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Clean and Nice work! GLWS! :)

Thanks Mate!

Good productive work to showcase any thing online. Good work.

Very clean job!GLWS mate :)

it’s awesome and like it :)

Very elegant theme. Well done!

Looks great as always! GLWS! :)

Thanks mate

Nice work!!Good luck

Love your work. Wish you the very best with this one.
Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros,


Like this theme very much! But the demo is awfully slow, maybe check your hosting?

I’ll check it immediately!

Thanks a lot.

Hi, can you post a picture of the backend (options panel), then i know what is possible and if the theme is suitable for my client.

Hi please take a look at our documentation at

You can see some back-end options there. Normally not all of them because all pages have their own options etc

Best regards

Great one i really LIKE

Thank you!

Thanks so much mate :)


Can you tell me if these things are possible with the theme?

1. A fullscreen background picture. For example a big photo in the back of a brand page. Not in the white element but in the grey area.

2. The demo doesn’t show the typograpy options very well, maybe make a page where i can see H1 ? H5

3. I’m also curious how a full width page would look like. There is now no way to see this and to check the seo of a page.

Hope to hear from you.

Hi Arjan,

If you want we can do it for you, but for best practices it is not recommended to use h1 tag for every title.

Here is an article about SEO that shows the h1 tag usage.



Best Regards

Hi, thanks for another great reply. I would really like to use a

for every a content page title specially for the blog posts.

“The HTML h1 header tag is the first of the

pair. The text between these tags describes the “headline” of the content, just like a newspaper uses headlines. The h1 tag should contain your key phrase and should appear only once each on the page.”

As it says it’s like a Newspaper headline. Is this something you will add in a next update or do it buy the theme and you then customize it?

Also i would like to suggest to add a retina logo option to your next update.

Best Regards, Arjan

Hi Arjan,

For now we can do it for you, and maybe in the future we will integrate it on the updates. Also when you need to get an update, just contact us and we can do those updates for you.

Retina logo feature already exist in this theme, but If you add an image that is smaller than 500px it would show the logo on half size so the logo would be so small.

So all you need to do for using retina logo is to upload an image that is at least 500px.

Best Regards

Hello, The site we need to create will be in 2 different languages English/Spanish. I would like to know if its possible to add language options to the theme? Thanks!


This theme fully supports wpml plugin so you can make the 2 languages with that. If you have any trouble please contact us in the support forum.

Best regards

Love it! The design is great! Glws

Thank you very much :)

Hey, nice theme. Thanks!

A few things:

1. I don’t want the ajax loader to spin on every page – so i disabled ajax, but then if you’re on a page the “current menu item” doesn’t show up as a different colour. so you can’t see where you are within the navigation. is there a way for this to work (css?) or, alternatively, is there a way just to switch the ajax loader spinning thing off?

2. when you view the website on an ipad / iphone, and you switch to landscape mode, the logo at the top disappears – and the navigation becomes extremely narrow. why is this? and how do i change it just to be like the portrait view?

Hi Dianamoss,

Both of this issues can be fixed,

please send me your wp and ftp information via email at and I will fix tham asap.

Best Regards


Can a regular page also contain an image slider?



unfortunately we didn’t made any shortcode slider that can be used on any page. We will consider adding this feature on the next updates.

Best Regards

Hi Umbrella. I have 2 problems. The Custom CSS don’t work (I must change the global.css?) and how I can change logo position in main menu. I don’f find that in documentation. Thanks for help!

Hi there,

I guess the custom CSS didn’t work for you because you didn’t use ”!important” on properties. If you want to give a css property to a element that already has one, you should use !important because the custom CSS that you add form that field will be added in the header and than it will be override from the global.css that is called in the footer.

To center the logo you don’t need the options in header. You have 2 menus in appearance->menus (First menu and second menu) so (right menu and left menu). What you need is to create two menus and add items on it and then in manage location if you select the two menus the logo will be centred. If you select only the first menu the logo will be right and if you select the second menu the logo will be in the left.

Best Regards

Thanks a lot. Now all work well!

Glad to hear that.

Kind Regards


Beautiful and originale, nice!

Before I buy there is one thing that bothers me, it is very slow. Is this the hosting or the page?




Hi there,

There can be so many reasons that makes the website open slow.

Here is a website speed test result:

You can see that page size is 1.8 that is smaller than average of websites.

Best Regards

Hi, great job with this theme. It is mentionned on your “Feature List” but i do not see any .psd files in your package. Can you please me where i can find .psd files. Thansk

Hi there,

here you can download the PSD files: