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Good job, using it right now :-)

Thanks kaanmijo :)

Nice work…...I just have one recomendation…..I think that a dropdown menu works better when the screen is not long….because the menu dont look nice in small screens…...thanks and cheer form Colombia

hello simonbeat,

Thanks for your suggestion i will apply this in my next update. If you like my template don’t forget to rate. :)

Hi, mannatstudio, i just rate it with a big 5…..thanks a lot for your time….I really apreciatted your work.


Hi man, I have a question…..how can i change the text from the validate of the contact form…

I want to change “Please enter a comment.” “Please enter a email” etc…..thanks for your time

Thanks simonbeat, for showing interest in my template. To change text for contact open js/custom.js and find contact_form from here, you can change the setting for contact form.

For more support please use profile id page.

Regards Mannat Studio

Portfolio filters not working

Its working at my end. Please check again…:)

Hi, same here, the menu is great with 4 tabs, assuming it is possible to add a 5th etc etc, if so the menu wouldnt work if it doesnt auto change to a drop down.

Any ideas when your update will be? Want to purchase but this prevents me because I am migrating from an old one-page and currently need 5 tabs possibly a 6th and it must look as sexy on the iphone as any other medium.

Lovely template btw :)



Thanks for your suggestion soon i am going to make update to this. May in next week. :)

ok, please can you keep me posted on the progress? I need to get started on a project very very soon and would like to use the updated version :) Keep up the great work!

Nice design , thanks!

Thanks for this kind words, don’t forget to rate it. :)

Live preview not works! actually, your hosting is down! :/

Fix the live preview, now you can check it. :) Thanks

Hi mannatstudio :-)

Can you please update Twitter timeline to the new API ? Cause does not work.

Thank you

PS: If is possible because Twitter discontinued its unauthenticated v1.0 API And also can you improve a documentation about this theme?

Thanks, that was quick update :-), but can you look at my site? Something is wrong witch style switcher and twitter timeline icon (when switch style). TEST SITE: http://benecore.devpda.net

Yes, the icons come double, but my live works fine. Let me check what’s the issue with this. :)

Sorry, i bother you :-), but how can i set default color theme and background, without active switcher? And also how can i use my twitter account for the timeline? Which line of code is for set Twitter timeline? “ “

BTW: Better docs will be good for the theme.

Thank you for your time.

Hello Buyers

The twitter api has been changed, please download the latest version.

Please if you download this theme, don’t forget to rate it. :)

Regards Mannat Studio

Hi, contact from is damaged, please, repair it. Thank you so much

PS: Email from contact form still moves to SPAM folder.

I will check and update. :)

Oki, thx

Hi, again it’s me :-) Please, look at the Font awesome icons, too. Because on some browser (usually mobile browsers) like Opera mini, Opera mobile, Nokia Web browser etc… these icons doesn’t show correct.

Thank you
Best regards
DevPDA – Software development

It works fine on mobile browsers too. I am checking on my micromax canvas 2. :)

Ouch, man, sorry ;) . I forgot that i’ve installed latest version of Font awesome 3.2, older version works great in your theme. So, i went back to an older version.

PS: Maybe you can add support for latest version of Font Awesome in the next update. THX

DevPDA – Software development

Let me make update for this. :)

Another question How can i modify or add new Tabs to navigation. If i add new tab then theme automatically redirect homepage to this tab. And also how can i change AHREF for each tab:

<li class="tab"><a href="#social" class="social"><span class="icon-wrap"><i class="icon-briefcase" /></span>Portfolio</a></li>

to this:

<li class="tab"><a href="#portfolio" class="social"><span class="icon-wrap"><i class="icon-briefcase" /></span>Portfolio</a></li>

if i change AHREF then theme expand all tabs. THX

I have to check what wrong with your code. :)

How do I add a You Tube icon? And how can I set it to use the green and the black background? I do not want people to use the styleswitcher. I will be sure to rate.

I sent you an email. Thx

Just reply on email. :)

Hi, I’m trying to insert a link from a word inside the home tab to the Contact tab, my html5 is very limited so maybe it’s a stupid question but I can’t find the way to do it.

Thank you

Helllo, can you please tell me in more detail what exactly you want to do and where. Please use contact form from my profile page to send the details. Support is provided through contact form.

Regards Mannat Studio

twitter is not working, there’s no clear instruction in the docs about it—how do I edit this?

Twitter will not work on local machine, you have to upload it to server.

For changing twitter username, go to custom.js and find tweet in it. Just change my username with your.

Thanks, I had it on a server, but wasn’t sure where I had to update it. Works like a charm!

Please contact from our profile page contact form.

i think u r indian…

That doesn’t make any sense. But I am not. :)

How to change the Main color ?!!!

Ask for support from profile page contact form. :)

please share to me free please

Pleas contact us from our profile page for support. :)

The demo has 4 tabs that condense nicely on mobile. What happens if I add a 5th or 6th? How will the mobile version respond?

If you have more than 4 links for your website, the menu can be set with some little customization for mobile version. Mail us with your ftp login details so that we can do it for you :)

Question on the “Portfolio” items. Can each individual “item” have its own series of photographs? I may want to use this for my photo gallery type of vcard. It looks like that arrow that appears just cycles through all the photos in the entire portfoilio section….

Hello, you can create a gallery type in prettyphoto instead of rotating all images.