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Does your contact form prevent spam?


The contact form uses the recommended functions of wordpress for mailing.

Anyway if the IP address is spammed you have to contact your hosting provider.

You also have some anti spam plugins that might help for it.

Best Regards


I saw that my question is gone because of the new support form. But when are is the option for the custom background images on normal pages coming?

Best regards, Arjan

Hi Ajla,

I am so sorry for the late reply.

I will make a solution and send it to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.


Do you have already a solution? I really need to release this website. Am i the only one with this problem?

Hi Ajlia,

I am so sorry for the late reply.

Please send me an email at and I will fix this immediately.

Best Regards

Great, modern and easy to to use theme, compliments for such user friendly work.

Hi Salvix,

Thank you for such a nice compliments.

Best Regards


I’m trying to reduce the height of the header to make it a little slimmer. Can you please let me know how to do so?



Please use this code to change the height of headerr:

header { height: 140px !important; }

Change the parameter 140 by your needs and add this code to Theme Options > Main > Custom Code > Custom CSS.

Best Regards

Thanks for your reply.

This code worked to remove the space below the menu, but there’s still space above the menu. The menu isn’t vertically centred if I do this.

Can you provide me with the code to use to remove space above the menu, as well?



Sorry I forgot to show the code for item and logo height.

This one will change the item line-height: .navbar ul li a { line-height: 138px; }

And this one for top gutter of logo:

.logo.logo_left.logo_right { margin-top: 40px; }

Best Regards


nice theme! Anyway i have a requirement, can you take a look at this web?

please see at the left and there’s a moving image picture that describe each of their product, and once we click one of the image, it will go directly into the product page clicked before.

Can we do that on this theme?

I’m trying to make a home page which can show all my product withhout even have to scrolldown, and one of the way is moving and looping image as the button link.

Please advice Many thanks!


Unfortunately there is no option to do it but you can use home slider with autoplay option or home fancy to list all products without scrolling on page.

Best Regards

nice theme … i purchased it… kindly let me know… how can I add full width banner on any page under header ?



Parker theme has no option to do it but you can add it hardcoded. If you want it to look on all pages the best way would be to add it on header.php

If you’re not familiar with coding please contact me at and I will try to help you do it.

Best regards

Hi, I’m trying to change the size of the text in the Parker Home-BOX theme. Please help, thank you.


Use this custom code to change font sizes:

.home_box_bucket .bucketContent h2 { font-size: 30px; }

.home_box_bucket .bucketContent p { font-size: 14px; }

The first part is for title and the second one is for patagraph test on the box.

Feel free to change parameters by your needs.

You can add custom css code on Main > Custom Code > Custom CSS area.

Best Regards

Hello again!

My client wants the about us images to be three persons per “slide” instead of the default two. I kind of mananged to get 4 person per “slide” by altering the main_script.js to:

function aboutUs(){ // about us elements }

//var width = window.innerWidth;
var width = $(window).width();
if(width <= 480) {
    $('.fluidItem').css('width', (width / 1) -0);
else if (width <= 900) {
    $('.fluidItem').css('width', (width / 2) -0);
else if (width <= 1340) {
    $('.fluidItem').css('width', (width / 3) -0);
else {
    $('.fluidItem').css('width', (width / 4) -0);
callSly('basic', 'items');

The only thing that dont work that good is that you have to click twice on the right arrow to show the next slide of people. But anyway, is there a better way to show three perons inevery “slide”?

Great support here! Thanks for taking the time to custoumize it! But it dosent work that well :-(. The arrows works prefectly, you dont have to click twice to show all now. The problem is that the last person in the list (there is currently six people in my list) sometimes (depending on the browser width) gets shoved down to the next row. Hard to explain but something like this:

X X X | X X X

I would guess that this has something to do with if youre browser size is for example 1198 px wide it cant divide it in three. But thats just a guess… Maybe put a walker on the list and fix it with css; position: absolute, right:0px;?

BTW, im only expericing this in FF and Chrome. Not Safari…. Weird..


Firstly thank you for this perfect describing. It was so easy to figure out what the problem is. It happes because of the sub pixel problem of some browsers and that’s why we used a buffer (-2) on it.

Please change the buffer on this line of code to 3:
$('.fluidItem').css('width', (width / 3) - 3);
I guess line 260 or 261 on your case.

Best Regards

Hi, I’m trying to place a contact form shortcode into a layout shorcode but it seems that no works.

Could I do that?



There is no any contact form shortcode on Parker theme… Are you using any plugin for adding it ?

I would prefer to use contact page instead of custom plugins.

Anyway if you need to use any custom contact form please try to disable ajax from Theme Options > Main > Disable Ajax.

Best Regards

Hello and tanks for this superb theme. Love it!

Is it possible to change the color of the footer ? thanks :)


glad to hear that your happy with our support.

Please use this code and change the color on both places to make sub menu and it’s arrow same color:

.navbar ul ul { background:#e2e2e2; }

.sub-menu:before { border-bottom: 15px solid #e2e2e2; }

Best Regards

I think your the fastest i saw here … im looking to your portfolio, for furtur project. sorry about my poor english level.


Thank you for such kind words.

