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how easy would it be to change the all the green into another color such as purple

Honestly, most changes in Muse are very easy. For any box color, you simply click on the object and change the Fill color to whatever you want with the Fill selector.

It’s a really wonderful theme and nice layout – but terrible HTML- and CSS-Code. Maybe you should not use Muse as web editor.

Muse allows people who can’t code make and change websites very easily. In fact they show up great on all browsers no matter how developers might prefer it being written.

I know the team at Adobe has worked very hard (and continues to) make programs like Muse to allow an everyday person to have their own website that will work on all devices. It serves a great purpose for those who aren’t fortunate enough to afford a developer.

Sure. But it’s quite impossible to use these absolute and relative positions for example in a CMS where the editor should be able to add content by himself. I really love the layout and would have bought the template if the CSS styles would have been usable for dynamic content and easy editing without Muse.

I see what you’re saying. I guess you’re attempting to do something Muse wasn’t necessarily intended for. But you can integrate blog’s and dynamic content via Business Catalyst.


I have to say. This is one of the best themes I have encountered.

For your “case studies” section there are 4 expandable areas that extend in size as you click them. Is there a way to increase this to a higher number? Like say… 12 of them.

Will it let me simply “click the ”+” button” and keep adding sections? Please message me if you need more information but I need to know this before I buy it and use it in Muse. (This would be the 4th theme I bought so need to make sure it works accordingly).


Thanks a lot. Its simple.. copy and paste :) Add as many as you want. Select the group or area, copy it, then paste it.

Could we put back up the text (“beautiful design”) and the “button” (“view design”) ?

Could we direct the net surfer towards a survey thanks to the button (“view design”) ?

Hi firend, In the demo, I see a serious mistake, and I do not see parallax effect. Here is a sample of the browser in FullHD resolution.

Good luck friend.