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Hi again,

will it be too hard to build a special mobile css so that the theme will also have auto-resizing HTML 5 canvas for mobile devices?

Would really appropriate that.


I think at least this can be done: It’s just a way to rewrite the main.css file a bit so that the page will load faster.

It will be nice of you,

hi Brohatwack, i will continue to revise and improve my products here on themeforest. i will certainly include your feedback and suggestions into those efforts. thank you.

I was only giving them, because I think the theme is so good it must not be forgotten. Have a great day,

looks awesome, but it should have more pages, grid system …

Alright – I’m somewhat pleased with my purchase – I got a really simple page and its really easy to get this website rolling. It is a bit overpriced in my opinion, considering the extended options of most other templates at the same price range. A few minor additions to the pre-made page types – maybe an accordion feature or two would have been, at least in my opinion, helpful in increasing the overall value of this purchase, but that’s not to say it isn’t a good buy.

The only real CON I can come up with is the frustration with the code itself… no structure, at least not to any standard when I opened it… I found myself re-writing divisions to bracket properly just so my eyes didn’t blow up looking at it all … but as any developer knows this isn’t required in web programming. That said, having to figure out the way of thinking the person who wrote it had was kind of annoying, but a rather quick hurdle only taking a few good minutes of tweaking to overcome.

Good job to the dev.