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beautiful and neat design, but its crazy-slow to load, probly because of the full-screen images. ;)

thanks for the kind words and for the note. I reduced the images quality :)

hi. I want to buy this template but can you first fix the IE8 slowness? It moves in slow motion with delay on IE8 .

Thank you, Daniel


i can’t reproduce the slowness issue in IE8 .

To make some test you have IE8 installed? You try with another tool to test it in IE8 ? You have IE9 installed and change browser mode to IE8 to test it?


In the demo.. the booking part not works.. Is prepared to do something that part?, at least a form with the date, nights, adults and chidren, with name, email,, etc. ?

Regards Nestor


it is a HTML template. The form has been setup, but you must make the code to process it.


Thanks for your quick answer…

I know is an HTML template.. but as many HTML templates here in themeforest.. even if they offer HTML , in this case with the booking part, other templates included the section to finish the process.

The php code is not the more important, is very simple to send the data of the form by email using the mail() function. The problem appears for example.. when the user pick the arriving date, the nights, the adults and the childs, and press in “check”.. still need to add his name, email, phone number, etc.. and send everything by email to the site owner. And that part must to be done in HTML following the same design and layout :)

Can i explain myself ?.. i not talk about the php code itself, but the necessary forms and steps to finish the process, adapted to the layout.

For example : or also or

I like YOUR layout.. but is important to get all the process in the booking and the contact form, to adapt the forms and the result page to the current layout :)

Juts my 5 cents..

Regards and thanks for your attention :) Nestor

Thanks for the notes.

Our market research before we released the template, showing to us that extremely low number of hotels / resorts using a traditional contact form in their sites for booking.

Most of them have cooperations with services that handling the booking process and usually using a similar form that you see in our template (that mainly is an embed code).

Really, i don’t believe that a traditional contact form for booking is usable for any hotel / resort.

Just my 5 cents :-)

You right !!

is real you are saying me :)

The point is.. that happens normally in USA , EU.. (first world) I´m in Argentina.. here.. almost none hotel, cabins complex.. etc.. uses the services of those corporations.. all them are little ones familiar companies and needs to manage the booking stuff without any thirdparty company..

Regards and many thanks again for your attention…


We setup a registration process in the template. Thanks for the notes, again!

Hi, audemedia

In the demo I can see that there’s a “choose your language” combo but it doesn’t work (I guess becuase the theme is not translated to any of the other languages). However, can I assume that the theme is ready for translation?

Thanks a lot


it is a html template and of course it is not translated. All texts are lorem ipsum and there is nothing to translate :-)

the dropdown menu with languages is there to add the languages that you need and define the links for the different language versions.

thanks for interest.

i purchased this file and did not realize it was just html file, do you have any plans of creating a wordpress template.

unfortunately, no plans for creating this template to a WP theme.

As i know, there is a policy to ask a refund, but i don’t know if Envato covering your case. Take a look here

no worries, u could sell a lot more if you turned into wordpress though

Hi audemedia, I have purchased the template, however having some trouble finding where the change the location for the map on the contact page. In the documentation, it mentions it’s in app.js, but I can’t find the option there. Apologies if I have missed something. Please could you help? Many thanks.


thanks for purchasing :-)

In app.js you can update the location about the weather. You can upate the location for contact map in contact html line 295.

Hi !

Amazing theme, i buy it for made my website but i got some problem with the reservation.php page. I change nothing except the mail adress, my name and translate in french the english message show on the screen only, i don’t touch the code and i got some error :’(

Can you help me a little by check please ? my website is : Thanks for your kindness

Message send ! Thank you for your willingness to humble customers.

To all people who will read this message : you can order safely with this guy, he is very kind and help you without any problem. I recommand 200% ! Thanks for your help.

many thanks for this comment.

Hello! I bought this theme, but i’ve made a mistake, i thought that i can install this theme to wordpress. :/

Do you have WordPress version of this theme ? Please, kindly let me know.

Best regards, Piotr


sorry but it is available only as HTML template.

You can request a refund from Envato, but i don’t know if the wrong purchase covering by Envato refund policy. Take a look here or open a ticket to Envato.


I am having trouble with my contact form. My site has been uploaded here for test:

Thank you too.

