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@johnernaut looks awesome! I think I’ll give it a go next month. Thanks for that :)


I am using Pastel on a project and for now I just want to use the Modal portion. The app.js and initialize.js conflict with other plugins i am using. is there a way to use just modal.js with out using everything else? Pastel is very well done. :) i like it a lot.

How do I ajax load the tab content. Thanks in advance.


My coworker bought this theme for our project. I am currently playing with all the features so I can understand them better.

I have some comments about the editor. First of all, I cannot make it look as nice as yours. Mine looks like this: and Any hints on what I’m doing wrong ?

The second thought it’s about it’s usability. While the preview it’s awesome, most of the time is useless. It’s either look at it, or edit it. I think it would be a lot more useful if you can see the preview only, and when you click on it, it turns into an editor. At least for me, it makes much more sense this way.

Thank you, Andi Stancu

Has anyone managed to to load content via ajax in tabs or in a modal window?


I’ve got the same problem as ashjohnson and media2nd – not being able to load AJAX content in tabs. Setting links with a normal absolute HREF in the DOM replaces it with data-href but the links don’t do anything. Are we supposed to just write all ajax functionality manually?


You did great job. It looks fantastic.

So is this guy not supporting this anymore?

amazing designer!

Awesome work…

But I have some problems using the Tooltips and the notification popup…

The tooltip class is not working or maybe is not implemented… and the notification menu just work in some pages :(

I follow the documentation and for some reason that simply doesn’t work.

I need some help with this

I’d like to buy, but you said you’d be back 20 days ago. If you’re still going to support this, I’m very interested in buying! This template looks great.

One question: Can your charts do bar graphs? I didn’t see them in the demo.

I’d love to have this amazing Error 404 page. Where can I get it from? thanks!

Looks like the icons (that the author is hosting) aren’t being hosted anymore? All of my links for the icons are now ruined.

nice one, i will buy it :)

Hi there, I bought Pastel Theme twice, and I was wondering if you could available the .scss file or .sass so I can dig into it a little bit more… Thanks in advance, Guto (

Where is the article when written ‘NEW ARTICLE ’?

Wow, very nice effects. I like that fade from top modal effect. Great work!

I have played with the theme a bit and would like to point on some very serious issues that the custom javascript on this theme has:

1. There is no way to ajax load the tabs. It has to be pre-loaded or it does not work. 2. The modals actually copy code so if you have and ID and a listener it is going to break as the entire html will be duplicated. You can try to ajax load everything but that just adds a lot of code for something that should be very simple.

All in all, the theme looks amazing and the UI is one of the best I have seen. It has however not been made for a view point of developing a streamlined application rather something that is static and code intensive.


This template is awesome, and I’m making a wonderful administration panel for a client…

But I have this issue, when I see it on an iPad, I cant scroll down cus the navigation put the vision on the current section…

and I don’t know what to do. I need to make this work on iPad too.

hi moveteam

wonderful excellent fabulous amazing is not the word to be used, you have created such an amazing admin theme, it is beyond imagination

just wanted to find out do you have plans for making this admin template available for wordpress or WHMCS cause it would be amazing to have them

please do tell me if you plan to i will go out of my way to support you

regards Andy