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Gan, mo tanya nih, sebelum membeli, tampilan pada demo, apakah itu menggunakan plugin /addons woocommerce atau tidak? Ditunggu kabarnya gan, trims

betul menggunakan woocommerce om

Kalau tidak menggunakan plugin woocommerce apakah tampilannya sama? atau tidak. trims

kalo tampilan-tampilan seperti shop, cart yang di ambil dari woocommerce harus mengaktifkan woocommerce nya dulu gan

Hi, i’ve bought this template and once installed it’s telling me that i need several plugins including “Tokoo Vitamins”

Where do i find this plugin?


On the bottom of the notice there is a link “Begin installing plugins” you can click that link to start installing required plugin.

Or you can go to appearance > Install Plugins.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

You should unzip first then install only the paradize theme

Unable to uplad a small logo image or any other image. Media library won’t load. Unable to install homepage demo 2, 3 or 4, only 1 and it won’t work. Revslider plugin won’t properly install, message “an unexpected error occured” after activating keeps showing up. Wordpress version compatible with theme is just too old.


make sure you are has been import demo data in appearance > import demo data, after import you can check the homepage in Pages > All Pages, if you want to change the homepage you can go to Settings > Reading, Thanks

Hi I am in China, when I download the folder “Paradize_package” I got 4 folders. In the “Theme File” there are 2 folders “” and “paradize” I don´t understand why I can only upload the “paradize” that looks empty, there are not pages and the other one I can not uoladed. I am in China using VPN from UK and USA and iMac 2013 my wordpress 4.7.3. Please let me know!

Can someone tell me something, I brought something for you that doesnt works, so what can i do, if is not working i have to use another template, tokomo, didnt help me

I forgot to say that i didnt use my account to buy, my client brought from you because i tell him to do that, please tell me something, i have everything ready to upload

Hi Rafarte, can you create a ticket on our support page with the requeired details. We can’t access your site

Hi Tokomo this is rafarte. I use the account we use to buy the template. So how can I crate a ticket? I dont see the link where I can do it.

please send the temporary admin access to we can try to find the issue, Thanks

Tokomo THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, I appreciate how you final find the problem, very good service from tokomo and envato. Keep in touch for further websites.

your welcome, if you have other question you can create ticket in Thank you very much


xsabye Purchased

Hello tokomoo : I do not understand what the paradize-child file does.

The paradize-child file is a child theme file, If you want to overrider something in our theme, rather than editing parent theme (paradize) you can use paradize-child as starting point.

So whenever we release an update the child theme will not affected.


xsabye Purchased

hello tokomoo : i have problem I want to use Single Tour Modern style But I can not fix it. recommend me Plz

Hi, we are apologize delay answer this comment, you can change single Tour style in Appearace ▸ Customizing ▸ WooCommerce Settings ▸ Single Booking Style, Thanks

Hi, how to change copyright at the footer


THe copyright text in the footer can be changed from here : Appearance->Customize->General Settings->Footer Settings->Footer Credits .


zetapaf Purchased

Very disappointed with documentation included in this theme. I’ve been using other themes without any problem but in this one it seems very complicated to leave the theme as in the demo.

please tell the problem, so i can help you with it or you can open ticket .. so we can help you privately. Thanks

hi tokomoo i want to update my theme kindly suggest ho do i update my theme on website…?

Hi, First of all sorry to late reply, you can use this plugin , Thanks

i want to slide package carousel automatic ? is it possible there is no option in theme to slide automatic package carousel …????

Hi, i see in your website the slider has been autoslide, the problem has been resolved? we will provide the feature in next update, thanks

yes the problem is resolved you using slick slider. there is autoslide option in slick slider i resolve this problem thanks for your kind support tokomoo :)

glad the issue has been resolved, have a nice day :)

Hi, I bought the theme, I installed and I put an article, but the travel package page does not show the day of the itinerary. But only description and review. How do I fix it? The WooCommerce Booking plugin is not present either.

Hi, to get tour page you need to activate Woocommerce Booking and Yes the plugin is not included in this theme. user should buy it separately. , we are also show the info in theme description , Thanks

hello, i have few prepurchased questions: 1. is it possible to put the destinations map on homepage? 2. in the search engine on the site now you can choose check in, check out and budget and my question is can i change the budget into guests number? Thank you


1. yes, we have Tokoo Maps element but you need to add latitude and longituge. 2. Not yet option, Thanks


lupekz Purchased

hello, i receive javascript error messsage on console due to google maps api, ( Google Maps API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError ) where should i change the googlemaps api for fix that ?

Hi, make sure you are add the google maps api key from appearance> customize> advance settings> maps setting, Thanks


lupekz Purchased

thank you!

is this theme support amp pages ?

Hi, we are not yet check the amp version. we can send notification for this soon, Thanks

Hi, I bought the theme, I installed and I put an article, but the travel package page does not show the day of the itinerary. But only description and review. How do I fix it? The WooCommerce Booking plugin is not present either.

please guide me from where i’ll get WooComerce Booking plugin my project is delay due this please help me.

we are apologize delay answer the ticket, Yes WooComerce Booking plugin do not include in theme you can get the plugin from , we are also show the info about woocommerce bookings in theme description Thanks

How can I switch between different versions of home page? I can see only homepage v1

Hi, if you are import all the demo data you can change the homepage from settings > Reading > Your homepage displays > Homepage , Thanks

hello, when i install paradize theme i got the message: Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again. Please can you help me? Thank you,


Hi, please create ticket in and make sure to insert all required field, Thanks

hi, how can i get/create this page When i add new product i do not have option “bookable product” under product data? is that the problem? do i need woocomerce booking for that? it the answer is yes can you send me the link of that plugin because i can not find that plugin under wordpress directory. there are several others but there is no Woocomerce Booking

thank you,


when i am looking for Woocommerce Booking plugin i can not find them :O can you send me the link or something about that plugin?

Thank you

sorry the link doesnt show the right place.- so i would like to get the page about single page where we have tabs: information (text + video), tour plan, location, gallery, reviews, ...