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Looks totally awesome man! Congratulations and keep up the great work! Happy holidays ;)

Thanks! this is my first template!

Happy Christmas

muy buen template Alan! ahora tambien haces web design? nice!

Thanks!! estoy probando haber si me funciona, :)

Very interested in purchasing, but need to know about the portfolio and home page.

Portfolio – can each project have multiple photos within? Our projects are branding projects so we have several images per project… sometimes up to 12 per project.

Home – when you say you created the 3D work, I take that to mean you animated the transitions, so what comes with the theme for that space – assuming there is no automated 3D transition widget. Is there a slider of some kind where we can drop in images from the portfolio (at a larger size)?

Overall, looks great – just need to know what I’m buying, and the description above is lacking. Cheers!

Please contact me through my profile


Hi there!

I am interested in purchasing this template, but I have a few questions:

- Does it support IE6 ?
- How hard is it to place our own pictures for the Home page animation?
- How hard is it to update the top header text?

Thank you.

Hi, please contact me through my profile

Thanks. I just sent you a message through the Contact Form in your blog.

Hey Great Theme,

Quick question. To get the contact page to work, do I have to purchase a script from code canyon? or is there a reference that you can point me to?

Thanks man,


Again, great theme!

Nevermind I got it to work!

Great theme! once again…


I wonder if it possible to make the banner change images automatically and to hide the left/right arrows?

Thank you

Yes, it is posible and extremely easy. When you buy the template just send me a message and I will tell you how to do it.

The footer contact link goes to index.html

Thought you should know…

Link to your site does not work? Can I buy somewhere else?

I just updated the link, it works now. Thank you

Hello! Great work!!! i just want to ask if it is possible to adjust your slider to one of my one wordpress themes and how hard it is to achieve it. Thank you!

Hello, you can use this slider the free version includes a wordpress plugin. Cheers, Alan Monroig

Hola! Slide full screen?

Para cambiar el tamaño del Cu3r Slider debes de modificar el código javascript que está dentro del archivo “index.html” en la sección “head”. Veras la función “swfobject.embedSWF” en la cual hay varios valores, dos de ellos corresponden al alto y ancho del slider. No existe una manera de hacer fullscreen real que se adapte al tamaño de pantalla, solamente se puede cambiar el tamaño del slider y hacerlo tan grande como necesites para que ocupe toda la página. Si mis instrucciones no son claras dímelo y te ayudaré con mucho gusto.


Alan Monroig