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Gyro, how do I completely remove the vertical scroller on the main page? Thanks!

Hello Gyro

I was wondering, if this is a 1 page theme can I still add more pages? For example, the privacy policy page, legal info page, etc. Will it be able to have the same theme? If my website gets too big, is it going to have to all be on the same page?

Thank you for your time


How do you add new menu items and content for the menu item?


Great design. I have a few quick questions:

- I’ve added more content in the About us/Testimonials page, however the green scroll bar doesn’t allow me to scroll down all the way to see it. When I change the dimensions of the scroll bar in the css, the beautiful green scroll bar is replaced by the generic grey one. Thoughts?

- I needed to add a link at the top. Maybe I’m being dense… but for the life of me… I can’t figure out those links work? If I place the new link “Services” after “Home”, it takes me to the “About us” page. If I place it after “About us”, it takes me to the “Portfolio” page. It seems placement determines where the link takes the viewer… I can’t figure out how you did this and how to change it.

Again, great design and thanks for your help!

Hey, figured it out… all is good! Cheers!

Hey, can anyone help me with this! How do I add a link on the opening page to scroll over TWO pages, as opposed to just one, as happens with the ”...more” tag with the About us page.


Hello, I have purchased this theme, I just cant get it uploaded in my databses. Whetehr I use Yoomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.6 . I have alos tried uploading to Wordpress, but later read that it’s not supported by WP. Please advise asap? My ICT guy and myself are compeltely in teh dark as to what program is supporting thsi theme (WP, Yoomla or…?) Many thanks.

Hi Gyro, how can I add additional pages to this theme and how can I link directly to those pages? Thanks, Mark.