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Very nice theme, GLWS!


Very nice theme. Grade A on the typography. Good luck with sales. :)

Clean and very cool theme. Good luck with your sales :)


Good work ;) Many sales.


Great work , good luck


Clean Design :0


This is a really lovely looking theme! Really great work VDA! :) I’m proud to be the first purchase! I wish you luck with more! :) This theme has a very sophisticated, flat and modern look. I’d recommend this to anyone! Look forward to more releases from you!


I’m new to Concrete 5.

Is it better than Wordpress?


Its a great CMS. In my personal opinion I would have to say yes. Its a lot more intuitive and has the potential for much easier scalability. For example, I’ve built the backend for an ipad application entirely using concrete5.

Give it a try, it couldn’t hurt.


Has no features = (


Concrete5 has tons of features including:

WYSIWYG text editor
In-context editing toolbar – change your website as you surf!
Automatic navigations – add a page anywhere and it's updated everywhere
Preview your changes before publishing
Track versions, and compare differences between them
File manager with bulk upload and image manipulation using Picnik (Picnik integration in v5.3)
Detailed permissions – create editor groups, approve content, and see an audit trail
Drag-n-Drop content around your pages.
Scrapbook lets you copy content and functionality from one part of your site to another
Integrated spellchecker
Flexible meta data & vanity URLs for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Easy Google Analytics integration
Integrated help system with commercial support options (v5.3)
Automatic add-on & theme installation (v5.3)
An open marketplace of add-ons
Content scheduling – write something now, and have it go live automatically later
Out of the box includes a photo slide show, You Tube integration, guestbook, Flash support, polls, surveys, search, RSS, secure file distribution, Google Maps, and a form generation tool

Thanks, thevda

Your Demo is going to a page cannot be found.


Thanks for the response. This issue has been resolved.

Thanks! theVDA

Would this work with an E-Commerce site? –

- I think I want to switch over from WordPress to Concrete5 – I think its simpler for editing for my mother, as she is a bit computer troubled. :)


Yes this would work however you just need to ensure you can set the e-commerce portion up. This is not an e-commerce theme.

Thanks! theVDA

Could you help me with that?

Im new to C5

Hello, sure however I’m going to need a little bit more information about your e-commerce solution. Also keep in mind that setting up your commerce solution is beyond the scope of theme support since I would essentially be working for you. As a result there would be a payment.

Thanks, thevda

Hi, just purchased passport. Is there a way to get the exact theme as shown in the market place. The homepage is exactly what I need and will customize once I get your original layout. or a video of how you made the home page?

Maybe I am not doing it right.


Yes, I am working on a xml file that will allow you to do a one step installation that will import all of the basic content. Stay tuned.

Thanks, thevda

Hi, wanted to check and see if its been completed? Thanks in advance

Hello Anna,

Unfortunately, Concrete5 going to support data extracting until the next version. Stay tuned, I will add it asap!



This theme is great. Just having a few small hiccups that I’m trying to determine. Ie. with the slider, how do we have each text on the slider position in a different location ie. the right?



I will be glad to help you with this. That is an excellent question. I just checked and there is currently no way to specify this. We will add this feature to a later version. My apologies on the inconvenience.

Thanks! theVDA

Awesome, that’d be great.

Also, how do we change the slider time that it waits? I’ve found how to change the length of the transition but really just need slides to stay on for a few seconds longer :)



Thanks for your patience, I will also be adding this to the next version of the theme.

Thanks, thevda


I re-read the instruction and was able to get this thing working. This is a great theme and very easy to setup too. Great work.

Is there a way to put the view gallery, book now button to the right of the image??

Thanks great work.


I just took a look at your site and it looks responsive to me. What issues are you having?


VDA, Firstly I am very happy with my purchase, so all this question is to help my shortcomings and not the theme. I got mobile responsiveness figured out, but I have another issue on the desktop list. The homepages list spacing is not showing up right. Do I need to have the same amount of content for the list to align?? thanks for all the help.

I have figured it out thanks

Hey guys, posted before but because it was a comment, might not have come through.

How do we change the slider time that it waits? I’ve found how to change the length of the transition but really just need slides to stay on for a few seconds longer.


Thanks for your feedback. Currently there is no way to manage this but it will be added to the next version of the theme.

Thanks, thevda

Hi, what means “New Contact Form Design” and why can’t I see a contact form in the demo? What means “Weekly Downloadable Content”? Regards Torsten


I will be more than happy to help you. The contact form styles are put in place for the Concrete5 built in form module. I’ll update the demo to include this if your interested. As for downloadable content, we make updates to the theme based on user feedback and supply that to you free of charge!

Best Regards, thevda

Hi thevda,

thanks for the reply. Yes, it would be nice to see the C5 contact form in action.

Best Regards


Sounds good, will do!

Great theme! – only concern is that the menu disappears when making my browser window smaller (only on Chrome)


That’s a strange issue. I’m looking at it right now in my chrome with no issue. Which version are you running if you don’t mind me asking?


Hi this theme looks really great, since am new to this i want to know if is possible to keep the menu in a fixed position (so when scrolling down the menu will be always visible). Moreover is easy to change the menu color and in general the colors in the theme?

thnxs charis


Do you have this resolved?


unfortunately i havent


It’s been a while since we’ve spoke. I’ve been talking to someone via email and I just realized this person isn’t you. To achieve the fixed menu, simply add the following CSS.

    #preheader { 


how is possible to have the text in the slider in different positions like the demo?

Regards, Charis


Yes this is possible however its not currently a setting in the CMS. Standby, I’ll add this feature in the next 24 hours.

Thanks, thevda

hi its me again. the theme looks great, with some extra work in code it is fantastic and the one for my needs. I have one more issue. The menu,header is not showing in some screen resolution, or ipad. In mobile version seems ok. Any ideas?

thanks, charis

the menu is still not their on mobile devices!!!!!!!

Can you send me a link so I can take a better look? thats the link but if you also check your demo page is the same. the menu dissapears in mobile version