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I don’t know why but i can’t see title and bredcrumb, maybe i did something wrong can you help me to fix it? (this is a page… http://www.superiorexpertbeautyacademy.com/docenti/) Thanks

Hi Bioline,

Your logo’s height is a little bit big for the header area, but this is easily fixed with a bit of custom CSS.

Go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options” and add the following in the “Custom CSS” field:

.page-header-inner {margin: 340px auto 0 auto !important;}
.page-header {height: 425px !important;}

Feel free to increase/decrease the values to adjust the space around the title/breadcrumbs.

If you have any others questions please open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Thank you very much!

Hi, how would I add target=”_blank” to one of the shortcode buttons?


Hi acafella11,

This isn’t currently an option but I’ll add it in an update tomorrow :)

To be notified when the update is available go to your downloads page and tick “Get notified by email if this item is updated”.

Kind regards

Is it possible to let me know what change is required? I still have a bad habit of modifying template files instead of using a child theme… oops.

Sure open “parkcollege/functions/shortcodes/button.php” and edit line 41.

I tried to add the code here but Themeforest doesn’t display it correctly, if you’re unsure how to do the above open a support ticket so I can advise what code to change: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Although bear in mind this will make all buttons you add with the shortcode target blank. If you only need to do it for certain buttons you will need to wait for the update tomorrow.

Kind regards

Also, how do I extend the height for the description section on the teacher template #2? I’d like the snippet section to be longer and allow for more characters.

Would like to be able to use a url inside this description as well, so how can I allow html?

Ah I see, OK to do this open “parkcollege/page-templates/template-teacher2.php” and edit line 107:

<?php print_excerpt(200); ?>

Increase the “200” value until you’ve got the desired result.

If you have any other questions please open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Thanks, and the other part regarding possibly getting a html link inside a “teacher post” to work? Will start posting in the forum after this promise. Although is it just me, or is there not a way to filter between the themes on the support forum, I thought that seemed kinda strange.

Hi acafella11,

You can scroll through the different themes in the drop down selection on the support, open up a ticket and I’ll be happy to help.

Kind regards

So I tried fixing it myself, changed the….

.page-header-inner { width: 960px; margin: 275px auto 0 auto;


.page-header-inner { width: 960px; margin: 320px auto 0 auto;

and it worked, it bought the page header title down to the right place but then the right hand side bar was out of align and loading below the content.

Ok I fixed it…

How do I center the ‘inner header image’ it loads to the left currently, I would like to center align it as I have made it 2000px so if the image is loaded on a very large screen it doesn’t repeat.

I would also like to switch repeat off.

I would like to also put a ‘mission statement’ in the section to the right of the LOGO.

Rather than the social icons and links.

Please advise how I can do this.


Hi maxidesigns,

Could you open a support ticket please and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi, Great theme! Quick two questions. 1) Can the header image be changed to fixed width? 2) Can you send me link how to us use the .po files to have a multiple language site. I looked at http://wordpress.org/plugins/multilingual-press/ but looks like a big job, anything you can recommend? ( I dont want auto translation, rather I post my own translated content) Thanks!

Hi webcentric,

Thanks for your interest!

1.) Sure with a little bit of custom CSS, I’d be happy to help you do this via support

2.) If you only need to translate to a single language I’d recommend this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/

Check the official website for a setup guide: http://www.code-styling.de/english/development/wordpress-plugin-codestyling-localization-en

Or alternatively if you need multiple languages I’d recommend: http://wpml.org

Since it’s a premium plugin it has it’s own dedicated support forum here: http://wpml.org/forums/forum/english-support/ and it’s very well documented here: http://wpml.org/documentation/

Kind regards


i need Logo and Logo Text on my side. How can i manage this? Actually if i upload a logo, the Logo Text is getting removed.

Hi emitremmus,

Thanks for purchasing!

You can add your logo by going to “Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings” and upload it in the “Image Logo” field.

If you’re still having problems could you open a support ticket please: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

yes, i know this. But i want a Image Logo AND a Logo Text.

Actually both is not possible. When upload a image logo, the Text Logo is getting removed.

You understand what i want?

You will need to edit the theme code to do this emitremmus, open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to advise: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi there,

Am trying to access your support site but the link is not working. Please advise if it is working?


Hi Emma,

The support website is up and running as normal :)

Here’s the URL: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards


I want to make a footer with 3 columns, how is the best way to do it?

Best regards!

Hi felipeallmountain,

You would need to modify the theme CSS to do this. Open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to advise: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi, I have an question, is there any chance to make transposh to work properly with this template?

