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Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

I don’t think it is made clear enough that this is a not a regular theme, but an ‘adobe muse’ theme. If you don’t have Adobe Muse, and don’t wish to purchase the $1000+ programme, then you can’t actually use this theme.

I purchased this theme not knowing that, and have been trying to use it with a 30 day trial of Adobe Muse, but still can’t get it to work.

The instruction manual lacks instructions. For example, it says “Editing the text 1. Open the Edge Animate File”

but I don’t know what file that is, or how to access or edit it. The manual lacks explanations.

From what I can see on this page, there is very little reviews on it too. I have no idea if I’m going to be able to get it working at this stage.

To be honest I think I would just prefer a refund. The theme is not simple to use, and I’ve already spent 2 entire 12 hour days trying to figure it out. I finally thought I had it figured out, and then when I returned to the internet this morning I discovered it isn’t figured out afterall.

Problems 1) this is the site I created with it when you scroll down – the background images turn black half way. This problem went away for a couple of hours last night, but is back

2) this theme does not work on an ipad whatsoever

3) it seems to have no SEO support. You don’t seem to be able to add any seo anywhere

Really disappointed – unhappy customer

Refunds are something you would have to take up directly with theme forest support staff

Unless the seller is happy to help with these 4 problems, I’d just like a refund as it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to.

1) The site I have been working on is located at if you scroll down, the background images keep turning to black or appearing as black. I believe this is caused by the edge animation but not sure.

2) It doesn’t work on an ipad or iphone in any way shape or form. It’s grossly misagligned to the left

3) no seo support or no way to add seo that I can see

4) are additional pages possible?

5) I keep getting an error message saying the form is set up for but I deleted the forms that were setup by default, at least I thought I did?

So I am considering purchasing this theme, however when I try to preview the mobile site on a mobile device many of the pictures align left with only half the picture showing.

Why am I having this problem?

There is a possibility that one of the elements is bigger than the layout and this is causing it, I will address this and repair