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I updated to the new version. When I go to manage slider to save changes I get the following error

mysqlt error: [1054: Unknown column ‘passOrientation’ in ‘field list’] in EXECUTE(“UPDATE btPassportSlider SET passTitle = ‘Now Departing’, passDescription = ‘THERES NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW, BOOK A FLIGHT’, passPhoto = ‘14’, passCaptionLinks = ‘



BOOK NOW ’, passSequence = ‘1’, passOrientation = ‘right’ WHERE bID = ‘6’”)

VDA – I uninstalled and reinstalled as you said. But, I do not see a Frontpage option anymore??

Ok figured it out. Thanks


Hi TheVDA, I’m kinda new to Concrete5. Step 3 in the manual is this: 3. It’s strange, but you’re almost finished with the theme installation. Now open your dashboard and go to ‘Packages’ tab (since concrete 5.2.0 )

For the life of me I can’t seem to find the Packages tab in my dashboard. I’m running concrete5 latest version. Please help.


I will be glad to help. The packages section has now been replaced with a new name. So instead, look for “extend concrete5” on your dashboard page. You will find it here.



Hi VDA, can I send you a private message with my login details? I have the theme set up now, but the 2 Column and 3 Column pages types are nowhere to be found. I can give you my login details.

Are you still needing help on this? I see your message above for a refund.

Hi VDA, I’m gonna refund this one. It’s not the same as what’s on the demo site. The 2 Column and 3 Column pages types are nowhere to be found and I don’t have the time to be tinkering with the theme.


I’m sorry for your confusion but this is explained in the documentation. It works exactly as the demo and I will be glad to help you get started.


Thanks TheVDA, but I’ve given up on this.

Simple and Nice. good luck with sales;


Hallo, I have installed the theme, it works, can add content etc. However … I have no Header navigation control, and it does not read the sitemap structure. Same for the footer – I have no editable field to change content. How does this work? Thanks, Bart

Thanks for your purchase. Send me a link to your site so I can better assist.

I do not wish to publish url, please mail me directly – mail as on sales transcript.

Just send me a message using the form on my profile page.

I am getting the error css cannot be found, even though within the themes folder with passport the file is there. Any suggestions?

Yes, make sure you are putting this theme in your packages directory. Once here follow standard procedure for installing a package. This is a theme package and needs to be installed as such.

Let me know if you need anything else!

This is the second time I have asked….. thinking I want a refund instead.

I have gone through the documentation and followed what it says, but to no avail. I continue to get the error css not found. The file is there, but the package is not being read. I need a solution ASAP or a refund.

Send me a link to your server and I’ll get you started.

As a 10 year wordpress veteran, I am fluent in setting up themes. My server links are attached to organizations that require a lengthy process of approval to allow third party vendors access, therefore, I do not give access to them. Because of my knowledge of wordpress typically is why my firm gets hired for projects; no need for outside assistance of third party companies.

I have done every step within your instructions precisely, and to no avail. The theme does not install, and is not recognized by wordpress in any form. I am aware it is a package and have done exactly what you have recommended, and still nothing. Due to the timeline my firm is working with, there is not time to deal with the issue. Another solutions has already been searched out and implemented.

I am requesting a refund now for this purchase and have deleted all files from my machines that are associated with this theme. Please expedite my request so that I can close this out on my books. Thank you.

I will be happy to assist however this is completely in the hands of the Envato Market. The confusion here is that you think you have purchased a Wordpress theme. However, this is a Concrete5 theme which is a completely different CMS. This is the reason it is not installing.

If you are interested in learning how to set up a Concrete5 theme, we just finished a video series to help users like yourself get started. Let me know and I will be glad to assist you.


So I bought this theme a little over two months ago, I had problems with uploading it to my website. I contacted TheVDA and asked for assistance in which they responded and told me that a video would be coming out soon that would help me figure out my problems. Trusting their word, I waited for two weeks but to no avail. I then sent an email asking for a refund since I wasn’t getting any use of the theme. I am still waiting on a response.

The video is available. We just submitted it to themeforest and you will be notified when it is available.


Had to smile to myself about it not working in Wordpress :)

Haha, yes.

Hi, Is there any new update for this theme?, also will this theme work with additional add on’s, like forums or ecommerce store.

pls advise.

Yes, there will be a new update in the coming weeks. :)

HI there, I Would like to know, if you are currently supporting new purchasers for your this product. I like to buy this script, but don’t want to get stuck with it, when I find out, I can’t even obtain basic installation support or have bugs in the script and the author doesn’t answer.

could you please advise and respond to my question above. thank you.

Hi, yes we are supporting new users.

HI, Just bought, your instructions for installations are either incomplete or they are not fitting to the latest version of concrete5, there is no folder called packages as you stated in the help doc, can you please advise earliest, how to make an install with the latest version.


This theme is designed for concrete5.6 and lower. Concrete5.7 first stable release was launched in January and was a major overhaul of the system.

As a result, we have not yet made the transition as most authors have not yet. Go ahead and download 5.6 it’s a very complete version.

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