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I have a big 27” screen and the left image is sort of cut short of the left panel. A big grey space. I think it is better to use VH (view height) css calculations to get this right. Without this done the theme looks unfinished.

Thanks for reporting mcollins! I’ll try and fix it.

A pre-sales question regarding the overlap of type elements. When viewing the theme at 100% the newer/older posts overlaps the meta, and on the archive page the layout/type seems cleaner/more readable in 75 or 90%

Is this a bug that you could look into fixing?

Otherwise, this is a beautiful theme and we’d be excited to get our hands on it. Thank you for your time and efforts!

Hey hfxmoves,

I don’t know if I’m understanding this correctly. Indeed, there’s an overlap (not literally an overlap, but the texts are really close to each other) when the “Newer x Older” section is too big to fit on the same line with the rest of the meta.

What I’m actually understanding is that you might be interested in customizing the font sizes for the theme, to the ones that you can see when you zoom out to 75% or 90%. This is possible to do, and it’s easily done by one of my partners at Elto, but I can’t do it myself, as customizations are not covered by the free theme support policy.

If you have any other questions, I’ll be more than glad to answer them!


Thanks for your reply. Yes the newer older posts are too close and didn’t match the screenshoot of the Paper theme so we assumed it was a bug. We also thought the line break in “breakthrough” (content title) was part of the bug but earlier comments show that was intentional design. Thank you for the referral :)

You’re welcome!

If you ever have any more questions, please ask! :) I’ll be happy to help!


I just bought the theme. Congratulations for making it such nice and clean!

Like mcollins, that grey area under the featured image on the left is bothering me a lot. I am no expert in CSS, but will research further. However, I realized that Wordpress seems to scale the images down from 1200×1200 to 1000×1000. It happens as well in the live demo you did set up, where this image is shown:


... instead of this (the original one, I assume):


Any clues on how to get rid of this resizing and/or deal with the grey gap? It is really annoying…


Apparently, there’s a function under the theme’s functions.php that resizes images automatically:

Line 77 – add_image_size(‘thumbnail-blog’, 1000, 1000, false);

That seems to clash with the recommended size for the background image (1200×1200). Changing to ‘1000’ value to something bigger (I did mine to 1500) gets rid of the automatic resizing, and gets rid of the grey gap on most screens.

Hello. Does the main font support Cyrillic?

No, unfortunately not.


m41k Purchased

Hi, it possible to have sidebar on left?

Hi m41k,

Thanks a lot for purchasing one of my themes!

Unfortunately, this is not possible out of the box and would imply some customizations. I would recommend using a freelancer or services like the one from Envato Studio.

If you have any other questions related to the theme, feel free to use http://icypixels.com/support/


Is there a full width template on this theme? For example a page template that does not include the image to the left and has just the content full width?

No, unfortunately not :)


Does this theme support the latest version of WordPress?

Thank you.

Hi there strawberryfusion,

Yes, it sure does :) And it will always be.


Hi Paul,

I just bought this nice template, unfortunately its not correctly responding to our mobile phone (Iphone and Samsung) and when i adjust my pagescreen on the laptop. The menu bar on the right slides behind the grey page that is on the left in full view, but at the top in smaller view.

I can send you a print screen, but i geuss i’m not the first with this problem?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


Hi Cammy,

Please jump in on http://icypixels.com/support/ . I’ll try to better help you there, as I do not check item comments on Envato so often.

Also, some screenshots would be handy, with more details about the devices. It worked and still works just fine on my HTC One M8.


I love this one, Paul. Good job! :)

Thanks a lot, buddy! :) Glad to see you around! Keep pushing beautifully simple & honest WordPress themes, mate. We’ll lead the revolution :D .

