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Is there a way to keep things from “fading in” when they don’t have the fadeIn class? I have copied the code below and for some reason the “Box 1” and “Box 2” fade in but not the text above it.

<div class="centered-wrapper"> <h1 class="section-title">Details</h1> <div class="space" /> <div> <h2 class="bold-style">Test</h2> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas diam sapien, auctor sed blandit nec, adipiscing eget elit. Duis tempor elementum quam consequat condimentum. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.Praesent volutpat nisl fringilla felis sodales elementum. Ut commodo arcu massa.</p> <p>Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus...</p> </div> <div class="separator" /> <div class="percent-one-half box"> <h2 class="bold-style">Box 1</h2> <p>Test 1</p> </div> <div class="percent-one-half column-last box"> <h2 class="bold-style">Box 2</h2> <p>Test!</p> </div> </div>


The effect is given by the “box” class. To make elements fade in, add “box” class to them. For example:

<p class="box">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas diam sapien....</p>

Thank you!

Do you mean to keep elements from fading in add the box class? I want to keep any item on my site from fading in… is that possible? I only want this because randomly some items disappear and others don’t unless you scroll (on refresh). I am afraid it may confuse folks.

Thanks for your help and the theme!

Oh, so if you want to keep elements from fading in, you have to remove the class “box” and eventually, any class after it that may sound like an effect, like “fadeIn”.

Thank you!

Deleted. Sorry posted in wrong version.

Sorry for all the questions but I was wondering, is there a way to make Patti Theme header/menu links work if you use the theme for more than on page. I made a simple one section sub-page with a iframe in it for an RSVP form. When I click the header menu, say /index.html#team it does nothing. The exact same code and header work fine on the main index.html.

Am I missing something for subpages and the theme?

But what if I want to link back to the one page parallax theme from an external page? E.g. I just copy the parallax one page and make it a sub-page called “About Us” but I want all the menu links to go back to the index.html#team index.html#contact etc?

Nevermind, I see what you are saying. Even in my case, I can put external to force the links to go to another page. So just do <a href="../index.html#contact" class="external">text</a> ??

Using the class="external" on a menu item will make it open as a regular link, yes.


Hi, thanks for this amazing theme! Is it possible to change the index page (with the blog etc) with a homepage template? thanks!!


What do you mean by homepage template?

when i get to the index of the website, this is the blog page by default. I don’t want to have a blog, i would like to use your theme just with pages. I would like to substitute it by a page with a homepage template. Sorry for my english et my bad explanation!

Ok. So, are you speaking about the WordPress theme or about the HTML template? The comment is posted in the HTML template section and I don`t know what to say…

But if you`re speaking about the WordPress theme, go to Settings->Reading, select “A static page” and choose your homepage page as FrontPage. That should do it!


Hi DT-

One more question-

I’m trying to make the slider text (in front of the header) stay across picture transitions.

We want the same text, without blinking/fading/any transitions, to stay on top of the photos while they transition.

I was able to do it by adding the following to the caption’s style: (I know, I would have put it in a class, but am just getting it to work right now :)


But that didn’t work very well across browsers, and especially not on mobile.

It looks like you’re using jquery to calculate center and position it, however when I move that outside of the <li> </li> container, it just sticks up top. I’m guessing it is calculating position relative to parent?

What’s the answer? Thanks!


Can you please send me a link to your website so I can take a look at what you`ve done so far on the slider?

Your approach is good, but I don`t know which is the parent of the DIV you`re using. You need to place the DIV outside of the slider, or, yes, use jQuery to calculate the center position of the screen.

Thank you!

Last question, I promise! Is there a way to center an image in the hello id div so that it scales properly on an iPhone? I am using a picture of two people in the hello div with a res of 1920×1440 and a height of 1000px using parallax.

It looks fine and you can see the people on Windows, OS X, iOS 7 on an iPad, but the iPhone displays the left side of the image and thus the two people are hidden. If I use -webkit-background-size: 1900px 1400px; then it will mess up the iPad display.

Any thoughts? Thank you for a great theme!

Can you please share with me a link to your website so I can take a look at it?

Thank you!

Sure! Is it possible to email you the URL, as the site is private?

Yes. Please contact me via my profile contact form.


Purchased the template. Now what? No help documentation in the download.


Thank you for purchasing my template. In your downloaded package from ThemeForest, you should see a folder called “Documentation”. Open the folder, then open the next folder called “Patti documentation by DeliciousThemes” and here open the “index.html” file. Documentation is presented as a web page.

Thank you!


is it possible to make Testimonials to slide automatically. Now it seems that I have to first find the arrow and click to go the next tewstimonial.


Hi, actually the file is js/custom-testimonials.js, now it works, thanks! How about the comma (,) after “By Who?”. If I leave empty “More details about the client”, there is always comma after the name. Can it be removed?

Hi. The comma is just between those span tags from each testimonial slide:

Thank you!

How can we get prettyphoto to work on the video call to action to pop up a lightbox type video player for youtube videos?


Sure. PrettyPhoto works like this:

<a href="" rel="prettyPhoto" title="My Title" class="button orange">Check out this video</a>



Can you advise the file(s) that I need to edit to display my twitter feed? In addition, how do I add a facsimile icon to the contact form?


