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Is the demo site updated to the newest version of the theme? I am thinking of purchasing this theme but I see multiple resizing issues on the demo site.

Demo is an older version, I have not updated

Hello Serzh,

I purchased your theme, and like everyone else, am finding that the theme is broken. I emailed you yesterday and have yet to receive a response. When you have a moment, can you please respond to the email and also fix the theme? In my email, you will find the Wordpress and FTP login details.

Thanks, Ameet mehtaameet@gmail.com

I installed the theme, but did not adjust the slider and the contact form – the server is unavailable.

Hi There,

I want to change the colour of the services section, but which style sheet do I need to edit? Been editing everyone I can find but that section will not change from orange to green!



All colors (background section, text, links) change in Theme Options.

Hi Serzh,

How do I center the icons of the page “services” and make them stop spinning?

[Translation by Google]

What version you have installed? I have corrected this in the latest version

Version 1.6

Strangely, you second person who says it. See what is wrong with the latest version, maybe something mixed.


I re-did the template update to version 1.6! But still the problem did not disappear. I look forward to your support for more than 8 days. It’s not professional. And I can not finish the site. I beg you, take time for me to answer all of the questions!

http://prntscr.com/28eajx http://bigmashina.com/

I mailed the authentication data for admin panel and FTP account.

I’ve updated your theme.

Hello Serzh,

I hope you are doing well. We emailed you twice in the last 7 days and have not received any responses from your end. When you have a moment, can you please respond to the emails?

Your themes has too many bugs in it; please upload a less buggy version of the theme or have better support mechanism. If you are unable to either, please issue a refund.

Best, Ameet mehtaameet@gmail.com

I did not get an email from you.

To Fix that I need to know about them, could you give more information?

Makes 8 days we expect a response from you and I am with my project stalled. If you can not support the theme, please I want my money back.

The theme is broken. I emailed you and still get no response. I also open a ticket on your support and nothing…

please email me at josemiguelgameiro@gmail.com

This is not professional work..

I did not get an email from you sorry! Sent you an email, check email.

Hi there, I just purchased your template, which is beautiful! But after looking for some trouble shooting I noticed there is a MUCH more recent version. The one I just downloaded that said it was last updated in December 13, was 1.6. Is there someway I can update my copy of it?

Also, could that be the reason why my sections are showing up even though they are enabled? my site is www.creativekel.com


Hi there, thanks for this! I followed all of these steps but have the same results as prior. Also the theme still says its version 1.6 in wordpress. What am I doing wrong?

Also, When I went to upload the full zip package (themeforest-5454721-parasponsive-corporate-wordpress.zip) WP tells me “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Would it be easier, if you just refunded me for version v1.6 and can purchase v3.0 – I really need to get moving on this. Thanks!

Hi there, I’m still waiting for a response to my problem. Over 21 days now. Please either refund me or provide me some help. Thank you!

hi, background images are included? is possible to use a contact form plugin like Contact Form 7 ?

thank you

Yes of course, you only need to insert a shortcode http://prntscr.com/2hs0x3

No background images are not included

I am having problems with this plugin in: http://simplerealtytheme.com/plugins/pullout-widgets/

There seems to be a conflict with the theme. Any idea?

Unfortunately did not work with this plugin, and shows what error? What has been the conflict?

I’ll try to install and see what’s wrong.


I tried talking with the plugin developer and he said the conflict was on your side. He said he got this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object pullouts(); has no method ‘apply’ thebigone.min.js?ver=1.0:1

Thank you for getting back to me. If we could find a work around for this that would be great.

This template is not a conflict, and at one of the libraries JS. Recommend plugin devs pay attention to it. because not only with my theme is conflict, but also with other themes that use these shared libraries.

Hi, i was looking at purchasing but had a few questions.

When i check the site on the phone, the maps dont show up? Is there an actual contact form that can be used? The “skills” section on the phone is very slow to load?

Tested with iphone 5.


I already purchased the version with WooCommerce plugin included, can I access this version as well for free?

Installed the theme twice but still get the Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/meinlijn/public_html/wp-content/themes/parasponsive_v4.1/includes/widgets/facebook-like-box-widget.php on line 1

If this message displays, it means you have another server encoding to not show this error you need to upload the theme again, but in FTP client, select “binary” mode. For example FileZilla: http://prntscr.com/2l961o

Hi, I got the theme few days ago, am I missing something or there’s no contact form available?

Yo thanks I got it, shortcode! : ) By the way, Is there any way to re-size the google map? Now it’s in full width and cannot be drag.

in “Theme Options > Contact us” there is a switch http://prntscr.com/2l9b5p

Wow, we just purchased the theme but now I can’t install it!! Just got this after activation of the theme:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /srv/web/elmagomasin/wp-content/themes/parasponsive_corporate_v1.6/includes/widgets/facebook-like-box-widget.php on line 1

I installed with FTP, installing with the ZIP-File doesn’t work either. We use Wordpress 3.8 – Can you please tell me how to fix this? We need this theme really urgent.


If this message displays, it means you have another server encoding to not show this error you need to upload the theme again, but in FTP client, select “binary” mode. For example FileZilla: http://prntscr.com/2l961o

Works! Thank you!!!!

Excellent! Thank you!

Hi Serzh, I would like to buy this template, but I have some questions. I would like to have this template for a one page website. In the future maybe with a store and a blog, but thats not necessary at the moment. This porpose of the page is: link to other websites. therefore i would like to know following things: 1. can i bind hyperlinks into the slider, so that i can click on the text and get forwarded to another site? 2. “Services we provide”: there are some icons, can i set a link at an icon directly to get to another website? 3. is there an social network item for xing (www.xing.com)? 4. are there any restrictions of the logo “parasponsive”. because my logo is like a square and it would be very small if there are restrictions in height.

thank you in advance…. Rafael

Am I missing something? There’s no parallax effect in this theme at all. Or can someone tell me where to find or activate it? Unfortunately there’s no header-shadow either, although I activated it. :crying:

LOL – in a browser window < 30cm there’s no parallax effect, in a browser window > 30cm the parallax effect is working on my screen. WTF?

It is disabled for mobile devices. WTF? It is made specifically your phone is not dead.

Sorry, what you mean with “It is made specifically your phone is not dead.” The parallax effect is disabled for mobile devices? Is that what you mean with “fully responsive”? LOL BTW: The sections are much to high on my iPhone. I don’t think we can use this theme with so many bugs in it. How can we get our money back?

when i move the menu in theme options it breaks and a wierd triangular colored line appears between each section. i have to have services first so it doesnt do that. how do i fix that.

Hi Serzh this morning i’ve downloaded your latest version.. my site needs english translation.. one problem.. the parallax menu in the english version remains in Italian.. don’t translate.. i’ve already insert the voices in “languages” options section of the theme. the theme recognize all the voices to translate .. not the menu.. I’ve forget something to set? If you want to see the site http://www.nivalgroup.com/en/

WPML 2.9.3 Wordpress 5.1 thanks Urgent.