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We emailed each other the other day with a display error I reported when using “Patti” demo site on Android, with Dolphin or Chrome browser, on Xperia Z1. I see the same error on other mobile phones too. You thought that maybe the error will not show once I upload the site.

Well, the error is still there and it’s serious enough to make the site unusable. Please see on Android please. The menu moves down a little when the page is moved down, but when it is moved half way down the animation images, the menu falls down to the lower half of the display. And when you move further down the page, the menu disappears. Likewise, the bottom link under the map does not work once the map has been opened.

Unless I can find a fix, the template is not usable. I am not terribly worried about losing a few dollars, but I like the template and would prefer to make it work than to thrown it away.



Thanks for your detailed explanations. I will try this. Much appreciated.


FEEDBACK: I’ve made the changes you recommended and it fixed the issues in Chrome on Xperia Z1, Chrome on Galaxy S3 and the default browser in HTC One, but still same in Dolphin on each of the three devices. Cleared the cache etc, Of course I don’t expect you to be able to address every browser on mobile devices, but it is an interesting issue.

Thanks for your support.


Hi Mike,

I`m glad that the fix worked in some manner. Let`s go even deeper and use some jQuery. Open “js/custom.js” and locate the “Header effect on Scroll” function. Add to it the highlighted line:

Let me know if it works!


Hi, Great template – I am hoping it is possible to modify the header. I would like just one header. I want to be able to use a png image of a slanted nav bar with the navigation links on top. I still would like it to have the same behavior as the current fixed menu but it doesn’t need to be transparent, any chance you could give me a clue as to how to do this.


Thank you -

not sure quite what to do with line 555 but I think I may have found a workaround – have changed ul#mainnav > li > a:hover > span. background from a color to transparent – probably awful code but it no longer shows two hover states. – joy ! – if you are appalled by code and can think of better fix let me know – but thank you for help.

That works too. My suggestion was to delete the background-color line but it works with transparent too.


Many thanks – I appreciate your time and help joanna

Great template! One question, for the top nav – if I want a link to go to a different page or even an outside site – what do i need to do differently. Just changing the href value isn’t working, I assume because of the single page js architecture?


Ah figured it out – adding class=”external” to the link does the trick.


I`m glad you figured it out by yourself. Let me know if you have other questions!



Please can you confirm that the total cost of this template is $14 and that i will be able to edit every aspect of it?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Rich,

You`re right. The total cost of the template is $14. You can do whatever you want with it. Edit it as you like!

Let me know if you have other questions!

Thank you!

i have a problems in work section. When i click on “SEA SIDE STORE”, there will be a pop up box to display the video. However, on my site, it will move to site’s link address. For your reference,, and I don’t make any change in your theme in my computer and server. Please advice on this case, thank you very much.

My bad. Is in index.html. Sorry!

My bad. Is in index.html. Sorry!

Yahoo! well done. Thank you very much. :D

Hi, Although the theme is otherwise great, it doesn’t play well in IE8 as advertised. In our tests with Windows XP / IE8, the site breaks when resizing the window narrower than the original width. We also encountered the easily forgettable “console.log()”, which alerts in IE. Just thought you’d like to know. =)


Thanks for using my template. IE8 is quite an old browser, built on an even older architecture. The template is using CSS media queries for creating the fluid layout for smaller screens. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer versions before IE9 do not support media queries, that`s why the layout breaks when the window is resized. However, no mobile device is using IE8 as a browser, which is great.

Thanks for pointing me the alert for console.log. The function does play good with IE8 when the console(F12) is opened, thing that I did while testing it. This is the main reason why I considered it ok. I`ll fix that in the next update. As a reference, something like this: is definitely what I`m going to use.

Thank you!

I would also like to be notified when Patti is available for WordPress. Looking forward to it! -Josh.

Me too! Can`t wait to see how it goes :)

Me too! Can`t wait to see how it goes :)


I just want to let you know that the WordPress version of Patti is finally live. You can check it out at:

If you have any questions related to it, don`t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you!


Thank you for your help, I have inserted slightly larger header image as you suggested. I did reduce the padding in both style.css and custom.js to better suit my image style., it looks great thank you.

I will have to admit I am struggling a bit with the styling of the menu

Any ideas how to stop the jpeg image appearing in the responsive (when resized to mobile/tablet) and just use colour to style the drop down menu. Its just that once I scroll down the page and up again the jpeg image appears at the top again.

I have been playing around by taking style code from style.css and inserting into Responsive under each screen size – but I suspect this is not what is really needed.

You can see what I have done

Any ideas gratefully received.

Many thanks


Hello, First of all, your template is awesome and I am happy to use it for my new portfolio. I have a problem with my iPad. In the service section when clicking on icons and having the black pop-up, the right and left ones have the texts hidden and we cannot see them. Could you please help me to get them shown in the safe area? Thank you


Sure. Please use this code inside style.css:

@media only screen and (max-width: 1023px) {
  html .dt-service-hover {
    top: -100px;
    left: 0;
    right: 0;
    bottom: -100px;    

Adjust the negative values for your needs.


Thanks a lot, it works!

Cool. Cheers!

Hi I´m having problems on the Work section, I changed the <section id=”options”> and when the page is loaded doesn´t show the mouse out images, only appears when I place the mouse over.. the same problem happen on the map section.. (map doesn´t appear until I place the mouse over) I tried on Firefox, Chrome and IE.


