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Love it – awesome work!

Thank you!

I am interested in buying this but I need to know dose it come with a CMS , how is it updated?


Sorry it’s a html template, you will need to have a knowledge of coding to edit the theme.

Amazing retro look! GLWS !

Thanks very much Oxygenna! :)

Great work , nice touches here :)

Thank you!

Awesome template jos, glws mate! ;)

Ta very much! :)

Well done Jo, nice coming soon template :)

Thanks Robert…. :)

Thanks very much

very nice… what is the font you used for the Patience logo?

Thank you, the font’s Mission Script.

Tempted, looks really good and I’m a sucker for parallax ;)

How’s the SEO , does it look when Google reads the site?

It has all the correct tags etc…

When I add more than 10 picuters de scrool disapper and I can only see the slide, is there any possibilities to have a lot more pictures in the gallery?

Nice work by the way!

Sorry, I figure it out, I had an error in a picture name…. Thanks for the incredible template!

Jolly good!

Hello. I just purchased this product. For some reason, it will not scroll down past the first page. Am I missing something?

I want to purchase this theme but the preview isn’t working. I am selecting the static pic but it does absolutely nothing but say SCROLL. Where is the countdown and the rest of the features? I hovered over the logo at the top and there is nothing to select. Please help.

LOL!!! Nevermind…I guess when I read scroll…I should actually scroll. SMH #worksperfect

Great theme. Before i buy: 1) Is it possible to add extra pages like the “bio” page? 2) Is there a youtube/vimeo function somehow?

Hi again. I have a customer, who sent me these screendumps of the site? Do you have any idea why it looks like that in her browser?

The same customer gets a “Stack overflow” when she opens the site

What browser is she using? Can you contact me through my profile page please.

Hey Josweb, very nice template. I’m choosing between Patience and Quartz, i really loved Patience but its not working good on Iphone 4s.

Quartz is working perfect on my Iphone but i dont know whats happening with Patience template, please, i would be very happy if you check that before i make a move.

Thank you, and congratulations for your work!

I keep getting a lot of empty emails / spam (every day) through the contact. How can this be prevented? Thanks

so the form works then.. ?

form works but I’m enquiring how to stop these blank subsribes

I’m not sure really if it’s spam. You could try adding some form of captcha or a spam filter to your email such as spam sieve.

Dear Support, Could you tell me why when the coming soon template is viewed via a mobile device the animated text is not visible. I would figure that it would adjust accordingly when viewed on a mobile device. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Hummm, I see what you mean. I don’t think I had an iphone when I designed this theme. I will have to look into it, thanks for pointing the issue out.

Hi, I’ve loaded the files onto my web server but it does not appear to be working – I ran the code through Wc3 code validator but it said that there were a couple of errors and used an unstable code concatenator, it maybe, the way I have personalised the code. Could you please have a look and let me know what I’m doing wrong.

Many thanks – look forward to getting it working – the template looks great :-)

Hi, I have been trying to return your emails but my mail was bounced back. I’m not sure why it’s not loading, looking at your code and trying to view the js files it seems that there aren’t any js files? Have you uploaded the js ?