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Hello, I apologize for my bad English.

I would like to buy the theme Parasponsive but I’d like some clarification. Looking at the demo of “Pararesponsive” and “Parasponsive WooCommerce” I noticed a difference in the view of the portfolio. In the first clicking on a photo of the portfolio will open a page in full screen. But in the second (WooCommerce) opens a popup, much nicer. I would not buy the version ecommerce, open to all but the portfolio page I do not like. There is the possibility of integrating it in the other version?

Thank you, Gabriele.

In both versions, there is a choice between two light boxes. You can at any setting.

Versions different Woo Commerce, and further updates. For example, for Corporate soon will be created one more home page (in the corporate traditions) to choose from. And in vesrii with Woo, come home with a focus on e-commerce.


Loving working with this. Just wondering are there options to adjust the menus initial text colour from white to anything else? I know how to do it via css but thought there might be a easy option.


Sorry, Support is offered only to customers.


How do I add persons to the About section like in the sample?

Thanks, great theme!

Add post > Select format “Team”

Wow, thanks!!

The theme is not working properly on Internet Explorer 8. Please suggest.

small animation does not work and never will. And all the necessary functionality works fine.

error LOAD MORE for #portfolio

...../ajax.php?offset=11&_=1378823196767 500 (Internal Server Error)

in wordpress 3.6


This error indicates that your server is not responding.

Check your hosting.

OK. Thanks.

Hi, when I want to activate the theme, than I can´t see anything. Everything is away. When I delete the theme (via FTP) wordpress works again. Please can you help me. Thanks

Hi Serzh, do you have news for me? Thanks a lot

All done! check it

ok thank you, it was an upload problem.

Hi Serzh,

Just purchased and installed this theme, but the license do not seem to cover the WooSlider ask it ask for the license key for the WooSlider!

If I enter the code sent by themeforest it just says that it is not valid!

How do I get the theme to work?

WooSlider – free, you install it yourself. (I’m just helping a link to the repository.)

Hi Serzh,

Please provide a link for free download and installation of the woo slider:

According to the Woo Slider homepage you need to purchase a licese for $49 (!

Woo Slider it’s a WordPress plugin, but the theme is used to free a pure JS

You do not need a license, and input her nowhere.

I have purchased your theme and it is looking great. I have a strange issue in the footer – when you hover over one of the social media icons, and then hover off – the icon disappears! Can you suggest how to fix this?

Thanks for a great theme.

I think you should contact the admins ThemeForest to clarify this issue.

If you did buy theme it helped you.

I realised my mistake. I purchased the Woocommerce Wordpress version, not the corporate version! I will make my support request in that forum instead. Apologies for the mistake!

Hi, I can see testimonials, but is there a feature to show the company logos of clients on the main page?

Stunning theme though.

No, but I will do it!

Thanks for the idea!

Hi Serzh,

i have a little problem with the theme. The homepage is loading 8-14 sec. Thats a really long time. My other websites with WP Themes on the same server are loading 1-3 sec. Are there any possibilites so speed up your theme or is my theme wrong configured?

“” Google Page Speed only (41/100) :(

If I select another theme the WP-Page runs very fast. :(

Demos in other indicators better. All the same, I know about the problem and trying to optimize the performance of the template.


Thanks for the answer. I hope you can fix that.

Hello! love the template…only i don’t seem to get the shadow working in the header background. Any advice?

You need to activate shadow in the theme options.

hello Serzh, thank you for replying. That option was activated, but doesn’t give the shadow result.

The top slider area doesn’t appear to be 100% width anymore. Any reason for that?

Yes the top slider is not correct its not responsive please fix! launching a site soon need it to be ready.

Today I will fill an update to the new version slider.

Hello, I would like to buy this theme for my client. She has a logo which is 100 pixels high and I would like to know if it’s going to fit into the menu in the top-left corner. Thank you.

Logo highlighted in red zone height of 100 pixels.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/prolixbr/public_html/wp-content/themes/parasponsive_corporate_v1.2/includes/widgets/facebook-like-box-widget.php on line 1

need help !!!!

server up to 64mb now

All done, check it :)

txs _

Hey, sorry to bother again but how to get the blog section working? It is enabled in the backend but can’t get it visible on the front page in the same way as on your demo website.

Thank you!

Blog section does not exist. It is only because of the section Menu. There were a lot of requests to add a parallax menu link to the blog, I had to do so.

In version 3.4 will be an additional section to the Recent posts.

I’m having the same issue as britemindsmedia. The header shadow does not appear behind the menu. I do have it activated/enabled in the home page options. Please advise.

Which version do you have? In version 3.3 everything works fine. Checked! :)

Hi there. I’m considering buying the theme but I am hugely concerned about the lack of responsiveness of the slider. It doesn’t increase my confidence in the theme that it was launched with this major issue. Any idea when will this bug be fixed?

Also, is there a way to disable the parallax scrolling? It would be good to have the option as the scrolling may feel distracting to some of my users.

Thanks! The theme looks really great.


Responsive slider has already been fixed. (demos use old version) Parallax can be turned off.


Do you launch a speed update for the template in the next days? The Theme is so beautiful, but the loading time is very bad!

Thanks Dominik

Yes, now do optimization.

Hi i’m having a problem with the installation, i’ve been using an ftp, i tried also increasing the memory with php.ini but still no luck. any ideas? error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in html/wp-content/themes/parasponsive_corporate_v1.2/includes/widgets/facebook-like-box-widget.php on line 1

Adding memory will not help you. This particular encoding. Tried to install the theme through the admin panel?

Provide details ftp and admin panel, I will help you.