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Is there a way to add additional social media icons? I noticed Instagram isn’t included and couldn’t figure out how to link to the source. Do you know if it’s part of the icon collection at this time?

Also, I’ve searched like crazy, but is there anyway to only include the flexslider on your main page? Using it with Tumblr, it shows up on all additional pages (about, contact, etc). Just curious if I can manipulate it to only show on main, homepage.

Thanks! Jenn

Hi thanks for your purchase! I will update the theme to include Instagram.

Flexslider is used for photoset for the theme. Could you point me to where the flexslider is being used on a page in Tumblr? Thank you!

Hi there -

Thanks for updating the theme! However instead of showing the instagram icon, it’s showing the email envelope.

I understand now what you mean about flexslider working with photosets. I was trying to incorporate the code just on my main page above any posts. But that placement of the code, based on how tumblr works, will place it on every page. Thanks!

Could you send me a link to your Tumblr site? (You can send by private messaging also.) It’s working on my demo. Thanks!

Is there a way to change colors? Also, is there a way to change the animated circle images under the title? Thx.

The theme uses two main colors, and two additional accent colors and they’re customizable. Could you clarify how you’d like to change the animation?


Well, instead of circles, what if I wanted to use squares (that’s just a simple example)? Is there a way to substitute the those graphics is what I’m asking (I’m a web designer and can do css and code things).

Sure, the circles are created with CSS so you can add custom CSS through Tumblr theme customization panel.

Hello, First of all your theme looks very well,

We are currently having a problem regarding the twitter feed on our blog which is on

We filled in the username as HemenMasa on the settings page but something seems to be not working.

A secondary problem is that the search form doesn’t list the search results other than the tags.

Thank you if you can help us on these issues.

Hello, Tumblr search only works for tags:

Twitter API has been updated since the theme release. We’ll look into a solution and try to update the theme.

Thank you!

Amazing work, Goodluck with sales!