Hi Paul,

I’m very ready to buy this theme. However I have found an issue testing the live preview on my phone. When I click on the menu it opens up and scrolls nicely. However, I am unable to exit the menu as the X button to close the menu gets pushed too far to the left so I cannot access it in order to close the menu. Can you please tell me if the Menu and X buttons can be repositioned through code so that I can move them further to the right so I can access them in order to toggle back and forth to open and close the menu? I very much hope to hear from you soon as I’d like to purchase right away! Cheers, Alex

Couple of questions here:

Can PAPER handle a larger number of stories that are posted as pages? Main thing I’m worried about is categories and navigation – while I love the looks of your theme, I’m really not that happy with its stickiness. Once people are done reading one text, there’s not much at all inviting them to stick around and read another text.

Also, can your theme be used to publish an entire novel as well? There’s a very similar theme on Themeforest called RAIN which can do just that (including a nice table of contents) – but for some reason, it isn’t suitable for smaller texts. I really don’t feel like buying too almost identical themes just to be able to accommodate texts of different length.


PS: Navigation on the left also seems to break if the title is too long: http://paper.icypixels.com/2014/02/15/the-influence-of-great-design-on-product-sales/

...at least with a 1440×900 resolution.

PPS: Tags also lack a label on the left: http://paper.icypixels.com/tag/odissey/

I’m about to buy! Just have one question. Is there a way to make the category list go from newest to oldest?

Hi CoffeeandTeaco,

I’m sorry for not responding in time, but the ThemeForest comments is not something that I check regularly, because I have a dedicated platform setup for questions and support on http://icypixels.com/support/

I guess I should start checking more often, so I will avoid situations like this.

Thank you for your understanding.


Hi there, what do I need to do to get my questions answered? I’ve been using the support ticket system, nothing happens. Tried again a week ago, still nothing. Can you please get back to me so I can start using the template?

Thanks, Oliver

Hello there everyone,

a new update has been dispatched and should be available soon in your Downloads section on ThemeForest, or your WordPress dashboard if you are using something like the Envato Toolkit plugin for theme/plugin updates.

Some details about what’s inside (mainly small cosmetic and usability, UX improvements):

  • Converted to 100% GPL license. – Now you can use the theme you purchase on an unlimited number of websites and make any use of the theme according to the GPL license.
  • Improved the usability of the theme on mobiles (on certain resolutions, like iPhone 4, the close button for the sidemenu was unreachable). Improved the UX of the sidemenu, removed JS solutions with a more clean, standards-compliant CSS only solution.
  • Improved Full-screen image on the left-panel of the theme, to better fit regardless of screen height and the image dimensions.

Hi, can you let me know what the content is in your theme? Pages or posts? I need to create a (book)structure with 5 sections (section 1 to 5), every sections has approx. 20 (for example 2.01, 2.02, etc) chapters and in these chapters there are paragraphs (2.01.03). Is it possible to create such a structure? Thanks.

Hi josjee,

Thanks for the interest shown in one of my products! I do appreciate it!

For the content, I used posts. The pages can be found in the sidebar navigation (About, Contact, etc.) The posts are paginated 1 on each page, so you would have to click on older / newer to see a new post, as you can see.

And yes, what you intend to accomplish is entirely achievable! :)

If there’s any more questions, I’ll be glad to answer to them.


Thanks Paul, another one as I don’t see how I can create the structure with the posts. So I will have around 200 posts (I guess). How can I create an index with these? Visitors also need to be able to go to the main page where the list of posts will be shown. Can I use Categories for this? Like you have in your demo on http://paper.icypixels.com/category/news/. Secondly how does the Read More works? Did you do that with the more tag in a post? Thanks again.

Hi there – I’m LOVING the theme. Do you have any suggestion on how to make the “newer” and “older” buttons more prominent or even adding them to the bottom of each post? I have had feedback from my readers that it was very difficult to find them!


Hiya, is there any way of having http://paper.icypixels.com/category/news/ as my homepage? I basically need to have a homepage with a list of current articles, rather than displaying the latest article.

Hi! Pre-purchase question.

Is there a full-width menu option? I have a client that’s really interested in this, but the hamburger menu is keeping him from purchasing the theme. There are a lot of people who are unfamiliar with the icon and often times are lost on how to navigate.


When I see my website in mobile devices – smartphones – the menu appears on the background when the page loads. Has anyone gone throught that?