Also your English is as well as our’s :P

Best Regards

Is there a way to make the background in Home-box template scroll thru 5 pictures, or can it only be based on 1 image:

Thanks, Tammi

Hi Tammi,

It can be done with some customisation so please open a support ticket on than provide your WP and FTP details to make required changes.

Best Regards

Hey, am enjoying the theme but am coming across a few issues for me when using mobile devices to browse page…the main issue is…

When using a mobile device to view home page (Homebox template), the buckets with content just disappear when responsiveness kicks in, so to start with their are 3 buckets on home page but when looking using mobile the 2nd and 3rd buckets will be cut off or on a tablet the just the 3rd will be cut off.

My understanding of a responsive site, is that it would readjust the position so they appear under each other, i.e. extending the page to fit the content.

Could you help with this as I feel it is important that all the content is on the home page whether using a mobile or desktop to access.

Many thanks in advance.


Can you please send me your website’s URL so I can check what is wrong with positioning ?

Best Regards


in your template ‘about us’, i would like 3 members on the same page but “coast to coast” like that but responsive, can u help me ?



No need to change any part of the code. We will update the theme with some new features and one of them is changing columns in the about page.

So probably next week (Wednesday or earlier) we will release this update.

Best regards

Hi, thanks for this great theme, I hope we can make something beautiful out of it.

But first I would really like to know if it is possible to get the exact demo website in my own wordpress website before I start working on it.

I imported the XML file in my wordpress database, but is looks like this:

Thanks a lot!


Really glad to hear that you like the theme.

I can not view your site because you have a coming soon page.

Please send me an email to and I will check if everything is OK.

Best regards

Hi. Beautiful work. It’s possible to use sticky header ? Thanks


Unfortunately there is no option to do it but we may consider adding it on feature updates.

Anyway if you need it, you can contact me and I will do it for you.

Best Regards

I sent an email twice to you but still waiting for the reply kindly help me out by reply here or via email for the following message please…


Thanks for sharing your email ID with us. I like your theme and I bought it from theme forest. Kindly review this email completely then you will find out which kind of issues I am facing right now.

All I need only 6 static pages … no animation, no slider, just banners and text with header and footer (for reference kindly check attached pictures)

Now kindly visit the live website: ** Wordpress Login : * Username: * Password: *

1 – Home Page: If I use slider with static image for home page then image becomes scratched (because of slider type). and there is no option for banner. 2 – I need to use logo which shows as in attached pictures but when I try to use it online then it is not displaying in center horizontally … you can check the result on live website (URL in your email) 3 – Kindly also check ** and check the attached image of this page … picture again becomes scratched. Please let me know what kind of change will make page as picture 4 – I need to use red bar images and also other images as banner with 100% width (you can check this in attached pictures)

I don’t have any issue with hardcode If you let me know how to make one page as per my requirement then I’ll do the rest of website How can I remove map from contact page as you can see in attached picture

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi Kreative Worx,

We are so sorry for the late reply. Support tickets and emails might take a little longer on weekend. But I already replied to your email two days ago.

Than you for your understanding.

Best Regards

Hi, i have only one member at About Us page. I use About Us template like there : ( i need to center text and images. Can you help me?

And… it’s possible to had some html code inside Description ??

Thanks for your help !


Here are some screenshots for short-codes used in Parker theme.

We didn’t integrate wordpress native short-codes because we think that making the theme work with page templates is a better practice and easier for most of clients.

Anyway if you need customization we can try to make it for you.

Best Regards

Yes.. i have used that also but don’t work too. Anyway, il find another way to do what i want to do :)


If the custom short codes that we provide don’t work you need to send me an email at or open a support ticket in order to provide me with the ftp and wp information so I can check it out and fix the issue.

Best regards

This theme looks great, unfortunately most of the people viewing the website that I used this theme for use iPads. Every iPad that i’ve tested this on has crashed when visiting the any of the “projects” pages.

This is very unfortunate, and makes the entire theme unusable for me. Which is very sad, considering I spent the better part of 2 weeks gathering all of the images and text needed for the website.

I contacted support for this issue, and i’ve been given the run around. I’m hoping this public cry for help will awaken the author of the theme, and help me fix the issue. I have 1 day left until I must ‘think fast’ and fix this on my own, which will likely mean re-designing the entire website using another theme, thus asking for a full refund back.

I will post tomorrow and let you all know what happens.


I’m so sorry to heat that you have issues building your theme.

After your first request I tested your website and also the demo site on my iPad and it worked well.

Right now I don’t have any iPad to check it out but I will do it tomorrow whenever I go to my office.

I just saw that provided links use layer slider plugin that is not buld-in with Parker theme so maybe you have to contact the author of the plugin if the issue is caused by that plugin or any other plugins.

Anyway I will try to do my best to help you with this problem even if you want refund from ThemeFores.

Best Regards

@snapcouch : i have an Iphone 4, V 7.1.1 and all work very well. I have no problem : pages, services, menu, etc..

maybe you have changed some css ou files?

@barreoblique It works on iPhones. I’m talking about iPads, There are 2 versions of the iPad we have (Original and brand new one) and both crash when visiting ANY of the ‘project’ pages. on iPad. everything else works (iPhone loads SLOWW but still works)