Discussion on Pasific | Professional Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Discussion on Pasific | Professional Multipurpose HTML5 Template

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برای خرید وسایل صنعتی با بهترین قیمت و مناسب ترین کیفیت برای راه اندازی و افتتاح خط تولید خود می‌توانید با شرکت مهان صنعت ارتباط برقرار نمایید. اوواش(ماسه‌شوی دینامیکی) در مهان صنعت در مهان صنعت یکی از محصولات بسیار باکیفیت و فوق‌العاده است که برای شستن ماسه و ریزدانه‌های صنعتی کاربردی و مناسب می‌باشد.

I got this template from the Envato Elements. I love the site. However, visitors to my site that click on a link are sent to malware the first time they click. After that, the links work fine. I’ve scanned my servers and it came back clean, but I can’t find the code that’s causing the issue. Even though I love the template, I would steer clear until it’s changed.

Disregard – the offending code was found. Someone in my organization added code that was corrupted. Pasific works beautifully now. It has a great layout and is easy to work with.

my friend buy this template. but send.php doesnot work in contact form. It says mail is not sended

Hello, please help us, we buy this item from this site: https://abpaksazan.com/category/water-treatment/ro/ how i can get new update from there ? is this site your reseller or partner ?

Please!!! Add a Blog Section !! THKS!!!

I purchased Pasific | Professional Multipurpose HTML5 Template to be installed on my wordpress website. When I installed it on my GODaddy server, I received an error saying it misses style.css stylesheet and therefore this theme can not be installed.

Hey, demo site gives warning form malwarebytes.

Hi, demo does not work.

hello… thank you for the info. I forgot to continue the hosting. the demo will be back soon..

thank you :)

preview ready to be accessed :)

Ohh great!! Thanks :)

Hi there.

Would it be possible to combine carousel-slider, polygon points and image-parallax together in the header?

So that one has the slider/carousel like here:

Polygon points like here:

And the parallax effect like here:

Thanks – would buy this theme immediately if this is possible!

theme bought – hope you are right and you can fix this…

we will do the best for our customers.. :)

as you couldnt solve this problem: please refund my money as promised – to make me a happy customer! ;-)

Hi when we open the website for the first time, it does not display the top portion of the home page except header. it does not show banner and other sections. After header, it only shows bottom part. When we refresh it, it works fine. This is intermittent problem, so if we refresh the page 10 times, this problem occurs 3-4 times. Please help.

I tried opening the template and it opens perfectly. So, it could be related to some of the changes that we did. We are investigating it. Sorry for commenting in hurry. Also thanks for sending the quick reply in email even when the item is not supported.

hey mate..

We are happy to help you, sorry just reply your message.. good luck for you. for other questions, please send to our support team at support@myboodesign.com

thank you :)

Hello, please help us, we buy this item from this site: http://www.rtl-theme.com/?p=38756 how i can get new update from there ? is this site your reseller or partner ?


Thank you for your information about the item that sold in other marketplace. Yes, we have partnership with other item, but in Themeforest, not in other marketplace. I think I need to talk to someone regarding the item.

thank you so much..

Contact forms and page links do not work on mobile display

This theme does not support but is still ready for sale!!

I am sorry for your problem.. next month, we are going to release the update pack for this item.

if you want to refund your money, I think you can do that :)

Hi I know that there is no more support for this product. But, is it the way to make the menu scrollable when it collapses in mobile device view?. It can not show all items if I use a few .title

is this item still supported/updated?

Hello schoaf.. we dont support this item anymore. but dont worry man, you can purchase it, if you found any big problem, you can request to refund your money.

thank you :)

I see you no longer support this item. Will you at least answer here for your other valued customers in case they have the same issue? Shouldn’t be a big question to answer.

I cant get multiple Owl Carousels to work while on the same page. How can I fix this? What am I doing incorrectly?



I contacted you by email because I can’t find how to configure the main slider used for instance at the home page “Carousel 1 Header Sticky”. I’d like to change the time of the transition between slides and I can’t find it either at main.js or anywhere. Can you tell me at which file are these parameters?

Thanks! :)

Hello sagilica..

thank you for contacting me.. I will check your problem now..

thank you :)

Hello. Your contact form has a Website field which does not show up in a Sent Email, so it is kind of useless. This would be better as a Phone field that actually works – where to change..?

Hello eyecue… can you send me your live website that you build from Boo..

thank you :)


I really like your template and am planning to buy it. But I wanted to be sure it works on all browsers. I opened your live preview demo in Windows 10 Edge browser and I do not see it the same as I see in Chrome. Is this how your template works or is this a bug? You can see the problem here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4HTe2W4mCU

Thanks Gerry

hello meetgerry,

thank you for visitingg my item. I have checked your video.. I am sorry about that, we will try to fixed the bug.

thank you :)

Thanks, please update me here if its done so that I could test before I purchase.

Hello. Current posted version says 1.0.5, the current downloadable version is 1.0.2…?

Hello eyecue.. thank you for purchasing our item. actually I have been uploaded the latest version. But, I dont know wht in envato available only version 1.0.2.

I still can help you, please contact us at support@myboodesign.com to get in touch with us.

thank you :)

Love this design. Just wondering if there is a way to make the list and grid view switch work in the store? It’s there but does not actually do anything. is there a way to make the switch change views? without changing the page?


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