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WOW ! Very unique. Good luck!

Thanks! It has been a long ride, but I’m satisfied with version 1.0 and my first theme ever on Themeforest!

Awesome. The most awesome thing I have ever seen. Good luck with sales.

I may be dumb, but what is this backend for?

@BoostMedia -Yes, what ever you want.

Very nice.

You are a god . wow

wow amazing!

Dude, this should be a WP theme! :)

Amazing! Good luck with sales :)

Whoa! This is mind-blowing! Amazing work, definitely going to purchase this. Good luck with sales :)

Wow thanks for your amazing comments!

This is looking incredibly good. Very well done indeed sir! This template will most certainly bring you lots of opportunities.

There. Bought it.

Oh thanks :-)

WOW , beautiful!

Wow this is awesome template.

Holy crap!! Amazing!!! Curious… is the full PSD included or just elements? I have seen a few of these admin skin templates (not yours) not include the full PSD , so just wanted to make sure before I pulled the trigger.

Thanks and seriously, you have done an amazing job on this!

The PSD does not include every single element, sorry.

Very sweet, good luck with the sales!

This has set a new standard in Admin themes I reckon! Amazing.

Any chance of a calendar being added? I am almost desperate to use this theme but my projects require a calendar.

Thanks! M.

Super duper!

Good luck with sales.