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This design is beautiful! Can you please, please create a WP theme with this? :)

Hi, do you at all do custom work for big pay? We really like your work and we where wondering if your open. We have a start-up company need your type of style in our interface.

This is our email: and or Skype: slickgfx

Thanks, Alex

Hi Alex,

I’ll be going to China in a few days – so not available. Sorry.

great admin template! you will also do for joomla backend? thank you!

WP Theme, please! I would pay expensive for that!

Thank you!

WP Theme, please! I would pay expensive for that!

Thank you!!

This looks absolutely awesome, I just have no idea what to use this for or what template it’s for..?

Sorry for my noobish question, but could anyone tell me what this is for? :grin:

When avaible for projects?

How are you? i just purchased your temp and its awesome! what i saw is that the psd file is not totally complete. Is there anyway you can send it through? thanks a lot and great work!

Awesome. Looking from the source code, it looks like it just loads jquery and flot. Did you use a library like sench or jquery mobile for tactile events (touch, swipe, etc.)? Awesome work, but I would like to know what libraries its using to figure out if I can incorporate with a current project. Thanks.


Just purchased it and it is awesome that you pieced together your own framework of sorts. Do you have recommendation to those of us that would like to extend your work with an existing framework such as sencha touch or jquery mobile. While you covered a lot of bases, there are things that arent included that would be nice to integrate that these libraries do include. Do you think its better to try and cherry pick from those libraries and integrate it with your library files, or try and cherry pick from your work and have it sit on top of their library (i.e. call your js methods instead). Or something else. Love your insight since you are so familiar with how it was put together, Thanks!

Is this a ‘stand alone’ version?

No hesitation to buy this.

Any chance of creating a calendar? Also possibly some forms elements so we can create invoicing, order status etc?

I just purchased this and I love it. It’s just Legen — wait for it… — dary!

Hi, Does anyone else have problems to put input:checkboxes in modals to work?!


This is mindblowing! Why are you wasting your time doing themes? The industry needs this kind of genius.

How do I set the login screen to only show the login boxes? I want to skip the avatars completely.


Has anyone integrated this into a CMS of their own yet? I would be interested to see it work in practice. :)

Are you still offering us support?

@lloydlewysowen Yep, I’ve made a full-featured CMS in Rails using this theme:

It seems that the owner of this theme is out, according to a message left on the theme’s description page, right above the header image

“Note: I’m going to China from the 3rd of April to approx. the 10th of May. In that time frame I won’t be able to provide any support, sadly. The documentation should suffice though.”