It seems that the twitter feed is not set properly. Did you created a twitter app and used the keys, like is mentioned in the documentation?

Yes I did it. .


I noticed that you have a functional twitter feed now. Did you do something in this manner? I would love to know what caused the issue.

Thank you!

Hi! Super theme! But I need help installing it on my server. The PrettyPhoto doesn’t work and I don’t know how. On my computer in Localhost in works.

Can you tell me what I miss? Thank you!


It looks like you have a bunch of JavaScript issues which break the template:

Once you fix them, you shouldn`t have other problems with the template.

Thank you!

I have an issue with the homepage slider…In safari the left/right arrows don’t display correctly. They are positioned on top of the slide show, not center…you can see how it looks here:

Two more questions…

1. Is it possible to remove the “black/white” overlay from the portfolio section? I would like to be color all the time.

2. On Iphone/Mobile display – When i click a portfolio item and it opens in lightbox the actual light box is SO SMALL. Is there code to make it max width? This change should only be for mobile devices.

Thank you for your assistance! You have a great theme.

Question #1 has been resolved – as per the other comment on this discussion.


Regarding the second question, there`s no option to make the lightbox bigger. That`s how it works.

Thank you!

Hi there – im a really novice web user, & I was considering ur template for a small project. My question is… How tricky would it be, knowing my experience level, for me to adjust & edit this site (ie: change content, add new content/images/text.

Im wondering if this is above my ability. I use dreamweaver also – does that make it easier


Thank you for your interest in my item. Working with HTML/CSS files can become quite tricky if your skills aren`t solid. One single mistype or a HTML tag deleted and the website can break. But I tried to do my best writing a clean code and keeping things simple. I think you`ll not have any issues with it.

As an alternative, you can check out the WordPress version: It`s very simple to work with, no need to edit any files and you can build pages in minutes, thanks to the page builder and the predefined templates that come with it.

Thank you!

Hi, I am working on the “Our Work” Isotopes section and I am trying to figure out how to turn of the black & white thumbnail feature? It wouldn’t bother me except that when you view a video on pop up it too is black & white unless you run the mouse over it. Can this be changed?


You can disable the b&w effect for videos only. Open style.css and locate:

.portfolio li a img, .team-member a, .post-masonry a img, .client-item img, iframe{
    -webkit-filter: grayscale(100%);
    -moz-filter: grayscale(100%);
    -ms-filter: grayscale(100%);
    -o-filter: grayscale(100%);
    filter: grayscale(100%);
    filter: url(images/grayscale.svg#greyscale); /* Firefox 4+ */
    filter: gray; /* IE 6-9 */

Just remove the iframe from the classes list.

Thank you!

Brilliant, thank you!

Hello, I want to purchase patty, but, since this would be my first time buying an html template, i´d like to know if i´m ok with a text editor(i have dreamweaver and titanium) to edit the site. Or do i need something else? Thank you!


Dreamweaver is a good text editor to work with. You can use it without problems.

Thank you!

Hello, I have a small problem I am trying to figure out. I have installed the theme and the child theme that came with it. It looks like the Parallax effects (moving background images when scrolling, faded overlay) seem to stop working when the child theme (Patti Child) is activated. When I go back to the parent theme, the parallax effects start working again.

Here is the site

Are you able to look into this? I have quite a bit of customizations to make and would like to work with a child theme so I can update the parent theme.


Thanks for your message. We fixed this issue. Until the theme gets updated, the fix is to copy the “vc_templates” folder from parent theme to child theme.

Thank you!

Hi, I purchased your HTML template and I’ve got a bug on my blog page. Sometimes the articles appear one over the other.



What version of the template are you using?

Thank you!

I appear to have a problem with the onePageNav() element when clicking a link on an external page.

I have a secondary page (“services”) and if I click on ‘About’ or ‘Contact’, it loads the homepage, but doesn’t correctly scroll down to the right part of the page – it just appears to load somewhere in the middle of the page, regardless of the link.

However, if I click the link again in the header (when I’m on the homepage), it correctly scrolls down.

Any idea why this happens and how to fix?

Many Thanks,


Hi Carl,

Can you please send me a link to your website so I can take a look at it?

Thank you!

Hi, It’s currently behind a password protected staging server – do you have a secure email I can send details to?

Hi, The template Patti that I bought looks fantastic. But I got done putting together the site for my client and the theme doesnt seem to work on his computer’s browser – ie8. I double checked on another computer with ie8 and had even more problems. None of the paragraph text shows up for me or the contact form or the image gallery. If you can let me know if there is any update I would need or something that would help remedy this problem I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Mark McKee

Hi Mark,

Thank you for purchasing my theme. I don`t see any issue with your website regarding the IE8 browser: , except for the contact form placeholders.

The template got an update, especially for fixing the contact form text issue. If you check out my demo in IE8, the contact form looks ok.

Please replace your current “js/modernizr.js” and “js/custom.js” with the new ones from the package. It should solve the issue.

Thank you!

Hello, you program has a bug.When I scan it with a cellphone the content disappears. Pls fix it soon.


When viewing the demo, please remove the black top-bar, because it`s causing the website to crash on mobile devices.

Thank you!