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Great temp, does it have breadcrumb navigation support? if not can you add please? I am will buy it today. Thanks

Awesome template, it only misses tab navigation to be the perfect one


I have a pre-sale question:

I must create a download area for registered members only, on a WordPress website’s sub-domain. Do you think Pastel Dashboard could be used for that ?

Thank you very much for your reply.

Best regards, RadCon.

Nous sommes des spécialistes de la création de sites web en Haute Savoie.

Very nice – would like to know if the wordpress version was ever started….

Hello, I have any problem with tooltips. Can anybody help me?

Just started using this, wanted to know if there’s a possibility to get a datepicker? Something that shows a calendar and let’s the user click on dates..

Any one was able to customize the top header where you move the search bar to the left?

can this be used to change wordpress install admin ?

I got this in the birthday bundle, definatly would of been worth the money and even more if it were a little more easy to turn into an actual Admin system, could i ask how to seperate the pages and make them all individual pages? Instead of all stored in home.html

I must say, that blows me away. Probably the best i’ve seen so far on themeforest

I can’t wait to use this but I was glancing through the downloaded version, and the error pages don’t seem to have that awesome effect of the 3d dots floating when you move your mouse. Am I missing something? It appears on the Live Preview.

Do you guys offer an website template?

Does anyone knoes a totorial where I can set up this? (:

Hi – it is BTFL theme ever (bought), but i have some question:

1. cit.”This is an easy-to-use Markdown-enabled text editor with live preview. You can write code with syntax highlighting:” – what for – where i may save this text … can i write some code ex. in php then write a html page then include to menu?

2. login – it is a test page?

3. any backend engine/editor?

4. best regards


Beautiful design & implementation! Best work I’ve seen on ThemeForest by far!

Beautiful theme!

I’ve got an issue.

I’ve got a couple of list items:

Each list item looks something like:

<li><a href="#123">Kettlebell swings</a></li> <li><a href="#456">Rowing sprints</a></li>

Referencing modals:

<section id="123"> <li>List item ...</li> </section> <section id="456"> <li>List item ...</li> </section>

Clicking on one of the links brings up a modal as expected:

But when I close the modal and invoke the other link, I get:

After closing these modals, I can’t open either of them again.

Can you advise?

Hey! Loving this theme! Great job!!

Is there an easy way to make it fluid (100% width)?

Thank you!!

Cheers on an A-One template! I wish everything on theme forrest was as well laid out and documented as this.

amazing ! looks great ! hope to get the most out of it :D keep on with the good work :)