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A small fix is needed as of Chrome version 29 which identifies itself as touch-enabled and confuses the javascript.

I changed lines 6 and 19 of app.js (the window.Touch lines) to:

if(('ontouchstart' in window) || window.DocumentTouch && document instanceof DocumentTouch) {

Afterwards, I tested it in Chrome and my iPhone and it’s working again.

This is a beautiful admin but I am most interested in the mobile web app but the link mentioned in the description appears to be broken. I am referring to: on your iPhone. Can you please provide a new link or fix that one?

I think you can point your phone here:

Doesn’t work.

“Please pick a user!” Picked up and nothing happen.

Hi folk, your theme is beautiful and thus just purchased it but think something is missing. The downloaded file is 33.198.857 bytes. Login page doesn’t work. Most of the examples doesn’t work (map, montage, ....). Even the online demo is not working. Please can you help me with a fully working version?

Thank you in advance. Massimo

to mzallocco

visionspin’s fix will help

This is one of the BEST theme I’ve seen so far, period! Quick question, where & how can someone use this?

can anyone point me in any direction with info how to make a actual admin template out off this ? i know frontend HTML and CSS but im new to this one and want to learn :) thanks for reply

Trying to check out the template.. asking me to select a user.. Not working. Please help. Thanks!


I love your work have a project i would like to get started on! are you available for hire?

Please email me at

Regards, Alex

This theme is very beautiful, however functionally I have a question about the tiles. It seems that the CSS pops the tiles off the screen as you go to a smaller screen, so is there another menu in which those tiles are visible so you can continue to access the links they provide, or are the tiles just not visible at smaller resolutions? If they are not visible at smaller resolutions I would suggest reworking the menu system to provide access to them.

amazing stuff, love this!;

Why fonts referred to your domain? domain is currently unavailable. Please correct the problem

Tried this in chrome and when you pick a user nothing happens

Live does not work.