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Very good theme. Any plans to add thumbnail navigation to the galleries?


thanks for your suggestion!

We can consider it on the feature updates.

Best Regards

“Dysania – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme” named plugin does not work. plugin publisher said it would be helpful of you to contact your kindly help


Please can you contact me in my email at and please can you be more specific of what is not working so i can have a closer look at this. Also don’t forget to send me the wp and ftp information so I can have access to your website.

Best regards

HI there,

this may have already been addressed but I was wondering what the dimensions are for the header logo image as well as homepage slider images.

If its in the documentation and I missed it please advise.

Many thanks,


Also, the dimensions for the projects would be good as well. <3


The logo will be on the original size but we limited the width not to be bigger than 250px and not higher tan 100px. If you upload an image that is 500px or higher it will also be retina ready.

Project posts listed on project page (large or small) should have the image at last 691×432px.

On the single project (galleries) in the boxed layout all the images will be in the original size.

For the images on home slider and project single with full layout should be cropped to fill the whole screen. The reason that it could not be shown on full size is because there are so many screen sizes with different aspect ratios and the image always should cover the whole window.

Ex. That’s say we use a landscape image (ex. 800×600) that is 4:3 proportion (aspect ratio) and it will look nice on a desktop display that is on the same aspect ratio but if you check it on a mobile usually 9:16 it will stretch the image so much.

So I am so sorry to say but mathematically there is no way to make an image full screen without hiding some part of it.

Best Regards

Is there a way to include the contact form on other pages as well via a “shortcode”?

Thanks, Tammi


No the contact form is only in the contact template included. But you can use contact form 7 plugin and with it you can add as many contact forms as you want.

Best regards

Wow, you are really fast to reply here :D. And you are also fast in your support?


We try our best on that.

Each ticket takes 24 hours to get the response.

Kind Regards

I am very impressed. My choice goes to developers who provide good & FAST technical support. You seem to be one of them .. so we will do business soon. Very soon…

Hi, first all of your designs are really great ! I have been looking for a wordpress template for months and nothing seemed to fit, until now ! I am really interested in this one but I have few questions.

- about the home page, the four different types (video, image, boxes..) are possible and we can change anytime without reseting everything or we have to chose one presentation and stick to it ?

- when it is the video homepage, is it possible to have text behind like when it is the image (text like “latest blogs”..) and also little images along this text (to present the main posts of the day for exemple) ?

- in “JOURNAL”; “single post”: is it possible to make a different image (the black and white in the background at the top) for each post ? and to insert images or videos within the text of the post ? And (sorry to many questions) to insert other things like the quotation mark (the one presented in the short codes), or a button that would lead to a following sentence in this text ? It may not be clear at all, but we want something responsive and lively even in the posts.

- I saw in your other designs that you had inserted music, is it something you can reproduce in one page of this design ?

I think it is already too many question, but it’s because I real love this one !

Thank you if you read everything and more if you answer, have a nice day !


I will try to answer your questions by the same order:

1. All home pages are separate page templates so you can use all of them in the same site and you will not get any conflict.

2. Unfortunately we didn’t integrate it on the home video template but it is easy to do. So If you need it just contact us and we will add this feature for you.

3. Yes, (in this case) the black and white image is featured image of the post so you can add different ones on each post and the blog content supports WYSIWYG editor so you can add your own markup or shortcodes. Blog posts also work with post formats like default, video, image and audio.

4. The theme nativly doesn’t support background music but if you need to use it on any page or post you can do it with any plugin like:

Also feel free to ask more questions and support ;)

Best Regards

Hello again,

One of the main reasons that i choosed this theme is because it was responsive, something that was very important for my client. Now however, my client wants to have the possiblity to ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE the responisveness (GRRR!!). I have told him that i would look into it. I know this theme is responisve by bootstrap (eh..right?), so do you know if there is anyway to force a iphone/ipad to view a site in a wider pixel dimesnion then its viewport? Like a jquery script or so? I wont have any problems in linking a button to the function. But im drawing blanks on google…

Do you guys know or can point me in the right direction?

Kind regards, /R

Hi Rajkut,

I really feel your pain :)

For some reason (that I never can understand) some of users want to disable responsive or to have an ability to do it.

Anyway we will integrate this feature and update the theme as soon as possible.

You will be notified when the update is out.

Best Regards

Hey again…

If i disable ajax option, footer is gonna broken when i choose a category from projects page.

Also portrait photos streching %100… Thats not good i think.


If you disable Ajax everything that will work with Ajax will be disabled so the filtering will redirect you to the category page.

If you want to disable Ajax and to let the filtering work with isotope please send me an email providing your wp and ftp information.

We created two options for project single page because some of the clients wants the image to display as it is (without cropping it) and the others does not care about it.

The full layout on this case will display the image on full screen (cropped) so even in portrait images it will make the image fit on the screen so there is no need to scroll down. (I think this is what are you looking for).

