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Lovely work man, good luck with sales :)

looks good. When clicking on the portfolio, features and skins link it goes no where.. http://#. I assume they are not supposed to be clickable..



Links are ok you can also to our direct preview link

Best Regards !

I am missing something then. When I click on “Features” it goes to a page unknown because the link is http://#

Nice concept, congrats :)

Looks good! good luck with sales!

Dark (Inverse or black background with the Orange) style available?

Hello, please try boxed layout. also you can change the white background as you want from our theme options

Thank You

Hi pre-sale question.

Is it compatible with Woocommerce and the featured video box, is that available when using woocommerce?

Thanks in advance, Chris,

Isnt pre-compatible but we can help you to integrate it with woocommerce if you like our theme.

Thanks, Best Regards

Very interested. Would this theme work well as a real estate theme?

Hello, yes you can use it as real estate. Let us know to help you :)

Thank you Themeple Staff

Very nice :) Good luck PLE

Is it possible to add/develop your own blocks to the content builder?

I love all I see about this theme and specially your site and content build. Very innovative.

But at the same time I have very specific needs of a specific block to use on my intended site and not sure just changing CSS on any of your blocks included in the content builder will work for me

Unless I missunderstood the entire content builder and I can create what ever I want :)

Yes you can modify the content builder very easy, all the blocks have specified functions and you can customize them. With some good knowledge of php and css you can do everything, also we can help you to create them.

Thank You, Best Regard

Hi, can we change the color (orange) into another one (red for exemple)? And if yes, how so?

Thank you!

Yes, you can test it online from the skins menu. you can also create your own skin very easy from our theme options, let us know to help you.

Thank you

Thank’s Moutheme :)

HI, I tried to install from within WordPress (using install themese) - using upload zip file – but it gave an error in the end. The error was something like “could not find style.css file”

please help ?

Hello, please create a new zip of the folder paralex that you can find at package you have downloaded and try to instaal it though wordpress. See the documentation. please write at our support page if you have other questions.

Thank You

Hi, I want to sell your template, but before I have a question. Can I use the 3 Boxes “Eco Therapy”, “Weather Therapy” and “Refresh Therapy” on other Menu-Sites of the Template? For Example under About Us or so one? Is this possible?

Greetings, Kreativfuzzi

Hello, ues you can do it thought page builder. tou can combine all the sections that you look at the preview.

Thank You

I want my site layout to be boxed with a background image.. but for some reason the footer seems to be still in the stretched version where the rest is boxed.. Please see and let me know how this could be fixed?

Footer is boxed, if you want help please don’t hesitate to contact to our support page:

Best Regards!

Hi! quick question, does it come with any dummy content? Thanks!

Yes. dunmy data content includer for posts pages theme options and page builder. Also you can find in the package the dummy data of the slider.

Thank You

I bought this item.

Not really satisfied. How can i delete the search box and how can i edit the footer credits?

Hello, to delete the search box you can edit the header.php file or try to add this class below style.css

.header-bar .search input{display:none;}

For footer you can edit it in the Widget Area or try to edit footer.php

If you want more support write to our support page!

Best Regards!

I also like to delete the twitterfeed in the footer. How can i manage that?

Yes you can, try to edit footer.php, or try to write to our support page.

Best Regards!

Hi, I am trying to add the slide image to homepage, however the slide isn’t clickable. Can I have a link for each individual slide image?

Also, I would like to have more than 2 rows of the featured portfolio show on the home page, is that possible?

Thanks for help :)

When I set the “Permalink Settings” to “Post Name”, the link to portfolio don’t work. However if I change the setting to “Default”, it work perfectly.

I want to the website url to show the “post name” instead of the default setting. Please help to resolve this problem, thanks.

Write to our support page, we will help you.

I try to go to your support page, but I got a message of “Please verify your purchase code for verification, and we will support you within 24 hr.”

How & where do I verify the purchase code?

Thanks for help :)


What is your name or ticket name in the support page?

Best Regards!

I manage to open the ticket already, it’s Ticket #28784 :)