixed; overflow: auto; max-height: 100%; to #sidebar {} and add margin-left: 253px; to #content {}. But i think would be better to add a custom scrollbar plugin for the sidebar, something like slimScroll.


Ok so I was looking at this template, and I LOVE it, it looks awesome. but I did notice in the demo that in firefox I get a bunch of weird boxes where the icons should go. Is there a version that works on firefox?

Hi. Thanks for your interest. That’s weird, i just checked in FF 24.0 and everything looks fine. Which version are you using?

hmmm I’m using FF24 as well… [SOLVED] It is a setting in firefox “Allow sites to chose their own font”

I need the “Selectable” list. Like: [ http://jqueryui.com/selectable/ ] Is it available here? Though, I have purchased this template.

If I use the code from that api, the jQuery version is conflicting i think because many of the UI is broken if i change the jQuery and jQuery-Ui version.

Fixed it

I just realized you have released version 1.2. The Changelog states that it’s just a Bootstrap update to 2.3.2. Since I’ve made some personalizations I don’t want to replace all directory.

Which file(s) do I have to replace? Only bootstrap.min ?

Thanks in advance!

You need to replace bootstrap.min.js, only this file was updated.


I just downloaded the package again and I realized that, at leat the no_breadcrumbs file differs from the live demo version.

Is the themeforest package file updated?

Ohh, i’m sorry, my bad, forgot to update the page. I’ll push an update tomorrow with the correct page.


Hello friend, I need to buy your template for file management section, but in the page demo displays an error. I will leave that mistake if I buy a template?

hello. No, both file managers are working fine, but in live preview it’s just turned off. The package contains a working and styled version.




My apologies for commenting here for the Amsterdam Theme. Needed a reply at the earliest and that’s why mentioning here.

The pop-up option that you have provided (modal), when we click on the outside (dark) section it closes. Could you please tell us exactly which code is prompting that trigger. We need to add an Ajax code their to fetch data.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, do you have an e-mailadres where I can reach you?

I have a question for which I would like to explain my problem via a screenshot, since it will be easier.

Kind regards, Wesley

sure, you can contact me through my profile page here. Or direct email = e.kopyov[at]gmail[dot]com Thanks

I have used “Styled select with search”, I want to reset it (clear selected) with some function. Can you please let me know from where I can get this function. I know there is a function to reset it because that function is being used on clicking the cross icon of “Clear Result” select box.

allowClear: true
is responsible for that. You need to add it to plugin options in functions.js

[SOLVED] Thanks! Its working now.


Para que la ventana pop-up no se cierre al dar click afuera de ella, deben abrirla con lo siguiente:

$(”#ventana”).modal({ backdrop: “static” });

Saludos a todos.


are you planning an Update within the next months? Because i need a timeline, otherwise i try to write it on my own.



Yes, i’m planning to add BS3 support as soon as i have a free time.


Thanks, haven’t had an ability to check it on Samsung smartphones yet. But definitely will do!

I’m waiting for it urgently , please send me when tou finish , I have ticket #GDW-432-53126 , thanks

What browser are you using?

Hi sir, can you upgrade this to Bootstrap 3.0 soon? I’ve been waiting a while! I hope to get the update when you do it, it shouldn’t take that long I would assume it takes 30 mins.

Unfortunately it takes much more time :( Trying to find enough time for it, should be available soon.

Sorry for delay.

Please do this soon! You will be rewarded! While you’re at it could you also upgrade the jQuery to the latest version? I would GREATLY appreciate an update of this kind soon.

I am willing to even buy again with these updates complete even though I don’t need to.

Are you planning on adding in remote loading of content for modals? I’ve purchased this theme but didn’t realize that this was not a feature.

Cool theme, I’m going to wait a few before buying it because I need Bootstrap 3. I saw other comments back from 2 months + ago asking for this change. When is this expected? Please give me a solid time frame as I need a BS 3 theme. Thank you!

Hi, Our company has bought this Template, but i am facing problem when i try to add select input or any input like file upload with styled class.

When i add these controls dynamically and apply the Class “styled” but it does not apply . I am using addClass() method but nothing applied ..

So could you just help me how to resolve this Problem ??

Is this theme compatible with wordpress or Joomla?

No, it isn’t compatible as it is, it requires additional development since this template is html/css/js only and doesn’t have any dynamic code.


I can’t get the File Manager to work? Is there something special that needs to be done besides the paths in connector.php? Error I’m getting is: “Readable volumes not available.”

Fixed that error with the absolute path but now i’m getting error saying “Invalid backend response.Data is not JSON.”

Check your “path” and “url” paths in connector.php file, should work if paths are correct. Otherwise please send me a link to your page or email me your connector.php file, i’ll check what’s wrong there.

Got it working, thanks!

Hi Kopyov and congratulations for this great theme ! Just a question, when we reduce the sidebar, the main page is perfectly resized at 100%. But when we expand it, the main page is not resized and goes out the right side of the browser window. Have you got a solution to re-adapt the width at its initial size ? Thanks a lot for your answer !

In fact, it’s normal, I read a little better your documentation :-). That occurs when the width is smaller than 1025px (the sidebar is hidden). How can I change this value to show the sidebar on screens which have a width resolution at 1024px (ipad for example) ?

Aha, i see :)

You need to edit media queries in css file. Please find
@media (max-width: 1024px) {...}
and change 1024px to any value, should work this way.


Ok, thanks a lot !