You need to working with 3 files :

1) the page that you have the contact form -> add the extra fields that you want

2) javascripts/contact-scripts.js -> define the new vars for the extra fields (line 9) and add the serialize data (line 16)

3) sendmail.php -> you need to define the new fields there.

Another problem I just recognized,

I filled the reservation form and I got this mail where some fields are showing UNDEFINED !

Name: Al Nawaz E-mail: age Type: Arrival Date: undefined Nights: undefined Adults: undefined Children: undefined

mail test

Sorry, just redownload the template and look carefully to the code. You changed things when you customized the template to your needs.


My client wants to use the registration process. I am having some problems setting it up. As you retrofitted it, no information on this topic is int he documentation.

What files should i change. What should i do with the PHPMAILER folder ? I’m confused as you can see.


the registration process is working, in a basic mode as it is a HTML template.

If you need to do some changes you must working with booking form in each page, the reservation.php that has the final submission form, the javascripts/reservation-script.js file that has the validation and ajax script and the reservatiomail.php that sending the final email.

The PHPmailer folder has the script that sends the e-mail. You don;t need to change anything there.

Thanks for the answer.

So we must be failing to set-up the SMTP.

It displays any error when trying to send the final e-mail?

Please send me the url to hello[at] to take a look. Maybe i can help you to resolve the issue.

sent a message at the author in regards to the map. Other than that, amazing work.

Hi, great theme, i would like to purcahse it. Pls the booking form is ready or i need to create the php file?

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

great my friend…thanks!!

something else pls…the weather supports only english language or i can have greek characters?



only english unfortunately.

Dear audemedia, if i purchase your theme is it possible to help me change the Home Tab in menu with the Home Icon? i need 9 menus and if we can make the Home—> Icon i can have more space.

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

I purchase it!! Thanks for the theme!!

thanks for purchasing!

Thanks for creating! :-)

Dear audemedia, a couple questions pls…

1. in the default files, in every page except reservation.php the booking form is not working as it is in the demo site, i mean when you are for example in index.html and type arrival date, adults, nights, children and prss Check, the reservation.php open bua the data are not in orange “Reservation section…i copy the form data from reservation.php to other pages and pls look what i get <?php echo $_POST…(and not working):

2. If i choose from menu Gallery or anything from menu, i would like the Tab that is active to have an other color from the menu, exaclty like the hover in menu, but in click to stay, so someone to know in which tab is!

3. In gallery i have choose… #simple2 for all tabs, but always in refresh the first tab is in simple1 and if i click on the second tab and the again in the first tab the issue is resolved. Why this happend pls?

<dd class=”active”>?? ???????(Rooms)</dd> <dd>?? ?????????? ?????(outside)</dd> <dd>H ???(view)</dd> </dl>

Kindest Regards, xrisxal2000


1. The template that you’ve downloaded working as the demo. Here it is, i uploaded this to show you that you something make wormg with your modifications to the template ->

But also, in your url i see that works. Things that i see in your url are variables in the reservation form fields (doesn’t work cause you have a php variable in a html file) and and a > character before the nights, adults, children. Maybe, you need to redownload the template and make the modifications you need to the reservation form from the beginning.

2. This is has to do with the block grid that includes the photo. For example, “block-grid five-up” displays 5 photos in a row, “block-grid four-up” 4 photos in a row, “block-grid three-up” 3 photos in a row. Just change the ul before photos to each tab according to your needs.


Super great my friend!!! thanks you have 5 stars from me!!

Hi, i receive an error in weather scrpt… pls visit it’s something with the server probably. in the demo i just see it’s the same

Kindest regards, xrisxal2000


yes, probably it was a temporary problem of Yahoo weather API. It works ok now.


Dear audemedia, i would like your help pls. what code i must add in html in order to add a ribbon in the last tab in Rooms—> Luxury suite?

I have a ribbon icon, i want to emphasise the last tab. Can you pls help me with that, it’s really important.

Kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Many thanks my friend i will send it to you, in 5 minutes!!


After 44 purchases i must say that you have the best support ever!!!

Thank you for your awesome support. It’s really important for people with less knowledge!!:-)

Kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Thnx for the kind comments :-) Really appreciate.