Best Regards

Hello, I’ve posted a support question in your forum regarding Internet explorer issues. The theme doesn’t seem to work well in IE and i need to fix this as soon as possible. Can you please get back to me as it’s quite urgent. Thank you


I already answered on the support forum.

Best Regards


Is this theme SEO optimized (is SEO friendly the same as SEO optimized)? Does it load fast (optimized spped)? Does it come with the contact form 7? Is it possible to integrate a slider into a blog post versus just one single picture? Same question with projects (for my portfolio), can I make it a slide show instead of one single picture? Love the look of this theme. Thanks!


SEO friendly markup means that the structure of the theme is made on that way so search engines will detect the website titles and post tiles easily. But for better SEO experience you may also need to use any plugin or get help from SEO professionals.

The theme is very light weight and that makes the theme work faster. But there are also other things that effect on the page load speed like, host and content on the page,.

The theme is not based on contact form 7 we build a native contact form but if you want you can easily integrate cf7 plugin.

Blog posts can be on standard, image, video and audio post formats but they are not made to display gallery so there is no slider integrated on blog posts. But the projects (or galleries) are exactly for this purpose and you can choose one of the two different layouts of the posts and also two different sliders with many options.

Best Regards

Is there a way for the [accordiongroup] shortcode to start closed instead of the first accordion being open?

Thanks, Tammi


sure it can be done.

Please send me your wp and ftp information and I will change the state for you.

Best Regards

What is the email that I need to send this information to?

oh sorry,

Best regards

Hey I was wondering if this would work with woo commerce or any other e commerce platform.


Parker theme has no integrated e-commerce plugin (like woo-commerce). You can install it by yourself but we can’t support integrating it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regrds

I am unable to submit a support ticket via your new ticket system. Says my purchase code is “Not Verified”.



Hi Tammi,

Can you please try to register on our support forum again and make sure that you use a same username used to purchase the theme.

Best Regards

I still can’t get in to submit a ticket.


ok, you can also send me emails to and I will support you there.

Best regards


A pre-purchase question. Would I be able to customized the navigation style for mobile to be the same as the navigation style viewed using computers.

Regards, Isabelle

Hi Isabelle,

do you mean to customize the responsive, or just the navigation ?

We will make an update including disable responsive feature but there is no way to make only the navigation menu stay the same way because it can’t fit on a small screens.

Best Regards

Is there a reason the scrollbars sometimes appear, sometimes do not on the service bucket page?

There doesn’t seem to be any logic to whether they appear…


That is a bug, but in fact it does have a logic.

The scrollbar appears when you refresh the page or ajax is disabled but we will fix this on a next update (probably this on the next week).

Best Regards

No, I mean the small scrollbars for the individual service sections. They should ALWAYS appear if the content extends past the bottom border, but they sometimes do not. Sometimes half of them show, sometimes 4/6. It’s completely random.

OK, I got it.

Thanks for reporting this problem. I didn’t notice it.

It happens because the scrollbars script is checking the content before some of images are loaded.

We will also fix this on the next update.

Thank you again.




It looks like you didn’t define the language.

Here is a good article with tips on how to do that:

If you have dificulties to translate it please contact me at providing the login information so I can do it for you.

Best Regards

I HAVE PROBLEM ” ” images are not in an order.

I solved this problem

Glad to hear that.

For any further help please feel free to contact us.


DO YOU SUPPORT e-commerce ( woo Themes)


Parker theme has no integrated e-commerce plugin (like woo-commerce). You can install it by yourself but we can’t support integrating it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regrds

Hi, I just purchased your theme and have set it all up put having some problems getting the results I’m looking for…

1. Is there any way of removing the categories menu. I have no use for it and haven’t added any categories. Still it leaves the word “All” on the page?

2. Is it possible to make a Project Template show Full sized images. It is essential for me to have this!


here it is:

@media (max-width: 1024px) { .responsiveMenuIcon { top: 115px !important; } }



You’re Welcome!

I am having some trouble trouble with your template. 1. How do you center the logo on the site? 2. what is the short codes to make columns? 3. Is there a way to make a better gallery then the one build into wordpress. I can’t get the images to pop up in a light box rather then go to a new page. Example is on


it looks like you didn’t use any page template. Parker theme is not a theme based on shortcodes, you can use shortcodes to make something more that templates offer.

So it is much easier to work with page templates instead of shortcodes. Also for the shortcodes we made a custom interface to make them easier.

Please read our documentation and you will see that everything is easier than you thought: 1. To centralize the logo please use two menus. Here is a how to link: 2. Here is a screenshot of layout shhortcode:

3. Projects are used as gallery in this template so instead of using gallery format on blog please create a project post.

Here is an example on how it will look like:

As you can see on the demo, Parker has no litebox but if you need it there are many plugins that you can use.

Best Regards

Great Thank you. So that shortcode generator does not appear for me but the other do (why I couldn’t find it in the first place) How do I get it did I not install something right?


Can you please send me an email providing your login information so I can check what is causing this problem ?

Best Regards