Please open “Documentation/index.html” file from the package that you downloaded from ThemeForest and read the “How to Set Up the Twitter Feed” section. It will help you set it up correctly. If you don`t see this section in your documentation file, make sure to download the template package from ThemeForest again.

Thank you!

Hey there,

I noticed on the demo and my site as well that when you click on “Services” it jumps down, but then switches the li:current link to “Journal” after a second. I’m am seeing this bug in all browsers. Any idea why this is happening, and how to fix it?

Thanks! Rachel

The main reason for such a behavior might be the timing between content loaded on the page and the navigation trigger for menu item positioning. Can you please tell me if you have issues with the HTML or Wp version? I`m not sure what version are you using, because you submitted comments on both items.

Thank you!

Oh my. I sincerely apologize for that. I am using the Wordpress version.

No problem.

Regarding your question, is all about the timing. There are 2 time moments: when the DOM( ) is ready(which happens before the content) and when the content is loaded. Some scripts are triggered before the DOM and some(like the Journal masonry grid) after the content is loaded. If you ask me, I wouldn`t call it a bug. It`s a behavior caused by the difference between DOM and content loading times.

I`m constantly improving the theme with new features and bug fixes and will certainly take a closer look at this issue too. Hopefully, next theme updates will come with a revised navigation algorithm too.

Thank you!

Hello DeliciousThemes.

On any of your portfolio pages (i.e. portfolio-item-3.html), you have this snippet of code.

<div class="portfolio-nav"> <a href="#"><i class="fa fa-angle-left" /></a> <a href="#" class="close-portfolio"><i class="fa fa-th" /></a> <a href="#"><i class="fa fa-angle-right" /></a> </div>

My question is this: are the href URLs auto-generated by JavaScript or are they hand coded? If they are auto-generated, what JS code handles that?

On your site (, the links have values but mine do not. Was wondering why? Thanks!


Just replace the ”#” with a real link. I added it so you can easily replace it with your own links.

Thank you!

Hi, I love your template, bought it and installed, really happy with it!

I’m having issues with the blog masonry… please take a look at The blog is not showing properly most of the times… the posts overlap vertically… it fixes if I resize the window, but on first load is not working… Thanks for your help!



You`re currently using Patti 1.0. Please update the theme to the latest version 1.3.1, in order to fix the problem and make use of the new features added to the theme. To update the theme, follow this guide:

Thank you!

Thanks for your prompt answer, but the link you sent is for the WP version, mine is a regular website, please tell me how to obtain the new version.

Oh, sorry about that. Please contact me via my profile contact form so we can speak more about your issue.

Thank you!

HI!!! thank you for your amazing work :)

I need your help … in the Single Blog page, i need to put OWL-Caroussel to replace the single image…

i’ve try but nothing appear..


forget my question! i ‘ve found :)

Cool. I`m glad you found it! ;)

Hi, I love your template, which is why I bought it, but I am clearly disappointed with the fact that it simply does not work at all on IPHONEs. This is not exactly what I can call a 100% responsive template. I hope you can provide any solution for this or will claim back my investment.

Thanks :-(


Thank you for using my template for your project. I appreciate it. Please open a support ticket with the website you are having the difficulties on mobile devices so we can see what`s going on there.

Thank you!

I’ve updated the testimonials code (js/custom-testimonials.js to:

// Testimonials Slider
    autoHeight : true,
    singleItem : true,
    autoPlay: 5000,
    slideSpeed : 1000

It works great, but I was wondering if there was code I could add to stop the automatic transition if the mouse is hovering over it?

Sure. Just use stopOnHover: true,. That will do it. You can find more options for the slider at

Thank you!

I am very happy with your theme. Just two questions:
1) I can’t make twitter work. I have made de app at their dev site, pressed the “test oauth” utton, and found the 4 parameters to cipy to the index.html page. It only shows “loading tweets”.
2) How can i put a link to Youtube video, to be shown by PrettyPhoto, inside the pop-up box that comes up when i click on a service icon in the services section?
My site is here:
Thank you so much,


1. Please contact me via my profile contact form so we can speak more about your issues.

Thank you!

please delete

awesome theme! just a quick problem. on my site the menu on mobile resolutions automaticly expands… how can i colapse it by default? thanks!


I tested the website on my mobile devices but I couldn`t replicate your issue. Can you please try to share with me a screenshot or something of the issue, so I can see what`s actually going on?


solved! thanks!


I’ve applied your theme (html version) to a photography studio site –, great theme, easy to use, and I can see your support is excellent too ;-).

I have an issue I hope you can help with… The parallax scroll effect is not working on the iPad (iOS7). Because it’s not working on your demo site either, I assume you have it disabled for good reason? But was wondering if it’s possible to enable the effect with a tweak or two to the script or css?

Regards, Mark.

Hi Mark,

The parallax effect can be seen only on desktop devices only. Unfortunately, there`s no workaround for it at this moment but I hope that in the future, the script library will get improved and will support mobile devices too.


Ah, I wondered as much. I’m glad I asked now, saved me the time of trying to find a solution myself.

Thanks for the quick reply, Delicious Themes.

No problem. Cheers! :)