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I’ve purchased this and now need to get a PDF hard copy…

I have Adobe Pro so just need to know how to edit the HTML file as you mention above…

Please advise…

You can edit the HTML file with any text editing application. If you need help with this, contact me through the form on my profile page.


Just purchased and uploading to my WP site. And it’s failing. Any help you can offer me?

Thanks, Tegan

Could you contact me through the form on my profile with further details? Thanks!

Does your template allow to add additional CV sections (like portfolio, references, etc.) apart from the ones already listed (exp, skills, edu)?


Yes, each category represents a section.

please tell me, how to add more backgrounds & paper colors in wordpress version?

Hi, you can change the background color and label colors on the Resume Options page.

Is there a way to change the font of the side titles and my name? I noticed it looks different on some sites people have posted. Thanks!

Yes, you can edit the style.css file:

- Line 30 for the name - Line 160 for the side titles

If you need additional help let me know via email, you’ll get a faster reply.

hey, can only html file?

Is it available for full version? means not only profile view, is it got landing page which I need to put the location directory links there.

Could you rephrase that?

Hmm.. actually that one u make is only one page for portfolio right?

If I want like, Home, Contact Us, Sidebar, drop menu something, got or not?

Yes, it’s a single-page portfolio, but it includes a contact form.


I can’t see where to private mail you.

I bought this because I thought I could edit it like a word doc (change colours etc) as I really don’t have a lot of time to create a new template.

Could you advise me of the fastest and easiest way to edit this please?

Thank you,


My email address is inside the documentation, or you can use the form on my profile page, bottom right.

You can install WordPress and use the free WP theme included in the download to easily edit you resume.

OK im trying to upload to WP, and it says that the server sent no data. Shouldnt there be a zip file inside of the word press folder of the download??

Can you be more specific? Go ahead and contact me via email, I’ll be able to reply faster.

I bought this thinking I could use it as a wordpress plug-in with the theme I’m already running. But after it read the instructions, it’s asking me to activate it as a theme. That mean I have to deactivate my current there which is my entire website. It posible to run this with my current wordpress theme?

Thanks, -bp

The only way you could do that would be to use the HTML version, which is included in the download, and place it outside your WP folder. The WP version requires a separate installation.


well it doesnt support Turkish language.. how can i fix it?

Hi, it only supports English at the moment. Contact me and I’ll help you customize it.

Hey there,

Great theme, love it. Gorgeous and simple. I sent you an email on this too, but two questions:

1) The headshot image thumbnail isn’t working for me. The full size image opens up in a modal window but the thumbnail isn’t displaying.

2) Can you recommend a compatible CSS style for blockquote? I added a section called “References” to my site and included recommendations/testimonials from LinkedIn. I just italicized the text but it’d be awesome if there as a snazzy Quote CSS style that would be automatically applied if I chose to apply blockquote to it. I’m terrible with CSS so just thought I’d ask before I go ahead and start screwing around with the CSS.

I’m on Wordpress and the site is


Answered via email. Update with fix coming soon.

Thank you for your help and your responsiveness. Really, it goes a long way. Keep up the great work.

How do you hide the “Uncategorized” section? It shows up on the side no matter what I try to do.

Answered via email, thanks!

Is there any easy way if you want to just have this theme in a PDF file customized to your own CV? To prevent recruiters from having to click. If yes, I will buy it.

You can convert the resume page to PDF using online tools, but I wouldn’t recommend that as the text inside the PDF will not be selectable.

Is there a way to re-order the posts? For chronological order… I forgot to insert an experience and now its showing as the first post in the category, but it should be somewhere in the middle.

Yes, please check out section 2.1 of the WordPress Documentation that came with the theme.