It’s working properly with any other template, but not with ParkCollege. Translation along with widget for choosing lang is working, but that fancy editor doesn’t. When I try to edit something editor shows up in the bottom of the page and becomes unresponsive.

Any help would be great. And I’m not running any other plugin, if needed I’ll make test site.

Hi Komex87,

For translation I’d recommend using CodeStyling: http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/ or WPML: http://wpml.org

If you have any other questions feel free to open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi Thank you for this beautiful theme. I have two small issues now: 1. How can i change the area around the logo. My logo is around 80px in hight and 200 width and i dont want the white area around to big that big. 2. The previous and next arrows on the slider are too big for the mobile view. how can i adjust them to become smaller or if it is possible to remove them. wissam


Good to hear wissamercy, if you run into any other issues feel free to open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi, I have created a portfolio that contain items each having a picture and a description. both the image and the descriptions are linking to specific pages. everything works fine here but the title of each of the items is pointing to a page that i did not create located in a portfolio folder and that is ruining the design. my question is how can i remove the links made from the titles of the portfolio items thanks

Hi wissamercy,

Thanks for purchasing!

Could you open a support ticket and include your website URL so I can take a look: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi, I put two pictures in the main slider but not seen on the blog. www.lasallemonclova.edu.mx/portal Why is that?

Hi Frank,

It looks like all the JavaScript files (which control the slider) are missing from your install.

To fix this redownload the theme package, unzip it and copy the “parkcollege” theme folder to “wp-content/themes” in your WP install.

If you’re still having problems feel free to open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Have purchased the theme and it is exceptional. Thank you.

Quick question: what is the difference between the “Style 1” and “Style 2” for the Teachers section? Can you provide a link to a screenshot that shows the difference?

Sorry, second question: how do I add a link to the Events widget that says something like “View more events”?

Thanks again!

Hi hypergolica,

Thanks for purchasing!

You can see the difference in the demo:

Teacher Style 1: http://themes.quitenicestuff.com/parkcollegewp/teacher-style-1/

Teacher Style 2: http://themes.quitenicestuff.com/parkcollegewp/teacher-style-2/

Regarding adding a “View More Events” link, sure this is possible but you will need to edit the code. Open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi, On the homepage there are the 5 green boxes can there be more than this?, just wanted to know before i buy the theme. thanks,

Hi MarcGarner,

There is an option to display less than 5 but not more than I’m afraid.

If you have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS it would be pretty simple to implement more though, it’d just be a case of modifying the block widths.

Kind regards

I am looking for buying a theme to build a website for a school, but the only main feature I am looking for is file sharing or document attachment. Before I make a purchase, can you please let me know if we can attach documents within the theme (attachments view should look stylish) so that students can go to the page and see the file and download it. Or maybe I can make a download section and upload all the files there. Let me know.

Hi bravuragraphics,

Thanks for your interest.

Yes you can attach/upload documents, there’s no specific style in place for a “document sharing” type link but it would be very easy to implement. There are lots of icons available here which you could use: http://thenounproject.com/

Kind regards

I have a problem with google font. I need to change Merriweather font to another. I tried to change style.css and theme options, but without any result. Any idea what should I do to change that font?

Hi Guntars,

Make sure you change both the “Google Font” and “Google Font Name” field in “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options”.

If you’re still having trouble getting set up feel free to open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

I have a problem or two with the Portfolio webpage. >> First of all, what are the optimum dimensions for the slide images so that they appear correctly? >> How can I adjust so that the text that will appear underneath will be exactly or almost the same for all the portfolios entries. >> Third and more important, I do not see anywhere any way slideshow images!!! How can I do that???

Kind Regards.

Hi The_Jackal,

Thanks for purchasing!

1.) Slide images on the portfolio pages should ideally be 940×450 pixels

2.) I’m not sure I understand what you mean about the text length, could you give more details

3.) You mean slideshow images for the homepage? If so go to “Pages > Add New” and select “Homepage” from the “Template” selection. You can then go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings” and add slides in the “Slideshow” section.

If you have any other questions or want to reply could you open a support ticket here please: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com

Kind regards

Hi, It’s maybe simple question. I want to add the boxes and slide shaw on the top page, but I don’t know how to do it. I think I should add new block and new slide on the Theme Options. but after adding it there is blank on the top page. How can I do it?

Hi yosukeamano,

Thanks for purchasing!

So you’re trying to create the homepage right?

If so check out the section “C.1) Homepage” in the documentation (the documentation can be found in the “Documentation” folder inside the main download package).

If you have any other questions feel free to open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards