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Really love this email template, I would purchase it but i reaaly dont like the colors, is it possible to get any other lkind of colors? Regards, Vik

You can change the colors yourself, if you have dreamweaver and Photoshop your ready to rock :) thanks for the interest

Sounds good, thanks! ;)

Can I also chane buy now buttons in psd? I think I’m so buying this template :))

You sure can :)

I bought it yahooo! :) Thanks P.S. So if I edit it in Psd then afterwords I save it and then what?

Do I have to edit the png file or psd?

Open the psd change the Color save as a png with the same name then place that new png in the images folder, it will ask you if you want to overwrite if you’ve named it correctly click yes overwrite and you now have updated buttons :)

To edit them I have to open the files that are under the Master graphics folder right?

I dont know how to change the background color buttons pixtures and stuff like that got it

you need to use photoshop to change the master graphics


I am happy with that purchase. I would have appreciated to get the psd file of “Buy Now” button. That way I could put easily “More info” or “Read more” ... Can we get this additional file ? Thank you for your feedback.



No problem contact me direct with your email

Love the look of this. Can it be used with mailchimp?

Thanks :)

Ive havent tested it, however I dont see any reason why not :)

Would you be willing to test it at all?

I have had issues with a few templates and mailchimp and would hate to purchase to find out it wont work


Ill have a look, at some point over the weekend and get back to you. just abit busy at the moment


Ill have a look, at some point over the weekend and get back to you. just abit busy at the moment



Any luck with mailchimp?

Can you also confirm if this would work in Swift Page, ACT Emarketing

Im guessing most of these will be the same sort of format


Still haven’t had a chance to check yet, I’ll try and look into this tomorrow

I am also wondering if this will work with MailChimp before I buy. Did anyone find out?

Will this work with sendblaster aLSO?

Not having much luck with this in sugar on demand, any hints or ideas? Basically it’s not formatting correctly and is all over the place.

Update, if you are having trouble copying and pasting the source directly open it in “composer” or another html editing program (note pad didn’t work for me) and then put the code into your email service.

I am using Act-On and am trying to set up style “a” as a template. When I paste the code into the HTML editor, the view is all over the place. The header is to the far right as well as the text copy (Header One, Header Two, and Header Three).

I’m not sure how to correct this. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi -are the email templates compatible with Sendblaster ?