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Hello, I’d really like to buy your theme, but I’ve got a question about the blog: 1) Can I change the background color from green to another color? To white? 2) Must each post have an image that goes along with it? 3) Can a blog post be a video?

Please let me know asap as I’d like to purchase it and start the site right away.

Thanks a lot, David

1) Yes 2) Yes 3) Yes

http://parasponsive.com/para1/?cat=1 Posts Formats (highlighted in red formats for the blog): http://prntscr.com/1uug8b

The Woocommerce version is updated with speed optimizations, but when do you update the “Parasponsive Corporate WordPress” theme? Hope you can launch the Version 1.3 very soon.


Yes, I will try today. :)

Hi Serzh, Im having the same problem as ” 24thirty ” in comments section. Have sent u msg through contact box on your profile but haven’t heard back yet. your template looks amazing, and I am very keen to get started, please help asap. Thx

All done

thanks so much Serzh! I just saw. thank you for your support and keep up the great work!

Thanks ;)

on the portfolio profile on the right hand side beside the image where the text is, how can i change the background color white to another color

It doesnt load in Chrome? There is just the black background, the menus and the footer.

another issue. the pricing table 4column setting panels wont allow me to put links in button url. it seems to default to the themeforest page no matter what url is input

1. Background of the lightbox is not configurable. I’ll try to do it in next update.

2. In chrome it works, just tested it.

3. The new optimized version is already on moderation. I think today will be available.

Hi Serzh,

I have installed version 1.4 with same error in 1.1. “facebook-widget-error”. Can I send you the Admin Panel login again?

Thanks Dominik

Check the mail.

All perfect thanks ;)

Thank you ;)

hi, i wanna buy theis theme, but i can’t se the different between the woocommerce theme and the corporate.. so what’s the different? also, can i add a sub menu? for other pages? can add more pages (for SEO needs) and not not show them on the main one page? last one- i saw this theme for 55$ woocommerce, 35$ for corporate, and 14$ for HTML, and i can’t seems to understand why there’s 3 different costs.. thanks.

Versions differ in the presence of the store. Not everyone needs it, and my customers pay only for what they need. For example, in the corporate version will update with different structures necessary for the companies, and the version with Woo will emphasize on the store, and commerce.

HTML version does not have a control panel, and WordPress. People who buy it yourself can make changes to the html.

ok thanks! but what about the new pages? can i open a new page without showung it on the main one page?

Yes, why not? :)

can i open a new page without showing it on the main one page?

Yes, why not? :)

the theme don´t work! I don´t speak english, but is important! I have wp 3.6, but when I publish the theme don´t work.

please help me.


You can give more information? Or provide details of FTP and admin panel, I will help you.

yes, the ftp client is:

zona-paintball.com Usuario: zonapain Password: 7k77tPVr7b


Please change the password to your ftp account. your FTP details visible to all users.

After changing the password, please send them to me via the contact form on my profile page

Hi there, its a cool theme with awsome features. How can i add an image to the happy clients section? I have added an image in the featured image section but its not displaying on the happy clients section.

Image not available for happy clients. I will do in next update.


i really wanna start working on this new site but you don’t anwer me. can i use a secondery menu that leed to other pages and not show them on the main page? please answer me, it’s important! thanks.

The menu works or does not work on all pages. But it’s a good idea to do next update so that you can choose.

hello Dear .. Im going to buy this Template .. but i have a question before ..

Can i customize The Tabs With the Picture ?

Explain : I Want to Change The RED SOLID COLOR to a Picture as Background and Then Text on it ..

Can i do that ?

yes, solid color change from admin panel, it is the same as that of the section.

dear i mean some thing like that .. http://prntscr.com/1w940x

Unfortunately the background image for the sections can not be loaded because there are dynamic boarders. Sorry

Hello, is sent this morning an E-Mail and tested your theme twice… Your Theme don’t work! (WP 3.61 EN – Empty and New Database)

Theme Installation Info from WP: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”

Your Demo-Video: “How to install ParaSponsive WordPress Theme”

No Function…

Greetings Lemmy

Hello Serzh, thanks for your help! the greatest one part works…

I hope I can ask you again became a problem in the Contact-Area ???

Greetings Lemmy

and yes, you can continue to set up! :o)

You see thr problem on www.baronka.de… the gray triangle in the lower range… (Kontakt / Impressum)

This is the worst template that I bought. I threw the money I when I decided to buy this template. Nice looking but very badly coded. I’m sorry. I’m trying for a week to make a website using this template but always some problems and always something is not working properly.I’m really sorry but it’s true.

What does not work? Can I help you?

Hi there,

Is there any way to change the appearance of the portfolio “clicked” items? And is there a way to change them in size? I find that (when you don’t want to use the lightbox option with loads of text or empty space next to it) you cant seem to have the image be larger than about 400px. For my purpose this is far too small. Can I change this somehow?

Thanks in advance.

I need to see. Please provide the details of FTP and admin panel, using the contact form on my profile.


Hi Serzh, I just installed the update and it appears the gallery problem has been resolved. I don’t know what the cause was, but it is working as it should now. Thank you for the update.

You’re welcome :)

Hi Serzh, hope you are doing well. Im sending you a msg on your profile about a small problem i have on the portfolio section with the lightbox functionality. As always it’s pretty urgent, appreciate your help thanks! Friilance

I have already corrected, will soon upload the update.

thanks a mil Serzh! working fine now.

Hello, and please help.
The problem is actually in the portfolio lightbox functionality.
When I open it I can not close it.How can I fix it?

I did not do any changes in the code


I probably turned off nicescroll? I have already corrected, will soon upload the update.

how I can add an alert (popup) when the user click on “send message” in the contact form?

Sorry, support only for customers.

Hi Serzh,

I have installed version 1.4 with same error in 1.1. “facebook-widget-error”. Error in installation both through FTP and through admin. I see that other people have had the same problem – can you not fix this or at least publish the solution?

Thanks Nuno

I have lost two days that I had to work on this – I Have set up so many wordpress sits with themes that work out of the box – its now 2 days since I bought it and nothing. There are many people with this problem and I uploaded the theme via ftp. Not good.

I have contacted Envato support and notified them that you are selling a corrupt file and then even after 4 days – nothing. Seriously?

This is not the fault of the template, and the problem of encoding hosting, but sometimes problems arise because of FileZilla.

If you still need help let me know, I will help right away as soon as I get your message.

I’m sorry that so many responded to your message, has been busy with a new update.

If i want to activate the theme. Wordpress gaves me an server error:

“syntax error: unexpected T_STRING in /hp/ca/aa/gh/www/Laufsteg/wordpress/wp-content/themes/parasponsive_corporate_v1.2/includes/widgets/facebook-like-box-widget.php on line 1”

Help me!

Please provide FTP and admin panle details, i’ll help you. Via contact form on my profile page